How China Is Using Radio to Infiltrate Chinese-American Communities

Today we tell a David and Goliath story about Sound of Hope Radio (SOH), a small Chinese-American radio company that is fighting to stop the flow of Chinese Communist Party propaganda into the United States.

Full disclosure: America Daily is affiliated with the Sound of Hope Radio Network.

Today’s Guest:

Frank Lee is the spokesperson for the Sound of Hope Radio Network (SOH), a Chinese-American radio station based out of California. Sound of Hope is one of the only Chinese media in the United States that is completely independent from the Chinese regime.

How China Infiltrates US Airwaves via Mexico

In June 2018, Phoenix TV USA, a Hong Kong-based Chinese Communist Party (CCP) proxy media, used a shell company, H&H Group USA, to purchase a powerful Mexican AM Radio station (XEWW AM 690).

The purchase circumvents the Communication Act that prohibits a foreign company from owning more than 20 percent of any U.S. radio. It enables Phoenix TV to broadcast its radio programming to over one million Chinese Americans in Southern California. The only thing needed from the FCC was a license to allow them to deliver live programs to California from the Mexican radio station in Tijuana.

The shell company applied for such a license and at the same time obtained a temporary license from the FCC so that it could start broadcasting right away. It has been on air since July 2018.

AM 690 information chart before media exposure.

Can you explain to us a bit about the history of this story as well as more about this company H&H and how they could possibly be linked to the Phoenix Radio company?

Frank Lee: The Chinese communist regime, they try to infiltrate the Chinese community in the United States. So what they did was they very sneakily went to Mexico, purchased a very powerful AM station, AM 690, and then blasted the content–it’s propaganda basically–to the U.S. side. It affects how the Chinese people change, how they vote, how they see the country they’re living in, which is the United States, and so forth. And they do it in Mexico. They bought the station in Mexico because they want to go around a law called the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Basically, it requires any agent that represents a foreign government to register in the United States.

AM 690 information chart after media exposure.

Why China Wants to Influence Chinese Americans

Could you tell us a little about why China wants to influence Chinese communities in the United States?

Frank Lee: There are many ways you can look at this. One way is, it’s propaganda, it’s the nature of how the communist regime is. They want to influence the Chinese people. They feel it’s a tactical advantage because you have almost like insiders, if you will. People inside the United States that they can in some ways control and influence, whether it’s economically or even in terms of foreign policy control and so on. Basically, that’s what it is. There’s this concept called unrestricted warfare. Basically, if they want to have any confrontation with the United States or have a war, they don’t need to use the conventional tanks and planes and weapons. They use this propaganda and misinformation, disinformation.

In this country, in the United States, a lot of times we don’t realize that. We don’t realize that they’re waging a war against us. We think that we have free speech, so we let them talk and let them do whatever they want. Then if we do the right thing, then our message will prevail. Sometimes that might not be the case. — Frank Lee

China’s Influence on English Media

How does China hope to influence the English speaking audience? Now it’s interested in buying up English media as well. How does that affect the English audience?

Frank Lee: For this particular case they’re going after the immigrants from China. But in terms of the English audience, they certainly are doing that. They have many covert stations. There was a very in-depth investigative report by Reuters a few years ago. They exposed a lot of different covert radio stations, covert in the sense that on the surface they just seem to be independent media. They’re innocent enough. They talk about what’s happening, news and even maybe a little bit of entertainment, cultural things in English. But then when it comes to critical topics, in terms of affecting the CCP’s bottom line, they will sneak in messages and ideas and propaganda in their favor.

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