House GOP Unveils “Carbon Capture” Plan to Combat Climate Change

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House GOP Unveils “Carbon Capture” Plan to Combat Climate Change

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House Republican leadership on Wednesday released the first part of their agenda to stop alleged human-caused climate change, placing the focus on carbon-capture technology and planting trees to offset carbon emissions.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) presented a proposal comprised of four bills, some new and some old.

“The one thing that unites us all as Americans is we do want a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment,” McCarthy said in a briefing. “The good news is in America, the ingenuity we have had, when we unshackle that, we are able to make that all happen.”

Republicans’ carbon-capture package features a bill that would put the United States on path to plant a trillion trees globally. It also includes the expansion of a 2018 tax break approved by Congress and signed by President Trump for firms that use carbon-capture technology to essentially “trap” the emissions of fossil-fuel or industrial plants.

The proposed legislation would also make permanent the 45Q tax credit while increasing the amount paid out to companies and lowering the carbon-capture threshold needed to qualify.

Still another pending bill aims to encourage research, development, and use of carbon-capture technology for natural gas plants.

“We have chosen to put a price on carbon, but doing it through incentives and actually doubling down on that,” said Representative Garret Graves (R-La.), ranking member of the House Select Cimate Committee. Graves championed a Republican approach of tax subsidies rather than the comprehensive carbon tax many Democrats say is necessary to prevent a future climate catastrophe.

“We’ve got to move forward in a fact-based, realistic approach, as opposed to something that may be more emotional,” Graves contended.

“It’s all about carbon capture,” said Representative David McKinley (R-W.V.). “If we don’t achieve that around the world, we are still going to have droughts, wildfires, and our coastal communities are still going to be under.”

Democrats and academics who support “green” policies argue that Republicans’ focus on trees and carbon capture is insufficient.

“Hypothetically, if we had a unified world government, we could do this relatively easily,” Breakthrough Institute climate analyst Seaver Wang said of the trillion-tree planting idea. “But even if we did it, a trillion trees don’t dent emissions that much.”

Thomas Crowther, an ecologist with ETH Zufrich who came up with the 1.2 trillion tree idea and serves as chief scientific advisor to the United Nations’ Trillion Tree Campaign, says there are 400 gigatons of carbon stored in the three trillion trees found in the world today. The United States currently has 300 billion trees in its borders.

“We know trees alone are not enough by a long shot,” said Wang, who asserted that while there is enough space on earth for a trillion more trees, it would require a mass half the size of China. That would require tough decisions about land use, particularly in relations to farm land to feed the world’s growing population.

“What we do with the world’s extra land is an important question of what humanity will need,” Wang explained.

Republicans maintained that their plan would not call for a carbon tax or clean-energy mandate, in contrast to Democrat proposals such as the Green New Deal.

“We are trying to take a more paternal, positive approach to a problem rather than a punitive approach,” said Representative Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio).

“These are good, pro-growth consumer bills that can become law this year,” concluded Representative Greg Walden (R-Ore.), the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Republicans’ effort to tackle the climate-change issue is seen as a gambit to make inroads with young and suburban voters, among whom there is a growing concern about the environment.

As The New American has previously explained, the scientifically faulty climate-change hysteria is not about the environment at all, but about establishing socialism on a global scale.

Proponents of world government push the climate-change issue because it provides them with justification for eliminating national sovereignty. They argue that individual countries can’t be trusted to regulate their own carbon emissions, and thus a global regulatory body is needed to keep the nations of the world in line.

Climate change also justifies totalitarianism. Since every human action can be said to affect the environment in some way (even the mere act of breathing emits carbon dioxide), all human activity must then be subject to government control in order to prevent mankind from destroying the planet.

The UN’s Agenda 2030 is the organization’s attempt to create a socialist world government under the guise of eco-friendly “sustainable development.” The Green New Deal is simply a rebranding of the UN’s plan.

It’s unfortunate to see Republicans playing right into the hands of the green totalitarians with these concessions to the environmental crowd. But then, controlled opposition has always been a key tactic in the globalists’ arsenal.


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