Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announces the withdrawal of the Extradition Bill

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announces the withdrawal of the Extradition Bill

On the same day that Carrie Lam announces the withdrawal of the Extradition bill that sparked a 3-month long protest, CPAC’s Chairman Matt Schlapp and Executive. Director of ACU Dan Schnieder was also in Hong Kong to show the student leaders for the freedom movement their support.

CPAC reported that

“At the request of the student leaders of the freedom movement in Hong Kong, ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp and Executive Director Dan Schneider are in Hong Kong to see firsthand what is happening and to stand in solidarity with the students.  A continued crackdown is underway.

“ACU and CPAC have a long history of fighting communism and socialism and bringing students together,” said Schlapp. “We are disheartened that these skills are now needed desperately in Hong Kong.”

Earlier today the ACU/CPAC delegation—including our partners from CPAC Australia (LibertyWorks) and CPAC Japan (Japanese Conservative Union)—traveled to Hong Kong to meet with student leader Andy Chan who was detained by the government to prevent his delivering remarks in Tokyo.

In addition to the protests in the streets of Hong Kong, they met with business leaders and attorneys representing students detained by the authorities who have been pressured to do so by the authoritarian communist regime in China.

“Hong Kong is at the epicenter of the battle between freedom and authoritarianism,” said Schneider.  “ACU was created for this battle and we are in direct support of those who are the tip of the spear in this fight.”

The umbrella is the symbol of the Hong Kong protests, and ours are special.

The Chinese characters at the bottom of the logo are from an OpEd drafted by a financial backer of the protests; they mean “Moral Power.”

ACU proudly delivered these umbrellas to the leaders of the protests.  We stand with the people of Hong Kong and hope the ideas and values embodied by the CPAC logo inspire them to continue their struggle for liberty.

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