Hillary Clinton, The Root of the Fake Collusion Story (Part 6)

Hillary Clinton, The Root of the Fake Collusion Story


 In 2013, a committee of 9 federal officials approved a deal that gave Russia control over 20% of America’s uranium production capacity. Amid rumors that the deal was linked to the Clinton Foundation, the attorney general’s office launched an investigation. The special counsel appointed to lead the probe was none other than Robert Mueller…. the same Special Counsel who led the charge in the Russia collusion investigation.

Mueller’s recent benign testimony before House Committees stimulated new vigor into talks about Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One Deal.

In today’s America Daily, reporter Arleen Richards talks to Brad Johnson, former CIA Operations Officer. Johnson analyzes the connection between the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal, a revival of the federal death penalty, and who in the federal government should be worried. 

Good morning Arleen.

Arleen: Hi Mark.

MARK: The Uranium One Deal was big in the news some time ago.  Why is it important to talk about it now?

Arleen: We’re bringing it up now because after Robert Mueller testified, people started sending out tweets about Uranium One again. As you know, Mueller was the Director of the FBI when the Uranium One Deal was approved. People are saying he could have stopped it.

Mark: So what does that have to do with the Russia Collusion investigation and Mueller’s report?

Arleen: Brad will give more details on the Uranium One Deal, but the FBI was one of 9 federal departments that had to approve the deal. By law, the committee is supposed to review potential national security implications. 

So, Robert Mueller as the head of the FBI could’ve stopped the deal…but he didn’t. He then became special counsel on the investigation of the deal and of course, that was closed without any criminal charges.

One interesting point Brad makes is that this deal was leading up to the 2016 election, and the Clinton Foundation was created in preparation for that. The foundation received money from various sources, including the Uranium One deal.

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