Goya Foods CEO Believes Civil Unrest Is Pushing Latinos Toward Trump

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Goya Foods CEO Believes Civil Unrest Is Pushing Latinos Toward Trump

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In an interview with Just the News, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue contends that the ongoing civil unrest in America may be pushing the nation’s Hispanic population toward President Trump in the upcoming presidential election. According to Unanue, the vast majority of immigrants who come to the United States do so for an opportunity to build rather than destroy.

Unanue believes that a rise in Hispanic support for the president is due to “fatigue over all the destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses by people — a lot of people that are from outside the community — because if you’re within the community, you’re building it, you don’t want to tear down what you just built.”

“And this is organized,” Unanue stressed. “People coming in from the outside to destroy. And so you know, we have two paths to take: Love and build, hate and destroy. We need to take the path of loving and building. And that’s why we’re looking at prosperity. How do we get our country back on our feet, and prosper in all aspects? So let’s love. Let’s build.”

Should you think that Unanue’s logic is flawed, there is evidence to back up his claim that Hispanics are moving away from automatically voting Democrat. A June 26 analysis of an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll suggests that the Biden campaign may be having some trouble with the Hispanic community. While the poll mainly shows disaster for the president, it also shows that Biden is under-performing Hillary Clinton, who won 66 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2016. Biden is currently polling at approximately 59 percent among Hispanic voters.

Bernie Sanders supporter and Latino activist Chuck Rocha is sounding alarm bells as well. “Democrats, dismiss what you’re seeing at the Republican convention at your own peril. I have seen and done research with persuadable [Latino] voters that confirms what [you’re] seeing does cut into the margins. And your woke white consultants aren’t going to save us.”

Unanue is a second-generation American whose grandfather started Goya Foods in 1936. He first came to national prominence when he praised President Trump at a White House ceremony in July, saying, “We’re all truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,” Unanue said. “And that’s what my grandfather did: He came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper. And so we have an incredible builder, and we pray — we pray for our leadership, for our president, and we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper and grow.”

That simple comment in support of President Trump resulted in a deluge of hate from leftists such as failed Democrat presidential candidate Julián Castro and Democrat thought-leader Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Both leftists, along with many celebrities, attempted to “cancel” Goya Foods, especially after Unanue refused to apologize for his comments about the president. Encouraged by AOC, the left began a boycott campaign against the company that failed spectacularly as many either simply ignored the leftist demands or otherwise engaged in a “buy-cott” campaign, encouraging people to buy more Goya products.

So the folks at Goya Foods survived the Left’s attempt to “cancel” them just fine.

While the leftists who are now rioting and destroying businesses across the nation like to claim that America is some sort of racist purgatory, according to Unanue, immigrants don’t come to the United States in order to change the nation into something else. They come to America either to escape persecution, or for the opportunity it offers.

“All this immigration is either because of political situations or because [of] economic situations,” the Goya Foods chief said. “My grandfather left Spain at 18-years-old in 1904 for a new world, where there was better opportunity.”

As Unanue points out, the United States has always been a beacon for people with dreams, talent, and a strong work ethic. Those dreams are being threatened by the leftist vandals who are destroying cities such as Portland, New York, Chicago, and Kenosha.

“So the United States has been … the bastion and has put out the welcome wagon for immigrants all over the world. So they’re coming here to seek that prosperity. And that prosperity is not accomplished if we’re going to tear things down, cancel things down, destroy,” Unanue correctly points out.

With each news cycle featuring riots, murder, looting, and the destruction of businesses by neo-Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the electoral needle — pushed by communities of people such as Latinos who feel threatened by the anarchists — moves a little closer to the reelection of President Trump.

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