GoFundMe Ends Rittenhouse Fundraiser, Facebook Blocks New One. GOA Backs Rittenhouse

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GoFundMe Ends Rittenhouse Fundraiser, Facebook Blocks New One. GOA Backs Rittenhouse

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The leftists who control GoFundMe and Facebook are effectively conspiring to help convict Kyle Rittenhouse of murder charges he faces because he defended himself against thugs who attacked him during Tuesday’s night riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Early this week, GoFundMe, which has raised millions for leftist liars and criminals, removed fundraisers for Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, Facebook is blocking GiveSendGo, a Christian answer to GoFundMe, from sharing its fundraiser for the17-year-old’s legal defense.

The tactic likely won’t work apart from completely deplatforming everyone trying to help Rittenhouse, including famed lawyer Lin Wood, whose #FightBack legal team has offered to represent the boy.

Also helping Rittenhouse is Gun Owners of America, with a team of lawyers and self-defense experts.

GoFundMe Backs Crime, Revolution, and Leftist Lies

GoFundme, the leftist crowdfunding site, killed fundraisers for Rittenhouse on Thursday, the Washington Times reported, “for violating its terms of service.” The company “did not specify further. Its terms prohibit ‘activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.’”

Clicking a link to a fundraiser from a Google search returns this message: “Campaign Not Found: We’re sorry, but that campaign cannot be found. Please check the link URL and try again.”

The for-profit, left-wing operation wasn’t the only crowdfunding site trying to see Rittenhouse convicted. Fundly, a competitor, nixed an account that had raised $50,000 and will return the contributors’ money, the Times reported.

GoFundMe had no qualms about raising money for the relatives of Jospeh Rosenbaum, the first man Rittenhouse killed.

The crowdfunding site has raised more than $20,000 to bury Rosenbaum, who was convicted in 2002 for sex with a minor and was a major disciplinary problem in prison. In video before the shooting, he is seen shouting “Shoot me, n***a” at Rittenhouse.

Nor does GoFundMe object to raising money for Anthony Huber’s “partner.” Huber, who also attacked Rittenhouse and wound up dead, was a dangerous, violent thug convicted of felony domestic abuse for trying to strangle someone. That effort has pulled in almost $150,000.

GoFundMe has raised more than $40,000 for Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm when advancing on Rittenhouse with a hand gun.

Last, GoFundMe has collected more than $2 million for sex-assault suspect Jacob Blake, who resisted arrest when police shot him in Kenosha, the event that gave the Marxist revolutionaries in Antifa and Black Lives Matter an excuse to burn down the city. Blake was the subject of an arrest warrant.

GoFundMe famously raised a pile of cash for Christine Blasey Ford, who fabricated a tale of high-school sex assault at the hands of then U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and nearly derailed his confirmation.

Facebook Blocks Sharing

Another website is raising money for Rittenhouse.

GiveSendGo has collected more than almost $170,000 of a $200,000 goal, from nearly 4,000 contributors, for the young man’s legal defense against two murder charges.

Successful as that is, Facebook is trying to thwart the effort. Trying to share the GiveSendGo Rittenhouse page returns this message: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

Aside from Wood’s effort with #FightBack to back Rittenhouse, Gun Owners of America has also stepped forward to help.

In a statement from vice president Erich Pratt, the group reported it “has reached out to Rittenhouse’s attorneys and the Lake County Public Defender’s office, and we have our own attorneys and use of force experts looking into this case, as well.”

GOA also noted that the leftist media have smeared Rittenhouse even as they lionize the cause of Marxists thugs and criminals.

“With no evidence, they have labeled Kyle as a racist and a vigilante, but that just indicates how the media elites view all gun owners,” Pratt said:

More to the point, the media has given more favorable coverage to rioters and looters over the past several months than to gun owners who appear to be protecting their lives from violent attackers. The media excuses the violent torching of American cities as “mostly peaceful” protests. And they now minimize the hatefulness of Kyle’s attackers, calling them mere “protesters.”

But if Leftists want to question why Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha, then they should begin by asking that question to the “protesters” who have criminal records and who have come from out of town to terrorize business owners.

The bottom line is this: every human being has a God-given right to protect themselves. And when a person’s life is under attack, the Constitution protects their ability to use firearms without ‘infringement’ in the defense of that life.

CNN became the object of ridicule last week when a crawler reported that the protests in Kenosha were “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Image: screenshot from GoFundMe page

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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