“Give Black People Back Their Homes”: BLM Mob Intimidates White Homeowners in Seattle

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“Give Black People Back Their Homes”: BLM Mob Intimidates White Homeowners in Seattle

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Video has surfaced of a Wednesday evening incident in Seattle where a large group of Black Lives Matter agitators angrily harassed a white home owner and attempted to shame him into giving up his home, which the group claimed was in an “historically black neighborhood.”

Video shows the group chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and then furiously confronting white residents about their “gentrification” of the city.

A man in the mob shouts at a white resident, “Do you know that before your white a** came here, this was all black people,” the agitator shouts. “Do you know people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from the black people for less than it was worth, kicked them out so you could live here? Do you know that?”

“Cause if you don’t, now you f***ing do – now do something about it!” the angry agitator shouted. “Now we’re bringing it to your front door, so what the f*** do you plan to do about it?”

An unidentified female agitator yelled, “Open your wallet!” to the residents.

The residents of the home were off camera and seemed to be attempting to calm the crowd when the agitator again attacked them verbally: “So how do you plan to fix it?” the man shouts. “As a gentrifier, because you are part of that problem.”

A masked black woman with a megaphone then urged the residents to “give up” their house. “Give black people back their homes,” the woman shouts, her volume aided by the megaphone. “You’re sitting there comfortably – comfortable as f***, as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends!”

The vicious and threatening anti-white racism spouted by these “largely peaceful protesters” is stomach turning.

Another clip posted on Twitter by journalist Andy Ngo shows a group of Antifa and BLM agitators angrily shouting obscene phrases such as, “All you all white m*****f****s get the f*** out of our neighborhoods!”; “Give us our s*** back!”; “Man, we coming for ya!”

Still another video shared by Ngo shows a group of unhinged agitators viciously verbally abusing police for arresting a fellow mob member for allegedly vandalizing a business.

“You’re being a racist, you’re being a racist!” an unhinged woman shouts at the business owner who had called the police. “Check your privilege, check your privilege!’

Another mob member tells the business owner to “go back to your gentrification business.” When the business owner declined to give the name of his business, the mob threatened him. “Yeah, we’ll make sure to support you,” the mob member states. “Hey, look we don’t know what happened, we ain’t seen s***, we don’t know s***. You better hope we don’t find out though. That’s not a threat.”

“That’s a promise,” a cohort screams.

The Pacific Northwest, most notably the cities of Portland and Seattle, has been ground zero for Antifa- and BLM-led civil unrest in 2020. For three violence-filled weeks, Seattle allowed armed agitators to completely overtake a portion of the city, which they referred to an an “autonomous zone.” Feckless Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat, initially referred to the violent street action as having a “block party atmosphere,” and dreamed that it would turn into Seattle’s version of the “summer of love,” before ongoing gun violence and several murders quashed that dream.

Earlier this week, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced her resignation from the force after the city council voted to cut her pay and downsize the department by 100 positions. Best referred to the council’s actions as “vindictive.” Durkan accused the council of “targeting” Best.

And in Portland, violent riots have now been a nightly occurrence for nearly three months. Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, along with Oregon governor Kate Brown, also a Democrat, ridiculously tried to blame President Trump for the violence in the city because he sent federal forces to guard the federal courthouse in the city from repeated vandalism.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that a large portion of more than 500 rioters arrested in Portland on both misdemeanors and felonies will not be prosecuted. The announcement may have caused the Oregon State Police, which had been assisting the City of Portland in containing the ongoing riots, to pull its 100 officers out of Portland and reassign them to other duties.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have now added terrorism in residential neighborhoods to their list of tactics. It’s no wonder the Marxist mob is emboldened. The cities of Portland and Seattle capitulate in one form or another to their every demand.


James Murphy is a freelance journalist who writes on a variety of subjects. He can be reached at [email protected].

Courtesy of The New American