Georgia Representative Says Impeachment Effort Will Backfire on Democrats

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Georgia Representative Says Impeachment Effort Will Backfire on Democrats

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Speaking on Fox & Friends on October 23, Representative Doug Collins, shown, (R-Ga.) predicted:

“In the end [the impeachment effort is] going to backfire on [Democrats] because the American people are not going to stand [for] a partisan witch-hunt.”

Collins was critical of the manner in which Democrats have conducted their investigation so far, especially by calling witnesses to testify in secret behind closed doors.

“What [Democrats] decided is… we are going to do this behind closed doors, away from the view of the American people, which is un-American,” the Georgia congressman said. “Its not what we are about. It’s not due process.”

Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy asked Collins: “According to Fox News, in the transcript that we’re gonna see later today, there are a few words in the transcript that will raise eyebrows but it’s not nearly as bad as the Democrats say. What do you think that means?”

Collins replied: “I’m not sure. We’ll have to see. But I know for the Democrats if it has ‘the,’ ‘an,’ or a pronoun they’re gonna say it raises eyebrows because all they’ve wanted to actually do is impeach this president.”

Collins said when Republicans have the opportunity to call witnesses they will do so publicly, and, unlike the Democrats, will not rely on leaks to influence the public.

“If you’re going to have an impeachment inquiry, let’s do it by the light of day,” Collins said. “Don’t hide behind the … intelligence community — where you can you hide, you can leak, as Adam Schiff is a prolific leaker… Let’s put witnesses up there that not only have [Democrats’] point of view.”

Collins also called for the release of former special envoy to the Ukraine Kurt Volker’s full closed-door testimony, to address the accusations made by Democrats that there was a quid pro quo arraignment between Trump and Ukraine.

“From every indication from those actually in the room, the reason the Democrats are not releasing that transcript is because it goes against the entire narrative that they want to paint — that there was this quid pro quo. That there was this pressure on the Ukrainian president. They don’t want to put it out because they’re ashamed.”

An article published by The Federalist on October 4 said that congressional testimony from Volker directly contradicts the impeachment narrative offered by congressional Democrats and their media allies. Volker, reported The Federalist, testified on October 3 that he was never aware of — and never took part in — any effort to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter. He also emphsized that the interactions between President Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani and Ukrainian officials were facilitated not to find incriminating evidence on Biden, but to relieve concerns that the incoming Ukrainian government would be unable to eliminate corruption within the country.

“At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden,” Volker told lawmakers.


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