Gender Ideology and the New Totalitarianism: Exclusive Interview with Gabriele Kuby

Gender Ideology and the New Totalitarianism: Exclusive Interview with Gabriele Kuby

In schools across the country, children are being taught that gender is not based on the sex you were born with but on how you feel. If you speak out against this gender ideology, you could face being ostracized or worse. So where is this coming from? And what are the motives behind this social engineering? Today we welcome German sociologist Gabriele Kuby to discuss these questions and more.

Gabriele Kuby -- America Daily
Gabriele Kuby is a German sociologist, author and international speaker on the global sexual revolution. (Source:

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The Global Sexual Revolution -- America DailyGabriele Kuby is a German author and international speaker on the global sexual revolution and Christian spirituality. She studied sociology at the Free University of Berlin and Konstanz. In 1997 she converted to Catholicism. Since then she has published 15 books. Her first critical analysis of gender ideology appeared in 2006. In 2012 she published The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom. It has so far been translated into fourteen languages, including English in 2015. Pope Benedict XVI calls her “a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man.”


Gender Ideology–the New Soft Totalitarianism?

You published your first critical analysis of gender ideology back in 2006, and the things you discuss in your book The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, very few people openly talk about. What made you decide to research gender ideology?

Ms. Kuby: What you describe–that very few people dare to speak about this topic–is a feature of the new totalitarianism we are moving into. We are now in a society where it costs us a price to pronounce what you think is true about man and woman … especially our Christian view on what man is.

Already in 2006, I published the first analysis of gender ideology, at least in the German speaking world. And it was called The Gender Revolution: Relativism in Action. At the time, everybody thought I was exaggerating. But now people do realize that it’s not exaggerated at all. Rather, it becomes worse all the time.

Looking at what was happening in our society made me realize that sexuality is the issue of our time. The way we deal with sexuality, the complete demoralization of sexuality, has a very destructive influence on the person and on the society on the whole. And I felt the need to speak out and put into words in speaking and writing what I saw as a very, very dangerous path we are on.

The Relationship Between Sexuality and Culture

“Romantic Scene in the Garden of Belvedere” by Julius Victor Berger.

Early on, you write, “This book’s basic premise is that the beautiful gift of sexuality requires cultivation if it is to allow people to have successful relationships and a successful life. The opposite—the coarse acting-out of all desires—distorts the person and the culture.” Historically, what is the relationship between sexuality and culture?

Ms. Kuby: The book that opened my eyes … was a book by a British anthropologist, his name is J.D. Unwin, published in 1936 in Oxford University Press. So in a very established scientific publisher. And the title of the book was Sex and Culture. And this social scientist wanted to find out what is the relationship between the norms a society has on the issues of sexuality and on culture.

Unwin found out, to put it in one sentence, that high culture … can only exist with very strict moral regulations. And that is monogamy and virginity before marriage, which is always difficult to keep. But that is the foundation.

This needs culture. This needs education of the young person from childhood onwards so that the human being is able to control the very, very powerful sexual drive. Yet we are created with sexuality, with the beautiful gift of sexuality. It’s a very powerful drive which has the one function, that is to keep humanity in existence, procreation. And the second function is the unity and love of a man and a woman open for the procreation of children.

Now our society protects … the deregulation of sexuality, that is live out your sex drive in any way you want. And if you object to that, if you raise your voice and say, this is a destructive path for people and society, then we will discriminate against you. We will ostracize you, we will mob you, we will throw you out of your jobs … So this is a complete turnaround of what society used to consider as necessary for building the cultural edifice.

Gender Mainstreaming in the United States

There’s an actual term for what’s happening, and that’s called “gender mainstreaming.” It seems to be everywhere, yet most people have never even heard of it. Could you explain what gender mainstreaming is and what it looks like in the United States?

Ms. Kuby: It’s a private term of the sexual revolution. The breakthrough was in 1968 with three messages: It was socialist ideology; radical feminism, with the call by Simone de Beauvoir to get out of the slavery of motherhood; and the sexual liberation. The message was, if we live out our sexuality in any way we like, we’ll live according to lust and not according to achievement, we will achieve paradise.

It continued and continued and then it took a new turn. And that was in 1990 when the American philosopher Judith Butler published the book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. She is a declared lesbian … really her intention is the subversion of identity of man and woman. It puts me in awe that a person can even believe that such an idea will be accepted. But the strange thing is the Rockefeller Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, and others–she’s a fellow of these foundations. She’s received huge awards with millions of dollars.

Why is a woman who puts forth ideas to destroy the identity of man and woman, why is she carried on the hands of the elite of power and money in this world? This is an important question.

Why Do the World’s Elite Support the Subversion of Identity?

Do you have an answer to that question? Why do the world’s elite support the destruction of the male and female identity?

Ms. Kuby: This whole ideology has one effect. The destruction of marriage, the destruction of family, the sexualization of children, the homosexual movement, and now even the transgender movement, it has one effect. And that is the control and the reduction of the world population. Of course abortion and contraception are essential for that.

But I do feel that the issues go beyond this because, if we look at what happens to societies, to individuals, to families, if we are completely uprooted from our identity, that means we have masses and masses of people who can be manipulated by those who have the means of manipulation. And these means of manipulation in our time are extremely sophisticated.

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