Four New Octopus Species Discovered in Hydrothermal Haven Off Costa Rica

Chris Lawson May 29, 2024
ROV SuBastian / Schmidt Ocean Institute under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED

Octopuses of El Dorado Hill

In an exciting breakthrough for marine biology, scientists have discovered four new species of octopus in the depths of the Pacific Ocean near Costa Rica's El Dorado Hill. Last June, researchers were thrilled to witness the emergence of delicate pinkish octopus hatchlings in a bustling hatchery teeming with life. Utilizing the remotely operated vehicle SuBastian, they identified two vibrant hydrothermal springs along with two octopus nurseries and one skate nursery. Subsequent expeditions, including one in December, confirmed that these nurseries remain active throughout the year. This discovery not only expands our understanding of marine biodiversity but also highlights the thriving ecosystems hidden beneath the ocean's surface.

In the shadowy depths near Costa Rica's El Dorado Hill, a remarkable spectacle unfolded as scientists witnessed the emergence of delicate pinkish octopus hatchlings from their snug, potato-shaped eggs. This captivating event marked the crux of a recent scientific revelation: the discovery of four previously unknown octopus species. As yet unnamed and awaiting formal description, these elusive creatures tantalize researchers with their mystery, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic world of deep-sea biodiversity.

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