Fentanyl: China’s Drug War Against the US

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Over 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017. It’s synthetic drugs from China that are doing most of the killing. China’s drug war against the U.S. has been unstoppable, but is the Trump administration changing that?

Drug Overdoses in the US

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, more than gun homicides and car accidents combined. So many people are dying from drugs that it’s actually driving down the country’s life expectancy. A growing part of that problem is synthetic drugs. At least 30 percent of deadly overdoses involve a specific synthetic opioid called fentanyl.


Fentanyl is the strongest opioid-based painkiller on the market. It is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It’s 25 to 50 times stronger than heroin.

According to a report from the CDC, starting in 2016 fentanyl became the deadliest drug in the U.S., overtaking heroin. More than two million Americans are addicted to opioid drugs. Some of them are prescription painkillers. Others are illegal drugs. The problem has gotten so big that in 2017 President Trump declared it a national public health emergency.

China’s Drug War

One of the biggest reasons for the opioid crisis in the United States is synthetic drugs coming from China. And that’s not by accident. The Chinese Communist Party launched a coordinated campaign of drug warfare against the United States.

In 1999 Chinese army colonels published a book called “Unrestricted Warfare.” In it, they acknowledged that China’s People’s Liberation Army can’t directly challenge the U.S. military, so instead it should use unconventional tactics. They specifically include using drug warfare to harm citizens of the U.S.

A 2014 report from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command shows that the U.S. is taking the drug warfare threat seriously.

In fact, according the book “Red Cocaine” by national security analyst Joseph D. Douglas, the Chinese regime has been pushing heroin and opium since the 1950s. Communist regimes have been using narcotics for several decades as a decisive weapon in the ongoing low level warfare they are waging against Western civilization.

How Do Chinese Drugs Enter the US?

Some of China’s synthetic drugs come through Mexican drug cartels.

Ninety percent of the meth used in the U.S. comes from Mexican cartels, and 80 percent of that meth is made using ingredients from China. Also, according to a report by the Department of Justice, the main source of illegal firearms in Mexico is also China. Most of the fentanyl in the U.S. also comes from China.

The Justice Department released a 43 count indictment of two Chinese nationals operating a global opioid and drug manufacturing conspiracy. You see, it’s easy to get fentanyl from China. You can literally just order it off Chinese websites and have it shipped to the United States. According to the Rand Corporation, almost 80 percent of the fentanyl seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection came through the mail, mostly from China.

So you might be wondering how have Chinese authorities gotten away with being a big part of a problem that’s killing 70,000 Americans a year? By saying they can’t control it. China has technically banned the export of more than a hundred synthetic drugs. The problem is, since fentanyl is synthetic, Chinese labs can just change how they make it. The new type of fentanyl isn’t technically banned, and they can just ignore Chinese laws. They usually don’t get caught.

What’s the Solution?

Chinese authorities say they can’t monitor all the labs in the country. Except the Chinese government has built the most extensive surveillance state in the history of the world, so if they really wanted to, they could increase their drug enforcement.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult for U.S. Customs and Border Protection to keep an eye on every package coming from China.

The U.S. Postal Service has tried to increase the surveillance on packages being shipped from China over the past few years. But dealers have found a way around it. It’s called “transshipment.” That’s where online sellers divert packages through other countries first. So really to end this practice enforcement has to begin in China. That’s probably why President Trump has made fentanyl a part of the trade war discussions with China.

The U.S. government will have to continually pressure Chinese authorities to get them to actually follow through on their promises to reign in drugs coming from China.

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