Federal Officials: Officers in Portland Removed Name Badges Because of Doxing

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Federal Officials: Officers in Portland Removed Name Badges Because of Doxing

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America’s peacekeepers and their families now face the threat of doxing.

Dozens of federal officers in Portland have reportedly had their personal information posted to the Internet, with the doxers encouraging other left-wing activists to go to those officers’ homes.

At a press conference, Federal Protective Service (FPS) Deputy Director of Operations Richard Cline said that about 38 officers have been doxed so far, which is why officers had their name badges removed in some instances.

“We are going to convert their name [tags] to their badge number as about 38 of our officers that are out there have been doxed and their personal information has been put online,” he said.

Many progressive activists and Democrat lawmakers have lashed out at the Department of Homeland Security for using “unidentified” officers to make arrests in places such as Portland, where the feds have been deployed to curtail violent attacks on federal buildings.

But DHS officials explained that name tags were not displayed due to ongoing doxing concerns.

Mark Morgan, acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said doxers are endangering the families of law enforcement. As a result, names are being replaced by personal identifiers so agents can be identified internally.

“That’s another thing that’s absolutely disgusting,” he said. “So they’re not only jeopardizing the lives of the agents, they’re also jeopardizing the lives of their families as they [are] putting out their home information and they’re suggesting that individuals go to their homes.

“So yes, as acting commissioner, I have authorized and supported removing their names from their uniforms.”

DHS report from June describes the posting of personal information of officers and other law-enforcement personnel online amid the protests and riots.

“While doxing does not in and of itself constitute a threat to law enforcement and their families, doxing might result in the downstream threat of violence by violent opportunists or domestic violent extremists (DVEs), or otherwise prevent DHS personnel or law enforcement partners from executing their lawful mission,” the note says.

According to that report, police in Kentucky; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Boston; and New York City had been doxed as of June.

Police are being antagonized across the country in response to the death of George Floyd. While left-wing agitators frequently assault police, hurling blunt objects and explosive projectiles such as fireworks at them, the mainstream media often focuses on the police response to the aggression, showing injured rioters in a sympathetic light.

In Chicago, for instance, coverage of a riot at the statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park focused on an 18-year-old activist who allegedly had her teeth knocked out by police.

But footage from the incident released by the Chicago Police Department showed that it was the mob of agitators who initiated the violence. A firework they threw at the police broke the eye socket of one officer. They also used sharpened PVC pipes to stab at the police.

The constant pressure from progressive activists and Democrat lawmakers has caused many law-enforcement officers to call it quits.

In Minneapolis, Police Chief Medaria Arradondo told the City Council during a meeting last week that about 65 officers have left the department this year, which is already more than the typical attrition rate of 45 during an entire year.

As The New American reports:

On June 10, Arradondo announced both the cancellation of future contract negotiations with the police union and plans to bring in outside experts to examine how the contract with the Police Officers Federation can be restructured to create a warning system which will provide transparency about “troubled” officers and “flexibility for true reform.” On June 16, he dismissed the significance of recent reports of 19 departures from the Minneapolis Police Department within a year, but that was before the number climbed to 65.

It only makes sense for officers who fear facing serious legal consequences, as well as the danger of doxing, for the mere act of doing their jobs to step down.

Sadly, that’s exactly the strategy of the left-wing “Abolish the Police” movement: Destroy police morale and intimidate officers to get them to step down or at least discourage them from standing up to the mob. It leaves the path wide open for the Marxist revolutionaries who want to dominate the streets.


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