Family Adventure Leads to Rare T. Rex Discovery in North Dakota Badlands

Luca O'Connor June 11, 2024
Tyler lyson

A Vacation to Remember

In a heartwarming tale of adventure and discovery, the Fisher family's summer hike in the North Dakota Badlands turned into an unforgettable experience. What began as a simple outing for brothers Jessin and Liam, their father Sam, and their cousin Kaiden, led to the astonishing discovery of a rare juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex fossil. Join us as we explore the remarkable journey from stumbling upon ancient bones to uncovering one of the most significant paleontological finds in recent history.

In July 2022, the Fisher family set out on a hiking adventure in the North Dakota Badlands. What started as a simple family outing for brothers Jessin and Liam Fisher, their father Sam, and their cousin Kaiden Madsen, soon turned into an extraordinary discovery that would captivate the world. The breathtaking landscape, known for its rich deposits of fossils, set the stage for an unexpected find that would go down in history.

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