Facebook Post: Rittenhouse Attacker Regrets Not Killing Him

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Facebook Post: Rittenhouse Attacker Regrets Not Killing Him

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Facebook and other social media, they say, is a divorce lawyer’s best friend. They might also be the best friend of criminal defense lawyers, too.

A post from a friend of Gaige Grosskreutz, whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot in the arm when Grosskreutz attacked him during Tuesday’s night terror in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shows why.

The friend wrote that Grosskreutz regrets not killing Rittenhouse when he had the chance.

That admission should help defend Rittenhouse for big-time lawyer Lin Wood and his team at #FightBack, a foundation he and two others created to defend real Americans from left-wing legal warfare.

The video, the Grosskreutz admission, and now the legal shield of #FightBack might well mean Rittenhouse beats the spurious charge that he committed intentional murder.

Grosskreutz the Gunman

The legal trouble for Rittenhouse stems from the deadly confrontation with Grosskreutz and two others during Tuesday night’s Antifa-Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha.

Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum in the head after Rosenbaum attacked him. Rosenbaum is a convicted sex offender.

Rittenhouse shot Huber in the chest after Huber attacked him with a skateboard. Huber was a repeat domestic abuser.

Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz in the arm when Grosskreutz moved against him with a semi-automatic handgun. Grosskreutz was convicted carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

Video clearly shows the attacks on the 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, who went to Kenosha to help police and residents defend their city and property from the terror mobs.

Dead men tell no tales, but Grosskreutz, had something he just had to say.

Andy Ngo, the young journalist and frequent target of Antifa violence because he documents their terror tactics during what CNN and other media call “peaceful protests,” curated a Facebook post from one of Grosskreutz’s pals.

Jacob Marshall offered this message after visiting Grosskreutz in the hospital:

So the kid shot gaige as he drew his weapon and gaige retreated with his gun in hand. I just talked to Gaige Grosskreutz toohis only regret is not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into it. Coward

Understandably, Marshall’s page is private.

#FightBack to The Rescue

As for Wood and his team, they founded #FightBank, the website says, “to serve the silent majority who face challenges to their civil and constitutional rights during this time of government interference, mass protests, violence, and uncertainty.”

Thursday night on Twitter, Wood wrote that his colleague John Pierce had assembled a legal team to defend Rittenhouse, but that the family had to retain it before it can start work.

Wood’s biggest victory against the radical Left most recently was settling defamation claims filed by Nicholas Sandmann, the high-school kid the mass media smeared after a fake Indian war hero accosted him at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

Wood also represented Richard Jewell, the hero falsely accused of being the terrorist who planted a bomb in Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Screen-grab from video: Kyle Rittenhouse on the ground, weapon in hand

Courtesy of The New American