Facebook Censors PragerU for “Sharing of False News”

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Facebook Censors PragerU for “Sharing of False News”

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Conservative non-profit PragerU is again under attack by big-tech censors. This time, Facebook has moved to bury content of PragerU due to “repeated sharing of false news.” The trigger for this newest incident of big tech censorship? Polar bears.

Facebook has reportedly reduced the distribution of PragerU videos over an “independent” fact check of a video that references the work of Susan Crockford, a Canadian zoologist who studies polar bears. The “independent fact checker” used to justify the censorship was, apparently, climate-alarmist website Climate Feedback.


BREAKING:@Facebook has reduced our page reach and implemented restrictions for “repeated sharing of false news.”
Facebook is using biased 3rd party fact-checkers to flag content and censor conservatives.
Is Facebook now the arbiter of truth?

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Climate Feedback accused PragerU of “cherry picking” information on polar bear populations and claimed there was no evidence that the climate alarmist mascots are thriving despite the alleged loss of Arctic sea ice. The case for the censorship was made by two professors from the University of Alberta, Andrew Derocher and Ian Stirling.

Courtesy of The New American