E15. Sugar is Now Chemical! Meet Chance Part 1

Ep15. The Skinny on Sugar!Meet Chance

Sugar has become a real problem to the health of our nations. But as you all know through keeping up with The Balance episodes, it’s mainly due to allowing massive companies to basically advertise us all into wanting the stuff all the time. So we have to shake ourselves out of that and toughen up a little to turn our families mental and physical health around.

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If you think about it, with everything from crackers, to bread, to cold meats and everything in between, being filled with all kinds of sweet deadfood products, how is it a possibility for you to be at all healthy while still eating these things every day?

I know we bring in the science, statistics and research for you guys every week, but good old common upright sense is where the future is now. That is the only way to actually break out of the addictive additives these companies have purposely put into their ALREADY dead foods!

Meeting the man named Chance!

In every facet of life that seems to be going wrong these days, most of us yearn for the good old days. We knew our neighbors, we new our manners and we could all easily see when things were going adrift. It was all held together by what our forefathers left for us. This was the stoic and upright nobility that help everything from families to countries together well.

Chance Gibson and his family have brought an amazing natural true health giving product to the world. They achieved it in an extraordinary way, with almost divine intervention. Chance’s life is one of living the before, and the after, of our worlds fast decline into serious societal wide mental and physical ill health. This 3 part series is truly a journey of awareness by following this wonderful father’s life.


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