Elizabeth Warren Officially Drops Out, Remains Silent on Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren Officially Drops Out, Remains Silent on Endorsement

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Senator Elizabeth Warren declined to make an immediate endorsement after dropping out of the presidential race on Thursday following a poor Super Tuesday showing in which she failed to win even her home state of Massachusetts.

“Not today,” Warren replied when asked if she would get behind one of the two major remaining candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Warren explained she wanted more time to come to a decision.

Warren’s momentary lack of an endorsement was significant considering the other candidates who ended their campaigns in the past week have given their support to Biden, who surprisingly experienced a return to frontrunner status following strong performances in South Carolina on Sunday and then in several states on Super Tuesday.

“I will not be running for president in 2020, but I guarantee I will stay in the fight for hardworking folks across this country who’ve gotten the short end of the stick over and over,” Warren said as she announced the suspension of her bid for the Democratic nomination.

In her remarks, Warren lamented that the field is now dominated by men, as the only remaining female candidate — Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii — has claimed only a single delegate so far, compared to the hundreds won by Sanders and Biden.

“One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinky promises and all those little girls who are gonna have to wait four more years,” Warren said in reference to conversations she has had with young girls on the campaign trail. “That’s gonna be hard…. I take those pinky promises seriously.”

The lawmaker from Massachusetts spoke of “sexism” and made assurances that she would have “more to say” at a later time.

Warren first revealed her decision during a late-morning all-staff call on Thursday. “I want all of you to hear it first, and I want you to hear it straight from me: Today, I’m suspending our campaign for president,” she told staffers. “What we have done — and the ideas we have launched into the world, the way we have fought this fight, the relationships we have built — will carry through, carry through for the rest of this election, and the one after that, and the one after that.”

She took on an optimistic tone in a tweet to her 3.8 million followers. “Our work continues, the fight goes on, and big dreams never die. From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” Warren wrote.

Biden congratulated his now-former primary rival for her effort, calling her “the fiercest of fighters for middle class families.”

“Her work in Washington, in Massachusetts, and on the campaign trail has made a real difference in people’s lives. We needed her voice in this race, and we need her continued work in the Senate,” Biden declared.

Sanders followed suit: “[Warren] has taken on the most powerful corporate interests because she cares about those who have been left behind. Without her, the progressive movement would not be nearly as strong as it is today. I know that she’ll stay in this fight and we are grateful that she will,” he wrote on Twitter.

President Trump also added his two cents to news that Warren has dropped out, asserting that her presence in the primary cost Sanders victory in various states:

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who was going nowhere except into Mini Mike’s head, just dropped out of the Democrat Primary…THREE DAYS TOO LATE. She cost Crazy Bernie, at least, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Probably cost him the nomination! Came in third in Mass.

A message from the Warren campaign on Wednesday appeared to hint at the upcoming withdrawal. “Last night, we fell well short of our viability goals and projections, and we are disappointed in the results,” explained campaign manager Roger Lau.

“All of us have worked for Elizabeth long enough to know that she isn’t a lifetime politician and doesn’t think like one. She’s going to take time right now to think through the right way to continue this fight. There’s a lot at stake for this country and the millions of people who are falling further and further behind.”

“This decision is in her hands, and it’s important that she has the time and space to consider what comes next,” Lau added.

Warren’s departure from the race is expected to help Sanders, to whom she was ideologically close, advocating for many of the same policy goals such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.


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