E7. Our Nation’s Health Destroyed by This Man!

Our Nation’s Health Destroyed by This Man!

It is not in our usual scope of thoughts and actions to focus on people who have played major roles, both knowingly and unknowingly, in bringing down the entire country’s state of health and well being. But that is what we have to do today.
What a disgrace it would be, to be that person who did such a thing! And it would only be achieved by first having the most distorted nature of thinking, and then putting huge effort to achieve it.
In episode 7 we look at a man that not only played roles in bringing down the traditional beliefs and norms that underpinned the strengths of nations, but also played a massive role in getting major industries, such as the food processing industry, to use propaganda, coercion, and all other manner of lies and deceit to make, we the people of the world, do as they want us to do.
It sounds harsh, but we need to become very clear that our thinking has been manipulated for nothing more than profit and fame for well over 100 years.


Edward Bernays