E6. Never See Losing Weight The Same Again!

Never See Losing Weight The Same Again!

Awareness of what you want to achieve in your motivations in health and fitness is one thing! But the awareness of the industries that trick us into buying bad supermarket foods every day, and the drug like tactics they use to addict our senses to these products is truly enlightening.
It is undeniable at this stage of our social history that we need to, for the sake of our own and our families health and well being, abandon some of the ways of life that have been marketed to us for well over 60 years.

Losing weight is achieved very naturally when we simply return to our traditional and stoic ways of thinking about life and health.

In an article from Medical News it states this clearly…
“Processed foods are bad. They are a major contributor to obesity and illness around the world.

How do we know?

Every time a population adopts a Western diet high in processed foods, they get sick. It happens within a few years.

Their genes don’t change, their food does.

The word “processed” often causes some confusion, so let me clarify what I mean.

Obviously, most foods we eat are processed in some way. Apples are cut from trees, ground beef has been ground in a machine and butter is cream that has been separated from the milk and churned.

But there is a difference between mechanical processing and chemical processing. If it’s a single ingredient food with no added chemicals, then it doesn’t matter if it’s been ground or put into a jar. It’s still real food.

However, foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances, are what is generally known as processed food.”

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