Basecamp for Men E6. Men: Raise Your Energy……by Slowing Down

E6:Men-Raise Your Energy… Slowing Down

Today’s episode is about The Art of Slowing Down-

As men, we are measured by society’s old narrative by how much we DO. And we have become really good at DOING THINGS but we have not been taught the value of slowing down. The old narrative says if we slow down, we might fall behind. Is this really true? As men with inner power, do we really not have time for ourselves? It‘s an interesting assumption, isn’t it?

Almost every man I know, myself included, could benefit from more slow time or Soul time. I have three favorite ways of slowing down and I share them with you in this episode. All three of these approaches has a deeply restorative effect on my mind, body, and spirit.

I know some men who use fishing or nature hikes as a way to enter this space. The point is for you to find yours. Sometimes men will decompress by fiddling with their phones or watching TV. I would counsel you to take a look at some other, more mindful approaches. Doing so will bring your energy and self-care up several notches. Try it out for yourself and see and, as usual, I will leave resources for you at the end of the show.