E4. Today we talk about the big one GMO’s

Why when we as a society seem to be at the top of our game is the state of our health seemingly rock bottom? Where did this phenomenon start and how did it make such a massive impact on the health of ourselves and our families both physically and mentally?

We’re going to once again look into an area that is a dark stain on our societal growth.

When it comes to foods, we’re going to look at genetically modified grains and organisms. This is another way to look at how our scientists are being used to bring us down.

Today we will explore the phenomenon of #GMO’s.

Today we will have the pleasure of meeting a man named Chance who has come out of the US military. He and his family are making a beautiful benevolent impact on how to step around this GMO landmine that is in our society.

In my search online about GMO’s, what came across, was that this was all about making our foods better with science, that’s pretty much what it came down to in a lot of the hits that came up on Google. These things aren’t quite as clear when it comes to looking at the information. It’s not quite as easy to understand between what is a bogus piece of information and what is a genuine piece of information.

The main reason is that we have come to trust that our scientists and scientific research, which has always seemed to be a good thing. Whatever they have developed over the years, especially over the last 200 years is generally a good thing, but we need to stop thinking that way because the landscape has changed in our society. The landscape of why things are done. Why are companies eliciting scientists and doctors to go ahead and do different research in different areas?

That massive shift, that massive change has absolutely no backbone. It has no decent principle behind it. It’s not like in the old days where the main throes of scientific research were prompted to find cures for different diseases or was prompted to find a cure for a particular disease that was literally obliterating certain areas of our globe.

Fruits and vegetables are perfectly aligned to be absorbed and utilized by our bodies. All of the nutrients in them is incredibly vast and aligned with our human bodies. Same with eating meats and dairy.

Now we are at the point where as in light of this subject, GMO products have been dragged through the courts. They have been proven to be forced upon the society in a covert way and I have found one website which has documented the entire journey of big companies and scientists creating, pushing and infiltrating the farmlands of America, especially with this GMO product, this GMO seeds. Monsanto!


The name of this company that all of my research has led me to is called the Institute for Responsible Technology, it is the most comprehensive source of GMO health information on the web today.

Visit the website: https://responsibletechnology.org/gmo-education/health-risks/#41

Now it’s not only a comprehensive source about the GMOS information history, but they also have done their very best to talk about what exactly these companies targeted. Also, they have made a comprehensive list of GMO-free products from the vegetables and fruits themselves to all kinds of confectionary products, all kinds of things.

The website itself is a fantastic entity, years and years and years worth of dedicated work all to bring us into a greater state of awareness. I really want to bring this website to everybody who comes to The Balance in Fitness. This is truly something worth spending your time reading and understanding.

Now, the man who first founded this beautiful company is named Jeffrey Smith and he founded it back in 2003. He has worked in 45 countries on six continents and he’s very much accredited for over these years being able to influence government policies, which is very important to understand in this particular episode.

Let’s listen now to Chance Gibson on how he created a company to answer this GMO problem that has practical benefits for all families.



Click to listen to the whole interview. Tell us what you think about this issue, can GMO really help societies and should it have this much power in the food industry?