E27. Permanent Weight Loss! Ancient Healer in Tea

E27. Permanent Weight Loss! Ancient Healer in Tea

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Last week’s response to us looking at weight loss said it all, “please talk to us more about weight loss”! Ok, so let’s get ready for Q and Mike, two old dog PTs who have done it all, to lay out the facts. Actually it’s not that hard to understand. But as always you need to know the land mines out there, and that’s where The Balance episodes will lead us all forward.


The Balance with Meiling Lee

There was a man that lived over 1000 years ago who shaped the original landscape of medicine as the human race knows it. Out of compassion for all of us, the man started tasting herbs and plants in a mission to find cures for the ailing people around him. His journey nearly killed him, but even on a day of potential death, he struggled on to taste one more plant. It just happened to be tea he tasted. The journey that came next is nothing less than wonderful.

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As the God of Chinese herbal medicine, Shennong was fascinated by the healing properties of herbs and fungi even as a child. Legend has it that Shennong was conceived when his mother, Nü Teng, swallowed the vapour of a celestial dragon. Nine days after the conception, he came out of his mother’s womb with a transparent belly and internal organs. Three days later, he was able to speak. On the fifth day after birth, he could walk. On the seventh day, he formed a full set of teeth. Quickly, he turned out a big strong man and became the leader of his tribe.