E25. Finally we talk Training! How communism undermined TCM

E25. Finally, we talk about Training! How communism undermined TCM


In the Q Review

In the course of stepping around the health land minds, we have had a lot of great feedback from you regarding the changes you have made with eating and overall product choosing. These are the essential changes for you, and they will strengthen and continue as you become a traditional person living in a modern-day world. But why aren’t we talking about training???????

One of our favorite fans asked me that question a week ago, so today we talk about training. Q and I have done and trained people in, nearly every conceivable style of general training. What is the inside scoop on training methods? What is their effectiveness in our lives and how should we understand them from a holistic viewpoint?


The Balance with Meiling Lee

Not many of us in the world realize the damage that communism has done to nearly every traditional principle that thousands of years of living have created. Today Meiling shares how, in the later years of Chinese history, Chairman Mao tried to destroy the powerful and benevolent roots of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This discussion helps us to see how the mind of a person, whether it be now or two thousand years ago, is the essential true healer. That is true for both ourselves and our efforts to help others.

The Article in Focus

By Heiner Fruehauf

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The latter half of the 19th century and through the end of the 20th century has been a time of great political, economic, cultural, and scientific transformation in China. Chinese medicine, the shining gem of traditional science, has had to endure many assaults in this process, sinking the field into a quagmire where it had to fight bitterly for its own survival. This course of events can be called “The Century When Traditional Chinese Medicine Was Tied up in the Straightjacket of Utter Delusion.”

–Li Zhichong, Director of Chinese TCM Association, 2002