E23. Phone wrecking your Day? Tax Payers Cover Flu Shot Victims

E23. Phone wrecking your Day! Tax Payers Cover Flu Shot Victims

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Starting the day in the right way is becoming a greater focus because it sets the tone of your day. Too often we start our day without first becoming aware of what is truly important in life. Now that so many are becoming aware that we as a human race need to make a few changes both externally and internally, where do we start? Quentin brings some light on the subject of how to make a start on becoming a traditional person in modern day life.


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This topic of the flu vaccine has disrupted every sector of our society, except those who have not investigated it enough. Meiling investigates everything! And so she should, it is you she cares for in every episode. How is it possible that we the tax payer now need to be involved with the endless claims against these dubious vaccines? Read on my fellow researchers.

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By Meiling Lee

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Although the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established to compensate children injured by vaccines, the program is now compensating more adults injured by the flu vaccine.

In May of 2019, 39-year-old Cheron Golding was compensated by the vaccine court for injuries after receiving the flu vaccination in 2013. She was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, where part of her spinal cord became inflamed as result of damage to the nerve cells. She suffered from paralysis, loss of vision, and other injuries. Cheron was compensated more than $2 million, the highest settlement from the U.S. government so far. Today we speak to her lawyer, Randy Knutson.


So we just get delayed and delayed and delayed. And my clients are usually out of work because they’re paralyzed, they’re running broke, they’re losing their houses, and they don’t have time to wait. And the problem is the court is so slow that many of my clients die waiting to get paid or they go broke before that can happen. — Randy Knutson

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