E22. Arthritis Common & Why? TCM on Flu Season

E22. Arthritis Common & Why? TCM on Flu Season

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We commonly understand now that our environment has become quite toxic. The necessity to make changes is quite strong. So an important change to make, is to see critically where we have had our thoughts and habits created, by things like marketing messages and commonly set up events. Throughout the last few decades these have set up false, misleading and self harming  notions within ourselves. Such as “the world around me is getting worse, I must use medication more”.

Today Quentin brings to light the subject of arthritis. Like many modern day maladies, arthritis has become almost common place over the last 2 generations. Has it been made worse in our generation by the horrific toxic influx that we have experienced of the last two generations? Culminating into what we are experiencing today?

The Article in Focus!

By Gary Null, Ph.D.

@ beyondveg.com

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When addressing any disease, it is crucial for us to focus our attention on repairing the causes of the disease, rather than just the symptoms, otherwise the disease will remain. While treating the symptoms may cause their cessation, it is only temporary. They will return so long as the underlying factors are not addressed.

When it comes to most diseases, including arthritis, there are essentially two ways of entering treatment – through conventional or natural medicine. While it is possible to combine these approaches, the priorities and methods associated with the treatment protocols of each vary greatly. I encourage as many people as possible to enter the system through a naturopathic or acupuncture physician, especially if prevention is your key concern Natural treatments address the underlying imbalances that cause tissue degeneration with potential of prevention and reversal.

Daniel Nuchovich, M.D. says, “Many doctors rush in with colorful pills and recommendations for surgery before the cause is actually determined; this practice is a disservice to anyone with arthritis.”

The issue with using x-rays or MRIs to diagnose arthritis is that studies show a very poor correlation between radiographic evidence of joint changes and loss of function. Pain specialist Dr. Dillard shared with me that the vast majority of his patients who exhibit arthritis on radiographic images are actually pain-free. The research demonstrates that many people with degenerative joint disease on x-rays do not suffer from any disability, and likewise many who complain of problems have normal radiographs, but this is rarely explained to the patient.

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The Balance with Meiling Lee

When it comes to using ancient remedies from the abundant civilizations around us, it may seem complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth though! The amazing world of Classical Chinese Medicine is the same. This week Meiling is sharing with us how Chinese Medicine looks at the common colds and flus. We all understand now that the process of getting these things is actually strengthening to the human body. But we don’t go to extremes, running around with no cloths in the middle of winter trying to catch them lol.

How magnificent it feels to know that something as simple and selfless as making a nourishing soup for our family is all you need to do to help strengthen their immune systems during the flu seasons. With CCM, there is a whole lot of heart and benevolence woven into their common practices. For this reason, it has strengthened and endured over thousands of years.

Flu Prevention Soup Recipe

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There are two major types of common colds, and in the Chinese medical language, two names: wind-cold and wind-heat. Wind, cold and heat are three common pathogens which can enter the body from the exterior. Chills, aversion to cold, stiffness (especially of the neck), headache, and white or clear-colored phlegm are signs of wind-cold. Sore throat, feeling warm and/or agitated (whether or not there is a fever), yellow or green-colored phlegm, and aversion to heat are some indications of wind-heat. A third type of cold, which usually occurs in the autumn, is wind dryness. There may be a combination of fever and chills with a dry throat and dry cough.

For wind-cold symptoms, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne pepper and onions are all warming foods with detoxifying properties. For wind-heat symptoms, peppermint tea is cooling, and also helps to release the pathogen.

Chinese-style chicken soup is most effective for preventing sickness—when one is feeling stressed or run-down. Add to your favorite chicken soup: shitake mushrooms (fresh or dried), astragalus (found in natural food or Chinese groceries, also known as huang qi), and a small amount of seaweed such a kelp or kombu. Garlic and ginger can also be added.
Steamed pears help to resolve phlegm and cough. Asian pears are particularly moistening for cases of dryness. Kelp and other seaweeds also help to resolve phlegm.


Phil’s in your Corner

You know, everyone needs a researcher/writer/good guy, in their corner. Well, Phil Speed is yours! Every week, Mr Speed is going to run down important subjects, from the simple to the profound. Enjoy this week’s subject, Why is it necessary to look fantastic?

Why Is It Necessary To Look Fantastic? 


Let us today look at that question and what implications it poses. As you may well be aware, the answer to most things is in the question itself.  Why, a question of the question, not a question about us? Necessary! What is actually needed, and what is actually only WANTED? That is the key. Look! Who is looking? You, me or everyone else?  Fantastic looking! Can I dare say look perfect? The meaning here is, there is no such thing, we are all different and unique in our own ways, shape and form.

The right way to look at this is self acceptance. With that also comes a state of becoming active, to want to be better in some areas and improve. Whatever that may be, fitness, diet, shed some pounds etc. There is always something that can be maintained better or re shaped. That does not mean we are lesser or not good enough, as we are not by any means. That reminds me of the graceful swan, paddling like hell underneath. Why, is the main subject matter that needs addressing here. Is it societal pressures, others opinions of us, seeking attention, playing to the ego or vanity. Extremes of our emotions can most certainly become our own distorted views of ourselves.

Nature does not concern itself with looking good. Sure nature preens, baths and takes pride in appearance for the health of the mind and body. Not for any other real reason, other than to attract a mate. That is quite a legitimate reason, and continues looking good as a natural cause and effect of a stoic existence and way of life. Nothing superfluous, mostly looking good is a by product of inner qualities and a healthy way of living. If we look at survival, let’s be honest, most of us are in survival mode a lot of the time. Then that state has reasons to be fit and aware. Not for vanity though, not for the media and propaganda that has told us to be one way, and that it is good to strive for it. These are unhealthy and radical ways that have nothing to do with natural and fundamental ways of living at all.  

If we are blindly led into this abyss of lies, betrayal and demigods etc, then look inside and find the reasons why you are doing that, and for what, for who … 

There is a point then! For whatever the reasons are at your particular time of life, you can stop and wonder what you are doing and the reasons for it. Is it really you and what you really want? Don’t get me wrong here, the WANT is very powerful and has been tapped into by the big fellas and the marketing gods, making us do things that really are not who we are at all. 

Others opinions of us! Who cares, what others think of me is none of my business ok! In actual fact we do care about what others think of us, usually. It is more the case of how much it influences and dictates the way we live and what we do.  On the other side of that is, if no one cared, then we would run around naked in the streets! But hey, with a decent body right lol !!! See the pardox there. Expectations!

Traditional men and women in a modern world are keeping our own. When did we give so called others permission to dictate the way we live and how we look? When we adhere to stoic ways, with a balance in fitness (pardon the pun) those stereotypes fade away. The by-product of that is, more self acceptance and instinctively wanting to be fit and healthy. That naturally means you will be at your optimum right size for your chosen career, sports and activities … life.

Live a natural stoic way and adhere to virtues and principles. Eat well and as organic as possible, or at least clean off your produce and filter your waters. Then this alone will produce a you that looks the best you can. Looking fantastic! Why would you even bother. 

The short answer is, it’s not necessary to look fantastic at all. Though the reasons and insights into why it is not necessary have to be known first. Countering the wrong reasons and clarifying the right reasons. So, go forth and look great if you want to. However, do it for you. 

Written by Phil Speed

For The Balance in Fitness