Basecamp for Men E19: Conversations About Men

E19: Conversations About Men with Tony Rezac

Hello readers and listeners-

This week’s episode is a flip of our usual format. Instead of Tony hosting, he is a guest on the radio show Story U in Seattle with host Debbie Handrich. Tony and Debby cover how Tony got started on all this “men’s stuff” as well as living with a Divine purpose. They cover the power of authenticity and being comfortable in your own skin.

They also dialogue about Tony’s sobriety (he has been sober for more than six years) and how he credits his sobriety with his ability to write and create.

Don’t miss this unique episode as Debby and Tony talk about Basecamp for Men and what men and women can get out of listening to this show.

Thank you, Debby, for the opportunity to be part of your show and thank you, listeners, for all your support!