E17. Demystifying GMOs, Meet Chance Part 3

E17. Demystifying GMOs, Meet Chance Part 3
The Balance in Fitness Season 2

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E17. Demystifying GMOs, Meet Chance Part 3

In the Q Review

We know GMOs are not good, for sure! But do we realize the underhanded information that is out there to try to turn your heads back around to thinking they ARE good? Quentin takes us through the myths of GMO information so we can make a solid and safe path around these land mines for our families. Go to our Facebook page and see this and more about subjects that help us be traditional people in a modern day world.


Meet Chance Gibson

We have followed him through his life. Felt the changes in his life as he stepped us through the crazy fast food industries that are now our staple diets in supermarkets. Now this amazing family tells of the sustainable and wholesome food products they have invested in to help feed us all in these trying times. A must hear for all mums and dads wanting to find a true healthy alternative to supplement the family’s weekly eating in a convenient and nutrient packed way. Please click here to go direct to a value pack offer.