E16. Johnson and Johnson Foe, Meet Chance Part 2

E16. Johnson and Johnson Not Our Friend

In the Q Review

The sad part is, it’s not a surprise to everyone that Johnson and Johnson have been found guilty of purposefully pushing lethal addictive opioids onto an unsuspecting public. The era of our civilizations has most certainly stepped forward. With the step forward comes new awareness. New awareness of the dangers that have become a common part of our everyday food, drinks and medicines for decades.

The reports, reviews, research and personal and professional knowledge that Quentin Vaughan brings to “The Balance” is like being able to ride this wave of change directly toward health. If the powers that run Johnson and Johnson are willing to do what they have done, then what is their real thinking when it comes to the ethics that make, OR BREAK, the relationship between billion dollar company, and the people of the society that trusted them?

Meet Chance Gibson


In nearly every walk of life, nearly all business arenas and industries, we hear something similar to “its hard to find a good person” or “it’s hard to find a good worker”. This has some truth, but when we consider what we as a world populace have been living under, the onslaught of LETHAL yet LEGAL chemical companies putting their poisons into absolutely everything, well we can see why our times have been tough, and our attitude sometimes poor.

Chance Gibson tells his story of life in the U.S. His time of recognition that somethings were going seriously wrong in his beloved nation. His story resonates with all of us for sure. His path of family and friends, and the conscious choices that made his life a true health and wellbeing success are an inspiration for our future as a society.