E14. Our Toxic Fat Cells, Pharmaceutical’s Sinister Roots

E14. Our Toxic Fat Cells, Pharmaceutical’s Sinister Roots

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the great feedback on our series on the roots of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Many thanks to the wonderful people at Era of Wisdom for bravely creating this incredible documentary.

For any of you that have not yet taken the time to watch this amazing documentary, take it now and see more of the reasons why it is so important to join the tide of people who are abandoning the terrible business concepts behind the farming and food industries that are slowly and painfully killing our family’s bodies and minds.

Toxic Fat Cells on The Q Review

Ever wondered why we are all putting on fat so easily. Well most of the reasons have been identified. But we didn’t know that the toxic chemicals and by products that are riddled throughout our everyday supermarket foods, are actually being stored in our fat cells.

This is because those chemicals etc are very difficult for our poor bodies to get rid of. They are incredibly harmful to our entire bodies natural processes. They are effecting us mentally as well. By eating regular supermarket foods we are inundating our bodies with these heavily toxic substances everyday. Abandon the dead food industries now!