E13. Gender Altering Spray! Medical Philanthropic Coercion

E13. Gender Altering Spray! Medical Philanthropic Coercion

A very brave African American research scientist has won his fight to bring another terrible truth to the people. A widely used crop and forestry spray has been proven to disrupt and distort the body and mind of tested mammals and amphibians to such a terrifying extent that it changed them from being males into being females!

Common Spray Atrazine Turning Males into Females

Story by Union of Concerned Scientists:

Dr. Tyrone Hayes remembers thinking the gig would be harmless. Approached in 1997 by the corporate predecessor of agribusiness giant Syngenta, Hayes—at the time a young U.C. Berkeley assistant professor—agreed to study the effects of the company’s herbicide atrazine on amphibians. Hayes was a rising expert on the endocrine systems of frogs, and he assumed he would not have been hired if the company thought there was anything to find. “My hypothesis was, nothing’s going to happen,” he later told Mother Jones.

But Hayes did find something—namely, that atrazine seemed to be impeding the sexual development of frogs. Now, decades into Hayes’ studies on atrazine, his discoveries have most famously linked atrazine exposure with changing genetically male frogs into functional females, leading to a bitter dispute with Syngenta. Internal documents made public in litigation reveal Syngenta’s plans to harass Hayes in an effort to both discredit his science and tarnish his reputation as a researcher.

Atrazine has been banned in the European Union over concerns that it is a groundwater contaminant with potential effects for wildlife and human health. Yet it is the second-most widely used herbicide in the United States, with a whopping 73.7 million pounds applied in 2013. As such, the stakes in the US are high, both financially for Syngenta and environmentally for the nation. Atrazine often washes into water supplies, particularly in the Midwest, and in 2012 Syngenta reached a $105 million settlement with community water systems over the presence of atrazine in drinking water.

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Expose on Era of Wisdom by “The Balance”

Part 2 of our 3 part series

If you missed last weeks’ podcast on this game changer of a documentary, you need to go back and make sure you listen. The information in this documentary may simply be put as an earthshaking wake up call to abandon some of what we call “modern day notions” about our daily purchases and, more precisely in this doco, modern day understandings of how to stay healthy.

Like never before, we as parents need to take seriously the return to traditional understandings of life, health and fitness, so that we can safeguard our families from many antilife anti tradition manifestations in the medical industry that we ourselves have been supporting and making prevalent for well over a century.