E12. Nazi Legacy our Pharmaceuticals

E12. Nazi Legacy our Pharmaceuticals

The Balance is about seeing the holistic bigger picture of how our nations are being made sick and disease ridden. GMO, processed foods, chemical crop spraying etc are an excellent start and what we should all know.

But to understand the history of our current “notions on health” and our own bodies, we also need to look into the less known history that has actually shaped some of the most unhealthy notions we could ever adopt. In many ways they have now become our common thoughts when we think about how to stay healthy.

The Balance? Simply Abandon and Return to Traditional

The documentary below is quite simply a pivotal point in helping us all to return to the traditional ways of understanding how to live properly with the world around us, and to becoming further aware of the terrible extremes some of our forefathers went to in the pursuit of huge wealth. These extremes are now killing human beings at lightning speed!

In other episodes we unravel many areas of falsehoods, health risks and confusion that the current health and fitness industry is knowingly and unknowingly creating around us, but here, in this episode, the message is clear and resounding, “to return to the traditional health that we all had, we start by abandoning the self sustained notions, chemicals and food industry practices that have been driven upon us in the last 200 years”.