E5. The Myth about Protein & my interview with Quentin Vaughn

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You know, one of the main things that we’ve understood in this modern day is that from around about 200 years ago, we really started to go wrong. Our scientists started to look in very odd and awkward directions for their understanding of life, and when that perpetuates for a couple of hundred years, you can bet that by this time things are pretty messy.

You know what we can look at today? We’re going to look at the word protein. We’re going to look at the circumstances at that time and how it came about. Then I’m going to introduce you to one of my best friends who knows so much and has so many years experience in finding the true answers, Quentin Vaughn.

Let’s get into it.

Listen, why do I bring up this word protein? To be honest, it’s not just because it’s a word. There are words for everything and we need words for everything naturally to understand what this life’s all about or to at least label them in a way that builds our cultural understanding.

What we’re gonna do is we’re going to run down the journey of how these kinds of things actually came about, the circumstances at that time, and how to this stage now we’ve really started to suffer from the direction that was taken back then.

Just before I go any further, I had an amazing time out at one of my most beautiful and favorite places to just go each week and truly take in the world around me. It’s a place called Portsea in Melbourne, Australia. I live very close to Portsea.

I’ve got it up on my youtube. Go check it out. It really is a breath of fresh air.

For any of you that weren’t with us last week in our podcast, I have introduced a man who is going to be a beautiful added strength to the Balance in Fitness.

He has made an incredible product that we are going to make available on the America daily website. Please go back and listen to that episode because the breadth of understanding that we gave about GMOs was as always well beyond just the statistics. Statistics themselves cannot move our hearts. Statistics themselves cannot propel us with awareness in a direction that can change our lives. Get into it. Go back and have a listen. You will be amazed.


Now want to cover something today that is only a few paragraphs. You know, every time we go to bring you something from our hearts to all of you listening, we really just want to find some information that allows us to give you some credible facts that are only exemplifying what we are doing.

The things that I’ve been able to find out, the things that I’ve been able to ascertain from both the professional experience, a family man’s experience with his own children and the overall life that I’ve led in the health and fitness industry. These things have allowed me strength on many, many topics of health and fitness and to be honest, life overall.

Now, what I’ve got here from my research is this amazing web page that is called Advocates for Doctor Sebi. Now to give you a rundown of Doctor Sebi, this beautiful African man was born in 1933. He came to America as a young man and had very quickly accrued a list of different diseases, like diabetes that we’re a serious issue for his health.

One of the things that the African people have suffered most from, apart from many other areas, in this last couple of hundred years was actually being brought to the Americas and starting to eat the American diet or starting to eat the grains and foods in the processing industry that they were given to survive on.  This has reeked ill health on the African American people, not just we as Westerners.


The African Gene Structure Has Suffered 35 Plus Years Of The Type Of Injustice Responsible For Millions Of People Who Would Never Hear About Him Or The Information That He Used To Win His Court Case.


It really has transcended just one culture of people. Now, Dr. Sebi went out to try to find how to cure these different elements and he came across a herbalist who was able to show him something that opened up his complete perspective on what natural life is all about at the health and fitness capacity.

Once he, after curing his own diseases, was given the mental strength & mental awareness. He took that and began his own studies. He began to understand more and more about the traditional foods and herbs that he himself was being cured with and then began his own clinic back in ’85 after he had been working through the clinic for a period of time.

Having the most incredible results that we as modern day people think is incredible, but Dr. Sebi knew is very natural, very much like what I talk about here.

These compounds that we are given every day, these processed foods and all of the ways that we’ve gone wrong in our health and fitness environment through our western societies are killing us.

This is very clear now, so the more we returned to the natural foods in their natural matrix that aligned to the natural matrix of the human body, the more vital we will become.

Doctor Sebi was able to not only research this to the finest degree but also able to put it together in compounds, bring it to people, have people eating and drinking these compounds which are all made from just natural foods and begin to reap the health benefits.

Now, the Attorney General of New York found out that he had put an ad in the newspaper called the Amsterdam, claiming that he had actually cured aids in a variety of patients amongst many, many other elements that are widespread in our time today.

When he went to court, he was asked to produce one person from each of the I elements that he claimed to cure and a General Doctor that could claim that yes, each person had this disease and that yes, it seems that the disease is actually gone.

The incredible thing is on the day of court, he produced 70 people, not just a handful of people from the handful of diseases that he claimed was being cured within his patients that came to him. The Judge, after looking at all of these people after taking in all of the evidence that was brought to his table, turned around apparently and ask the suing body, did you even investigate Dr. Sebi before you went about doing and claiming that you were suing him?

The answer was naturally, no. Long story short, he actually got found not guilty and was allowed to continue his practice.

Now I am giving you just a very short insight into this man, Dr. Sebi. The website is actually from the people who support and continue to drive the beautiful natural compounds that his clinic sells, prescribes and helps people with every day.

The website is incredible and when you hear Dr. Sebi Talk, you’ll listen to the way he sees the bigger picture of the Matrix of life, natural compounds that come from our beautiful earth and the way things have been changed over the last couple of hundred years that actually take away from who we are as a living organism.

Now, this is one of the most interesting pages I found and this is why I’m bringing up the word “Protein”. Now I’ll just take one of the paragraphs that I’ve highlighted here.

“It only really takes one. The researcher that is here on Doctor Sebi’s page says, and I quote based on my research, I have to assume that Dr. Sebi found what I found, which is that it is an unnecessary term, comradery among established platforms for European science merely praised the term protein in an act of loyalty to traditions benefiting their own collective. Starting with the exchange via discussion of protein between Dutch chemist Gerhard Johann Muddler and JJ Brazalis to the point of establishing protein chemists”


This is one paragraph that tells us and gives us enormous insight into things. It allows us to understand that scientists are not some kind of person who is void of any kind of character flaws, emotional drawbacks, overweening or you know, some kind of huge pride problem or some kind of problem that they do things merely for the sake of notoriety. Actually, one of the biggest ways that our scientists have gone wrong is pride where they seek fame in what they do. Now, back a couple of hundred years ago, or even 150 years ago, the scientists had gotten to the point where science was being established almost like a religion.

There were feeling so over the top, amazed at being able to look more closely into the microcosm with microscopes, being able to understand how certain things grow from a more microscopic state and explaining how that one particular view is the reason for what we have here, but we know that it’s not that simple and this is one of the things that Dr. Sebi again explains that the microcosm that scientists see is simply such a small one.

It’s only scratching a tiny surface. It really is just scratching the surface. That’s all. But the broader understanding of life and the broader understanding of the health of our bodies and our minds are actually simply so far beyond what we can understand through science, but actually leaves a very simple path for us to follow. These things are much, much more important than looking through a microscope at something and calling what we see as a little molecular element within this amazing infinite matrix.

Naming it something and then using that word as some kind of famous finding, which is actually a couple of hundred years ago.  What so many scientists were doing, it was making them famous merely because that we’re looking into a very scratch on the surface microcosm or just below what the human eye can see naming it and becoming famous through it.

Now, this isn’t to discredit science at all because, to be honest, science has done incredible things, but I’m making the point again that we have gone to extremes with this thing and it has affected our own health, our own minds and those of our children and families to an enormous degree. Now that’s one thing we can all agree on. We can truly agree on this.

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Really, when it comes down to it, this is where we’re returning to. Our whole Western culture is returning to a very simple, broad, holistic and profound understanding of health and fitness and at The Balance in Fitness, the men that you will hear from & the ladies that you will hear from, they are both highly experienced, not only in their field of health and fitness but in their field of life, life experiences, families being able to understand children’s minds so that we can help you to actually make the same path with your own families and your own health.

Now, without further ado, I want to bring in my interview with Quentin Vaughn. Quentin Vaughn is an old friend of mine. The two of us are simply like two peas in a pod. You know when you meet someone who you’ve got so many parallels not only in your health and fitness industry time but also in life in the things that you’ve enlightened to.

Quentin and I even share the same Buddhist school cultivation way (http://falundafa.org/) that we follow the meditation that we do in this lifetime.

He is simply had some of the most unbelievable opportunities. The man back in the early eighties, late seventies was doing some of the most traditional Kung Fu that was ever brought over from China, four years with masters.

The man was dancing in some of the most famous institutions of dance that are on Manhattan Island. He has met and worked with some of the most profound and prolific people in health and fitness of the time. He was telling me how at one point he did some work in a professional dancing shop and met Liza Minnelli who came in.

He only missed out by a hair’s breadth by being one of the main dancers with Michael Jackson on some of his first videos. He’s had more life experience in the, I think 55 years of his life than a lot of us have had through our entire lives.

Now I’ll go into a lot of that with him on another interview on another time together. It’s extraordinary and it’ll make you both laugh and cry because like all of us, he’s gone through his ups and his downs and we’ll share them all over the time with him. Let’s have a meeting with this man. Quentin Vaughn