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E.01 Let’s explore the truth about our Coffee!

With Michael Anderson

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Let’s explore the truth about our Coffee!

Why when we as a society seem to be at the top of our game is a state of our health and our family’s health, seemingly rock bottom. Where did this phenomenon start and how did it make such a massive impact on the health of ourselves and our families both physically and mentally?
Welcome back to The Balance In Fitness.
Have you guys ever heard about acrylamides? Sounds like a scary word.
Well, it is. It’s a carcinogen. That’s one of the major compounds in coffee. Now, why haven’t we been told about it? Let’s have a look into it. Become aware and understand, the cause and effect in our society.
Let’s look at something today. Let’s look at the cup of Joe Coffee.
Now I’ve got everyone’s attention because nearly all of us are drinking this stuff and some of us are actually relying on it like it’s a, you know, the very thing that’s going to give us the energy that takes us through our day.
Not many would say that a cup of Joe is an awful experience. Most of us love it. Of course, because we drink it with milk and we have, you know, all kinds of flavors in it.

What is acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a chemical used in industries such as the paper and pulp, construction, foundry, oil drilling, textiles, cosmetics, food processing, plastics, mining, and agricultural industries. It is used in making paper, dyes, and plastics, and in treating drinking water and wastewater.

Acrylamide can be found in small amounts in consumer products including caulk, food packaging, and some adhesives. It is also present in cigarette smoke.

Acrylamide can form naturally from chemical reactions in certain types of starchy foods, after cooking at high temperatures. Some foods with higher levels of acrylamide include French fries, potato chips, foods made from grains (such as breakfast cereals, cookies, and toast), and coffee.

Now it’s become a real part of the everyday function of how we get ourselves motivated, how we see ourselves through the day, how we get through the night. And overall even a relaxing thing that we do together at a cafe
You know, for example, the one thing that I hear quite often is, now I’m ready. This is what we say after we’ve had a cupper for example at work. You’ll see someone, you’ll say, go get the cupper and you’re ready to go.
You know, there’s all these sayings that we have now that have built up ever since coffee became massive in our society.
One of the major things that were not given within the informational base, especially the first layer of information that we receive from the society, which is the layer of marketing.
What we’re pummeled with on TV. The ads that we see on billboards or everywhere else for that matter or the things that we see advertising wise a while were roaming the net or kinds of things.
One thing we don’t see is the negatives of coffee, but actually, the negatives of coffee aren’t that hard to stomach.
Here we’re going to break it down so that we can clearly understand the real drawbacks of coffee but also understand how to tackle the issue.
Now many people are coming out of the woodwork talking about how many problems coffee is bringing them.
One of the reasons why so many people are coming out of the woodwork is because they’re aware of the problem.
Awareness is very hard to reach when everything that is marketed to you is pushing you in a certain direction to sell a certain product. That’s really what it comes down to, so the people that are coming out of the woodwork about it are realizing that many of the ailments they feel by psychologically and physically are coming from coffee merely because they brought themselves to awareness. They were keen enough to investigate for themselves what is going on.

Now have a listen to this.

There is like a byproduct that is cold acrylamides. Many of you won’t have heard of this acrylamides. This acrylamide actually is a carcinogen that is very, very highly intense in coffee because acrylamides are created when you heat something to an extreme like roasting it and as we know to create the coffee you need to roast the beans.
Coffee at its fruit status is like a little cherry and when you take away the out of flesh, there is a bean inside or a nut. Now that seems very innocent. We do that with everything.

You know, we take what we have from Nature and we utilize it in ways for our own consumption or for our own purposes. But coffee is a different thing.

The research that I’ve looked at has spoken a lot about coffee, that it’s not supposed to be used as a common drink, a drink that people have all the time, mainly because it is an incredibly potent product.

Think about it. Anything that can ramp your neuro system up through the roof in one cup isn’t that very much like the drugs that we have on the right now?
Why is it that coffee has gone under the radar and has not been brought forward for the problems that it causes to the human body? The main reason for that is a very simple one. Coffee has become a billion-dollar industry.

Now, let me talk a little more about this acrylamides in my research, one of the things I found was that the information out there on coffee had two main areas.

One is the area that is so obviously slanted to the scientific research that has been funded by the food industry or more specifically the growers of coffee, people who are interested and who are already buying growing marketing coffee, the coffee beans. People who can see the massive potential of coffee to generate money. Mainly because of its addictive nature.
Coffee naturally, as we all know from one degree to another is highly addictive. And even if you just take a minute to look inside and think about why do you hold coffee in such high esteem? And I mean really high esteem.
I couldn’t do without my coffee. I couldn’t do without this. I couldn’t do without the coffee. The coffee gets me up in the morning, the coffee, the coffee.
That is mainly because those addictive natures that are within products like coffee, they truly have an effect on our mentality and that addictive nature that what I would call responsible scientists have found is pumping through many of us who drink quite a lot of coffee or even have it on a daily or weekly basis.
Now you might turn around and say, hey, I ain’t-a junkie. I’m not like on the street now because of coffee. It’s true. But bear with me. Coffee is not the same as these hard drugs that our nation is dealing with right now that have become prolific of course. But bear with me on this. No one wants to ruin their health and the health of their families because of coffee. That’s something we can all agree on.

In 2010 the Council for Education and research on toxins called CERT sued Starbucks, 7-Eleven,  BP America, BP products, BP West Coast Products, and Gloria Jeans, gourmet coffees for not warning their clients that acrylamides in roasted coffee beans were a carcinogen.

Now, if you bounce that one piece of information and of course go to America I hope by now you’re realizing that the America Daily News is the new news of the future. We bring you responsible news, True News, something that you can truly rely on on a daily basis to understand what’s really happening in our world.
I’ve got all the research links there and they’re not complicated. The beauty of what we do in the modern day is that the Internet has allowed us to take in a lot of information. Now that is a huge negative in one way because so much of the information out there on the net is complete garbage.

It is slanted and created purely with a goal that leads you in the direction that someone or some entity wants you to believe. Okay? It’s not something that will truly give you knowledge, like wisdom. You can’t rely on it for that.

But if you’re like me, a person whose job it is to actually find proper information for people, credible sources of information, we’ll then, it can be a bit of a blessing.

Now on this one, this is where this carcinogen acrylamides has been made, ultra clear and it’s bubbling to the surface now. This CERT was suing all of these guys back in 2010 and get this on the 28th of March, 2018 Los Angeles Superior Court judge Eli Burl sided with CERT and instructed coffee selling companies to provide their clients with warnings of this acrylamide on their packaging.

Now the counter argument, and you can look into this in more detail, was just disgraceful, from the coffee companies, from the major coffee companies, very much like what happened with smoking.

The counter-argument was the companies maintain that the health benefits of coffee outweighed the risk of cancer.

The judge, in contrast, was not in agreeance because of course she’d sat through all of the pourings of information that you know was needed to be able to ascertain a proper judgment on this.
She was not in agreement when they decided that money ruled our world.
Money makes the world go round. We also at the same time took on a little entity that basically says, if you do something that makes money, and of course, money is what we need to leave at, buys our food, buys our transport, it pays for our houses.
So if you make something in the society that you make as a business and it’s not directly killing people on the spot, well you know what, whether it’s good or bad, it’s going to go onto the radar for quite a long time.

Some of you might say, yeah, but we’ve got all kinds of government departments that you know, help to guard against these things. But to be frank with the vastness of our world, how can little government departments keep up with the constant pummeling of the amount of products that are put out there into our world, into our society, into our children’s bodies that have nothing more than a few pathetic ones that use the cheapest product or the cheapest byproduct that we make in processing whole foods to feed people.

Our products are worth nothing, but we sell it for something. I hate to say it everyone, but that’s really the whole efficacy of one major principle of business in the food industry at the moment. So with those kinds of things out there, how is a small government department supposed to keep up with the myriad of things that are happening within this?

So let’s take it to the next step.

We’ve understood clearly that this acrylamide yes, is definitely in coffee. Yes, it’s definitely a carcinogen.
When you look at the research on this acrylamides, there’s only a very small amount of research and again, when you get out there to look at it, there’s research by institutions or scientific departments that have food industry supported or funded that won’t come to big conclusions, but they’re the same ones that are telling us that if you drink three cups of coffee, you can avoid liver cancer much better than one cup of coffee. Do you believe that?
One of the stats I’ll even read talked about how six to eight cups of coffee pushed you into being able to avoid a different kind of cancer altogether. This is where the moral compass really needs to come in as people in society.

We really need to be able to take stock of their own awareness again because if we’re just working our lives trying to bring up our children and having ourselves and our families. Plus being pummelled 24/7 by advertising and marketing, we are definitely not going to be healthy and therein lies a massive key to why the great nation of America is so unbelievably unhealthy at the moment.

We allowed ourselves to get this way. We allowed ourselves to believe that these kinds of ways of being in the society with rampant marketing, that tells half-truths, ramped up marketing that links a product to a person who we idolize like a sports person or even to the point of having some kind of philanthropist or some kind of notoriety linked to a product. 

We believe that none of this was anything bad. It was just making money, wasn’t it? If it makes money, well then it’s okay. It’s not killing us, is it?
So the kind of rationality that came from our Forefathers, the kind of rationality that I’m talking about where we have a certain awareness that very much came from this moral compass that our forefathers had. They actually wrote the Declaration of Independence out of this kind of rationality, out of this kind of moral compass.

So now what I’m doing for everyone weekly is breaking down the phenomena that go against this kind of rationality and showing how much of a massive impact it’s having on our society.

We go live once a week. You can be with us asking you questions and listening to people’s questions and the advice and directions that I give. Go to our Youtube channel. Subscribe so that you are notified when we go live. 

Now back to coffee.

Let’s have a look at my personal experience of this because of my personal training background, because of my years of training in kickboxing, bodybuilding, teaching people how to eat properly, I naturally have led quite a healthy life.
When I started to delve into more of this media kind of work where I’m doing what I’m doing with all of you, my experience with this is I began to realize that I needed to work more hours if I was going to do this kind of thing, I needed to be able to work more hours because, as nearly everyone listening knows, we have families, whether we’re married with children or we’re looking after, you know, our parents and just our family ties keep us blissfully busy.
To be honest. There’s nothing more important than family in this way. And on top of that, we’ve got our work on top of that.

We’ve got our interests. So for me to think about going into the night and work as well, that was a big step. It means that I had to extend myself.

And one of the things I immediately did, because I hadn’t even looked at coffee in its research capacity. I thought, well, you know what? You’re going to have a cup of coffee and you’ve never been a coffee drinker, but let’s have it.
And so I started to have a cup of coffee mid-morning and early afternoon. So I was having two cups of coffee a day. Now, to most people, two cups of coffee a day is not a Biggie. They won’t go past for differing reasons. And to others who just don’t drink coffee that are listening to us, this is where the big difference was made. If you don’t drink coffee or you end on top of that, you live a fairly healthy life.

So you don’t take in too many what we would call toxins, alcohol, drugs, smoking, coffee, all kinds of, you know, highly processed foods, et cetera, et cetera.

If you start with a fairly clean slate, one of the beautiful things about that is that you feel the detriment of a product very quickly. You feel it very quickly.
Whereas the more toxified our bodies are, the less we’re able to be aware of the ill feelings that a particular product is bringing out in our bodies. This, unfortunately, has become a very much a way that we live our lives now because we consciously and unconsciously bring so many toxins into our bodies, we have become almost numb in our awareness as to where our ailments begin.
All we do is keep going to the doctor with all these ailments, but doctors themselves aren’t nutritionists. Doctors themselves now have naturally, they’ve become very much a medicated institution.

So everything has a pill. It’s not about them bringing up your awareness of your own health because, to be honest, that’s not a doctor’s job.

The doctor’s job is to give you the pill or the ointment or whatever to make the band-aid for your problem. It’s the bandaid that sits on top, but the cause that’s not a doctor’s issue or responsible doctor or a doctor that delves outside of the initial studies, they will begin to understand those things more clearly.
But in actual fact, that can go against a doctor’s preference because doctors run on prescribing the pills. So many of us are just going to the doctor, but we’re not at all aware of what’s actually causing the issues. So coming back to my experience on this, because I started with a fairly clean slight, once I started to drink coffee, the immediate effect was very, very clear.

I was actually dumbfounded by how I was working through way past midnight, but it could easily have been midday. I actually felt really good that there’s one of the things I felt really sharp. I felt really good. I felt like the work I was doing was, was very easy. My attitude was very good towards what I was doing now that was within the first about four to five days.

So that first week, the negatives I found, which I actually didn’t find it as a big negative at the time, was that my sleep when I actually did go to sleep was unbelievably light. That like the smallest thing was waking me up. And within that first week, I must admit, it did make a big difference. Like even though I was waking up all night, you know, my wife would literally just stir and I’d wake up like I was wide awake and even though I was, I was getting up, you know, four or five or six times during the night.

By the time my alarm went off early, as usual, I was okay like it, it wasn’t a big prom at all. So that first week went past, everything was going fine. Towards the end of the week, I started to feel a lot of acidity inside, like my stomach, my chest cavity area or you could even say it was feeling acidic up into my lungs.

Obviously that whole area there was having a problem. Now the acidity was only one of the problems when I delved into my next week of work. What started happening is that I was feeling not so great in the morning. Of course, the light sleep had started to take a toll. And when I got up in the morning and I started to feel lousy, to be honest, I actually consciously caught this thought of honesty. I’m going to have a coffee now actually because I need it.

I need it now. Like I’m shattered. I was feeling really tired. And on top of that, like grumpy, my nature is not grumpy at all. My natural nature, he’s not grumpy at all, but I actually felt a little grumpy and obviously, my wife was noticing it. So at the end of week one, coming into week two, the acidity in my stomach was starting to become quite prevalent.

And on top of that, I was starting to feel pretty lousy in the mornings, whereas I used to before I started to drink coffee, I used to feel great every morning, to be honest.
Um, you know, I was not bouncing out of bed, but I’d get out of bed. My Day was always a very positive thing. Now towards the middle of week two, I actually caught something, and this is it. Whenever I would have a coffee at a cafe that was, that wouldn’t bring any immediate problems, I wouldn’t be drinking the coffee.

And all of a sudden this acidity just blow up in my stomach. No, that was something that gradually became like a feeling in the background that I became aware of. That was from one degree to another, a constant thing.

But when I was at home and I had an instant coffee, which instant coffee is the most highly roasted kinds of beans. When I had an instant coffee, I would get this serious pain go through my brain.
And the only way I can describe it is like a knife being put through your brain, but obviously not in it in a real sense. Obviously, you’d be shaking and die, but whatever. It was just like this searing pain that would shoot through my brain. That was a big one. I was like, wow, that’s interesting. Okay. I’ve done a lot of experiments with different kinds of food supplements and nutritional supplements and training supplements in the past.

You know when I was full on in the industry, but it never had that kind of negative effect. Now as I went into the end of a week two and I was coming into week three, I could see clearly that coffee was having quite a large effect, negative effect on my body and my mind.

The other thing is the sharp feeling, this super white feeling that it was giving me was starting to become a little bit like nauseous energy, not the clear energy that I felt when I first began to drink coffee. It was like, yes, I was really awake, but at the same time I was more feeling tired and, and kind of a bit hard to describe it. It was like an uncomfortable awakeness, if that sounds even at all accurate. But I kept drinking it because I wanted to experience more of what it’s like to really do this stuff every day.

And the thing that happened was the brain pain was only happening with instant coffee. So I sort of experimented with that and I could say that as I became aware that I needed to study this thing this coffee, I started to see the two areas of the good and bad information.

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