Did ISIS-linked Airline Mechanic Disable SAME System That Previously Crashed Two 737s?

Did ISIS-linked Airline Mechanic Disable SAME System That Previously Crashed Two 737s?

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Now that we know that the Miami American Airlines mechanic who sabotaged a plane had on his phone Islamic State video, two questions arise: Are any (other?) jihadist-minded mechanics working on our jetliners?

And has such terrorism already cost lives?

Reminiscent of the Obama administration labeling the 2009 terrorism-inspired Fort Hood shootingworkplace violence,the media assured us that airplane saboteur Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was motivated solely by a labor dispute.

The Washington Examiner reports on the story: “Alani was accused earlier this month of inserting an object into the navigational system of the airplane [a Boeing 737] that would … [alter] airspeed readings.”

“Alani, who was reportedly seen on video tampering with the airplane, alleged that he was motivated to do so because he was dissatisfied with employment contracts and hoped the mechanical issue could translate to more overtime pay for himself,” the site continues.

“Prosecutors in federal court on Wednesday, however, allege that Alani had downloaded an ISIS propaganda video to his cellphone, which he sent to other unnamed individuals,” the Examiner further informs. “Prosecutors also alleged during the Wednesday bond hearing that Alani confided to coworkers that his brother was involved in ISIS.”

In addition, Alani “made statements wishing Allah would use ‘divine powers’ to harm non-Muslims,” CBS Miami relates (video below).

“The U.S. attorney further stated that Alani had traveled to Iraq earlier this year, a fact which he had confided to his roommate because his brother had been kidnapped. He also reportedly transferred $700 to an unidentified recipient in Iraq this past July,” the Examiner also relates.

But it gets even worse. “Alani’s phone also had a news story about a plane crash in Indonesia last year, with specific information about the plane’s airspeed control system. The same thing he was caught tampering with,” writes PJ Media’s Jim Treacher.

Yet even more ominously, this episode raises the question of whether that Boeing 737 and one that crashed in Ethiopia, “were also disabled in this manner,” theorizes American Thinker’s Monica Showalter. Both that nation and Indonesia “have suffered from Islamist terror or been in the vicinity of it,” she points out.

“The two crashes not only killed hundreds of innocent people, but also wrought havoc on the airline industry, with some airlines having to ground planes, and sent Boeing’s stock into a tizzy, cutting it 15% after the crashes, and wrought havoc with its orders,” she continues. This certainly would be a very effective terrorist activity.

Of course, the two crashes could merely have been accidents that gave Alani ideas, Showalter notes. “But it’s just as likely that he or his confederates might have engineered those 737 crashes of the past year as terrorist-admiring aircraft mechanics.” Boeing has thus far been blamed for the disasters and has been demonized.

One problem with this theory is that terrorists generally take credit for their dark handiwork, yet this hasn’t happened. So while the theory is plausible, it’s still conjecture. But something else is anything but:

Political correctness is killing us.

We could be confident that Alani, a registered Democrat, was an anomaly were it not for the fact that authorities and corporations play a three-monkeys, “hear, see, and speak no evil” game with politically favored perpetrators, of which Muslim jihadists are Exhibit A.

We see this phenomenon when law enforcement and media are far more likely to label as “hate crimes” white-on-black transgressions than black-on-white ones. We see it when the French identify Muslim rioters only as “youths” and the British call Muslim perpetrators “Asians.” Then consider:

• The FBI ignored warning signs in the case of Major Nidal Hasan — who authored the aforementioned Fort Hood incident — because it “was too concerned about political correctness,” wrote CBS News in 2012, citing a lawmaker. Hasan killed 13 people.

• Contrary to the pseudo-elite spin, illegal aliens commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Yet even “sexual assaults against children” by illegals are “covered up by the media and protected by sanctuary counties,” writes Conservative Review. In fact, while illegals in Maryland’s Montgomery County have just recently committed a series of brutal rapes, the local government still refuses to take action.

• It was reported in 2014 that U.K. authorities had ignored a child-trafficking ring — and the abuse of 1,400 native British girls — for 16 years because the perpetrators were Muslim. Outrageously, a whistleblower was even forced into “diversity training” and told, “You must never [again] refer to Asian men” (meaning, Muslim men).

• “No-go zones,” primarily Muslim areas in some European countries where civil law has broken down and been, at least in part, supplanted by Sharia law, are tolerated due to political correctness.

• Just last year we learned the Obama administration dumbed down the air-traffic control corps with “diversity rules.” Unbelievably, “candidates whose worst subject in high school was science [and who played a lot of sports] and candidates who are unemployed,” wrote the Blaze, were prioritized over “licensed pilots and those with extensive air traffic control knowledge.”

Does it seem as if the powers-that-be have their priorities straight?

Meanwhile, for well over a year, every time anti-jihadism crusader and Jihad Watch proprietor Robert Spencer flew American Airlines he was “subjected to extensive and time-consuming extra security checks” that constituted “harassment,” he wrote in 2016. This was because he dared be politically incorrect.

Does any of this inspire confidence that authorities will be vigilant about the right things? (Hey, but at least they’re all over “Red Flag” laws and White Supremacists™.)

Alani could possibly be the first aspiring airplane mechanic terrorist in America. But probability dictates he won’t be the last. Given this and other threats, we should ask if death for diversity, misery for multiculturalism, and terrorism for tolerance are reasonable prices to pay. Too many of our leaders certainly seem to think so.

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