Did Hillary Clinton Commit Thousands of Crimes? Brad Johnson Part 4

Did Hillary Clinton Commit Thousands of Crimes? 

Brad Johnson Part 4

That’s former CIA officer, Brad Johnson, talking to our America Daily reporter Arleen Richards. Last week he analyzed the Hillary Clinton emails case. Today, we listen to the second half of that interview.

Former CIA Officer Brad Johnson

Arleen is here again from the New York office. Arleen, it’s always a pleasure. 

Arleen: Good morning Mark. It’s my pleasure to be here.

Mark: So what can our listeners expect in this second half.

Arleen: Brad’s going to talk about information coming out through Judicial Watch. You’ve probably heard of Tom Fitton, he’s a lawyer who founded that organization.

So they’ve been conducting their own investigation and they got permission from a federal judge to interview some senior officials over at the State Department. Brad talks about that and also how he thinks this will all play out.

Mark: They’re getting a lot of redacted documents, so it’s  probably difficult to get to the truth.

Arleen: Well, according to Brad, there’s a technique for looking at those documents and he thinks the Judicial Watch staff know how to do it. 

Mark:  Brad probably has a lot of experience looking at redacted documents. Let’s listen to what he says about how it’s done.

Arleen: How was it that they were able to carry out this task of transferring all those classified documents to Hillary Clinton’s personal server without getting caught at the time? 

Brad: It was being done at State Department and it had to be done in Hillary’s executive officers. There as Secretary of State. She was the boss. 

So you know who’s to say anywhere else in State Department was below that. And you know, an employee of the State Department, first of all, they were philosophically aligned with Hillary Clinton and the State Department is probably the most leftist government agency there is within the United States government.

And that’s saying a lot by the way, there’s a lot of competition for that title. And so they were philosophically aligned and wouldn’t have been looking to make problems for Hillary to begin with.

But all of that, would have taken place in Hillary’s executive officers, most people would not have seen it or been aware until they got emails from Hillary Clinton. 

Which by the way is part of President Obama’s problems now. Because from the very beginning he was exchanging emails with Hillary Clinton.

They would send each other information. So on Obama’s emails when they received, showed the Hillary Clinton you know, government.gov email address. 

So he knew right away. But of course when he said publicly was that, you know, “Oh, I learned of this, when you’all learned this, is when it hit the public arena. And it was reported in the press. That’s when I found out about it.”

But like I said, there was years of track record of this email address that he’d been communicating with Hillary. So they, they kind of rephrase it.

He had his publicity guys come out and say, well, you know, it was because of this and that and the other. He wasn’t aware of all of this happening in that area . So I think that’s going to be a minor problem for President Obama.

We’ll see how that carries forward, how deeply involved he was. I think most people, even A.G. Barr would be very hesitant to dig too much. To try, to look at, putting a former President of the United States in jail.

And I don’t see that going forward. But certainly that’s the type of thing where I think it behooves President Obama to keep his head down and kind of stay out of the limelight . And sort of be a calm, quiet former president. 

Making the occasional public appearance and that sort of thing. Just to not draw, uh, you know, a lot of attention to himself.

The old adage, you know, ‘don’t get into a foxhole with anybody crazier than yourself’. I think that’s where Obama’s head needs to be right now is to not bring too much attention to himself.

So we’ll see how all that plays out.

But I think the body of evidence that starting to really pile up on these emails and Hilary and so on is pretty damning. So I think she’s got real problems. Like I said, I mean classified documents on Anthony Leader’s laptop is black and white.

There is no discussion that’s illegal. You cannot have classified documents at home. If I had classified documents at home and got caught, I would have gone to jail and which I never brought classified documents home.

But you know, people have gotten in a lot of trouble. Let’s not forget Petraeus you know, he was head of the 101st Airborne and you’re very successful within the army and then moved over to be Director of the CIA.

Well, he got in trouble for later was having one classified document in home, in his locker, in his desk drawer that he showed to, as it turns out his buyer, was his girlfriend.

So he showed her that classified document. She had a clearance. People don’t point that out very often, but she had a clearance.

She had a clearance, he had one document home locked in a desk drawer, which is not, you know, it has to be in a properly configured safe for it to be safe, secure storage. Which he would have been able to do in his position.


And most Directors of the CIA have that sort of stuff. So it wouldn’t have been a big deal if you could just had it in a safe. So he shows it to his girlfriend and that was it. That was the crime.

And you know he was thrown under the bus for all of that and that was all he did. You know, one classified document and then he showed somebody with clearance.

Now this is way, way, way beyond the pale of any of that. (Clinton’s  case)

So again, very interesting as I said, I think over the next month we’re going to see quite a bit pop up more and more on this.

And when that investigation gets done, I think there’ll be people going to jail. We’ll see, we’ll see. Maybe not.

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