DHS: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sanctuary Policy Will Lead to More Deaths

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DHS: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sanctuary Policy Will Lead to More Deaths

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Ken Cuccinelli, deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, blasted Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva for his new policy prohibiting his department from turning over illegal-alien criminals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — no matter how serious the crime.

As the number two officer at DHS, Cuccinelli said he wrote a letter expressing his concerns to Villanueva that the decision will result in more people, including many migrants, being murdered and raped. But he said he has little hope that the sheriff will be persuaded by logic and that he will instead “shame” Villanueva into changing his mind.

“It is a no-brainer to say putting 180 murderers, 750 rapists and 1,400 weapons offenders back on the streets when they could have otherwise been removed from the country will lead to other murders, rapes and weapons offenses in that community,” Cuccinelli said in an interview with the Washington Times.

“People in Los Angeles will die and be raped because of this sheriff’s actions, and those are victims that never had to be victims,” he added.

While Los Angeles County isn’t the most lenient sanctuary for illegal aliens, it is one of the most significant due to its size, demographics, and proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border. For years, it has been the top source of illegal migrants with criminal records for ICE.

In 2019 alone, ICE flagged over 11,000 illegal aliens in sheriff’s office custody. Together, they accounted for 180 homicide charges, 750 sex crimes, and 1,400 weapons offenses.

In his letter, Cuccinelli called these “serious crimes with real victims.”

Liberal cities, counties, and states have increasingly assumed the designation of “sanctuary” jurisdictions as a way of showing resistance against the Trump administration. California’s sanctuary law limits the types of migrants whom police can report to ICE, but includes exceptions for major crimes. Villanueva’s office, however, goes further than that.

In his August 18 statement about the police, the sheriff said his county is home to one million illegal aliens, whom he suggested are “afraid to report crime, out of fear of deportation and having their families torn apart.”

“I will not allow an entire segment of the population to be afraid to report crimes to law enforcement and be forced, again, back into the shadows,” he said.

The City of Los Angeles has made a similar argument, claiming that they recorded a significant drop in Hispanic reporting of crimes such as domestic violence due to fears of being captured by ICE following the election of President Trump.

Yet a review of data by the Washington Times found that this drop quickly dissipated. Moreover, there was no relative increase in crime reporting by Hispanics following the implementation of California’s sanctuary law in 2018, despite the presumably lower fear of deportation.

Villanueva stated that he would turn over illegal aliens to ICE if immigration officers present a judicial warrant, but ICE claims that is an intentional misstatement of the way Congress has set up the immigration system; there are no such warrants for immigration violations.

Cuccinelli argued that immigration is the only area of law enforcement in which local authorities refuse to cooperate with other local, state, or federal law-enforcement agencies.

“What we are seeing is the pollution of law enforcement by politicization,” he said.

The DHS official also found it ironic that while Democrats often want to restrict firearm possession, their sanctuary policies shield illegal migrants with gun charges.

Additionally, Cuccinelli said Villanueva knows ICE does not target crime victims and even works to protect them when local authorities try to make cases.

But immigration officials won’t let Villanueva’s policy deter them. Cuccinelli maintained that if they aren’t given access to criminals in the county’s jails, they will look for them in neighborhoods, where the chance of a violent encounter is much higher.

“The only convincing that I’m trying to do here is by shame, is by spelling out ‘You say you want to do A, but you do it in a way that hurts A,” Cuccinelli said. “I’m under no illusions that I can just enlighten him to the truth and he’ll change his decisions. He’s not making a decision that is sensitive to the truth.”

The DHS official noted that Villanueva complained about releasing criminals during the COVID-19 pandemic because it puts the law-abiding in danger. Cuccinelli argued that that’s the same threat posed by the criminals whom ICE wants to deport yet who are being shielded by the Sheriff’s Department.

“This is pure hypocrisy that puts real lives in danger,” he wrote.


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