De Blasio Threatens to Sue Trump Administration if Feds Sent to New York

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De Blasio Threatens to Sue Trump Administration if Feds Sent to New York

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio warned the Trump administration that he will take them to court if they send in federal officers to curb the violence and unrest sweeping the city.

During a press conference on Wednesday, the Democrat panned the White House as being “fixated” on intervening in New York’s problems.

“All over the country, people are distressed but the president’s deep, unwavering desire [is] to send agents all over the country where they are not needed,” de Blasio said, going on to call it “unproductive” and describing federal intervention in riot situations as “unconstitutional.”

“It’s dangerous,” the mayor continued, arguing that the White House is setting a “dangerous precedent of sending in federal officials” and “doing work they should not be doing.”

“We can’t allow it here in New York City or anywhere else,” de Blasio added. “I want to be very, very clear, that we will not allow this to happen.”

He said he sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Homeland Security “making clear” that federal officers are “not welcome here.”

“We are New Yorkers and we won’t take lightly if we see federal officers in New York City,” de Blasio emphasized. “If we do, we’ll be in court.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fired back at the mayor, citing a “600 percent surge in violence” in the city.

“De Blasio seems to have not a hard time criticizing police officers, but an awfully hard time controlling the streets of New York City,” she said.

De Blasio’s criticism comes as President Trump has vowed to send federal troops into cities “run by liberal Democrats” where leaders allow anarchists to commit acts of violence and destruction of property.

“These are anarchists, and the politicians out there — yes they’re weak, but they’re afraid of these people, they’re actually afraid of these people — and that’s why they say we don’t want the federal government helping,” said President Trump.

De Blasio isn’t the only mayor pushing back against the federal government’s involvement in the growing unrest. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted Tuesday that she would “under no circumstances” allow the president to deploy federal forces against organized, violent rioters attacking police in her city.

“We do not welcome dictatorship,” Lightfoot said. That same evening, 15 people were wounded in a gang-related shooting at a Chicago funeral home.

Meanwhile, two Democratic Oregon state representatives, along with a Portland church and a social-justice group, have teamed up to sue four federal agencies for their alleged mishandling of the persistent violence in Portland.

“While the federal government may protect its property and personnel, the federal government is constrained by the Constitution from policing the City of Portland broadly speaking, and there is no positive delegation of authority in any law that makes the federal government’s recent forays into general policing in Portland either legal or constitutional,” the lawsuit reads.

Officers from the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the U.S Marshals, and other agencies are deployed in Portland due to mob attacks on federal buildings. Officers have repeatedly been assaulted by agitators, but the media continues to focus on alleged abuse on the part of law enforcement.

Despite the opposition, the Trump administration is pushing onward to restore law and order to Democrat-run cities. The president is sending officers to Chicago and Albuquerque as part of an expansion of Operation Legend, launched earlier this month by Attorney General Barr as a response to uprisings.

Under the program, FBI officials, U.S. Marshalls, DEA, ATF, and officers from other agencies will be “loaned” to the DOJ to assist peacekeeping in their assigned area. The name “Legend” comes from LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old boy who was fatally shot last month while sleeping in his Kansas City apartment.

A look at the amount of organization behind the mob violence shows that the riots are not the “peaceful protests” the media claim they are, but premeditated and highly coordinated revolutionary campaigns by Marxists who seek to create anarchy in order to effect radical socio-political change.

While Democrat leaders aren’t happy about having the federal government involved in their local affairs, it appears President Trump doesn’t care.

“They’re supposed to be asking for help and they don’t want to ask, so maybe they’re proud or maybe they think it’s bad politically, but we can’t have happen what’s happening,” he said.

While the Constitution does give the federal government the authority to protect federal properties, the Democrat politicians are technically correct that federal law-enforcement does not have the Constitutional authority to restore order in states and cities. Regardless, the Democrats are not opposing Trump on this because they are concerned about him violating the Constitution. It’s more likely that they don’t want to be seen accepting help from the Republican president. Of course, if it were a Democrat president in office and the rioters were “right-wing” extremists, there’s no doubt de Blasio and his ilk would be demanding federal help.


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