Court Records: Deceased Kenosha Rioter Rosenbaum Was a Child Rapist

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Court Records: Deceased Kenosha Rioter Rosenbaum Was a Child Rapist

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Court records reveal that Joseph Don Rosenbaum (shown), the convicted sex offender whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot to death on August 25 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a pervert who molested five small kids, two of whom were brothers.

Initial reports about Rosenbaum, 36, based on his sex-offender registration in Wisconsin, said only that he had “sex with a minor.”

But yesterday, a fuller portrait of the deceased sociopath emerged. He was a child rapist who committed unspeakable crimes.

Presentencing Report and Indictment

Big League Politics posted a grand jury’s 11-count felony indictment in 2002 against Rosenbaum.

The details are sickening, and he was, the website reported, convicted on two charges.

The 11 counts say Rosenbaum orally and anally sodomized his victms and showed them pornography.

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Part one of the presentencing report also showed up online, and provides enough detail to show that Rosenbaum did much more than have “sex with a minor,” which could mean sex with a willing 17-year-old girl who cannot legally consent to sex with an adult.

But 18 years ago, Rosenbaum wasn’t much interested in girls if little boys were available.

“Around the end of February 2002,” the background section of the report says, “an acquaintance of the defendant brought him home to stay after the defendant was asked to leave his mother’s residence.”

Why Rosenbaum “was asked to leave,” the report doesn’t say, but what follows provides a possible answer. Rosenbaum was a pervert.

The report says Rosenbaum’s pal and wife lived in the same neighborhood as the pal’s sister-in-law and a female cousin. Rosenbaum molested the sons, ages 9 to 11, of all three women.

The mother of one victim saw a burn mark on her son, who said Rosenbaum molested him, the presentence report says. Cops interviewed the five victims:

K*** S*** reported the defendant touched his penis and exposed his own penis. J*** O*** said he saw the defendant masturbate… and he showed him magazines depicting naked, adult females. C*** A*** was anally penetrated by the defendant on March 27, 2002, as was his twin. C*** also was shown adult pornography, and, while the defendant showed him these images, he masturbated. … And C*** A*** reported that, on March 27, 2002, the defendant performed oral sex on his younger brother, D*** A*** , and had D*** perform oral sex on him. D*** A*** also recalled the defendant had him perform mutual masturbation on March 27, 2002.

Rosenbaum landed in prison, where, as The New American reported, he was a persistent disciplinary problem and repeatedly assaulted staff members.

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Video of Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum’s homosexual molesation of the five boys and violent rage in prison are in keeping with video that showed him yelling in an uncontrolled fury at Rittenhouse and others the night of the shooting, as The New American reported last week. “Shoot me, ni**a,” he shouted. “Shoot me, ni**a.”

Later that evening, the sociopath chased down Rittenhouse, video shows. Little did Rittenhouse know his pursuer was a convicted child rapist and hardened ex-con.

The criminal complaint against Rittenhouse says Rosenbaum threw something at Rittenhouse and tried to take the rifle he was using to protect a business. And so Rittenhouse opened fire.

The complaint also says Rosenbaum did not die from the gunshot to his head that so worried those trying to give him first aid. That bullet only grazed him. Another perforated his right lung and liver, and three more hit him in his left hand, left thigh, and groin and fractured his hip.

Yet the complaint dovetails with the self-defense claim that Rittenhouse’s attorneys have advanced.

GoFundMe is still raising money in the name of the convicted child rapist. To date, 877 donors have contributed $25,390 to help pay for the funeral and help Rosenbaum’s fiancée and surviving daughter. But social-media sites regularly scrub positive stories about Rittenhouse, and take down efforts to raise money for his defense.

Whether the fiancée knew she was involved with a convicted child rapist is unknown.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has not added Rosenbaum’s criminal record to its story about the three men who attacked Rittenhouse.

It does contain the Facebook message from Rosenbaum’s sister, who averred that the child rapist is in the company of the angels.


Image of Joseph Don Rosenbaum: Screenshot taken from Youtube

Courtesy of The New American