Court Orders Testosterone for “Transgender” Girl, Gags Father and Media

Court Orders Testosterone for “Transgender” Girl, Gags Father and Media

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From FreedomProject Media:

Completely trampling on parental rights, Canadian judges ordered testosterone injections for a 14-year-old girl that are doing permanent damage to her body, including sterilizing her. In an effort to prevent a public outcry over the state-sponsored child abuse, the court also issued a gag order purporting to silence the father and the media in the case.

However, in an effort to help his daughter before more outrages are committed against her, and to help other parents, the father, Rob Hoogland, is defying the court order mandating his silence. “I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason,” Hoogland told The Federalist.

“She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body that she should have had,” continued the heart-broken father. “She’s going to forever have a lower voice. She’ll forever have to shave because of facial hair. She won’t be able to have children.”

Hoogland spoke out before, and faced the wrath of British Columbia’s kangaroo courts. Among other absurdities, the court convicted him of “family violence” for continuing to refer to his daughter as a girl. The court had ordered that he “acknowledge and refer to [his daughter] as male,” something he refused to do for obvious reasons (the same reason the parent of an anorexic girl would refuse to pretend she was obese and in need of liposuction).

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