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CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump “Possibly Going to Cause a Civil War”

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Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes: Trump is responsible for the riots; Nancy Pelosi was “set up” during her illegal hair salon visit; and now, we hear, the president also may start a civil war. All these claims have been made by leftists, the last and most recent one by the sourest man on TV: CNN host Don Lemon.

Lemon made his accusation on the Wednesday edition of his show CNN Tonight while speaking to fellow station anchor Chris Cuomo. “Fear is a good motivating factor; this president knows it,” the far-left Lemon told the burly Cuomo.

“But this is the dangerous thing,” Lemon continued, elaborating, “In exploiting people’s fear and anxiety, what he’s doing is possibly going to cause a civil war in this country, and I don’t necessarily mean a violent one.”

The irony here is that a non-violent civil war — a cold one — has already long been raging. What do you call it, after all, when a segment of the population has been attacking our traditions, morality, history, culture, and Constitution via academia, the media, entertainment, and now, even, big business? What do you call it when those resisting this assault, simply by voicing disagreement, suffer the career and reputational destruction now termed “being cancelled”?

In fact, this conflict is nothing new. When pundit and then-politician Pat Buchanan spoke of the “culture war” at the 1992 Republican National Convention, he merely referenced a longstanding divide.

But there was no divide last night between Lemon and Cuomo. For example, the latter teed Lemon up, stating that President Trump is essentially saying, if “you elect the other guy, the blacks and the crazy white friends are coming for you where ever you are. That’s what the Democrats will allow, and Biden is with him.”

As is said, however, “It isn’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you.” Consider: What is cancel culture but the mob coming for those who, in many cases, dare speak Truth? What was happening when a throng of crazy miscreants, both white and black, broke open a gate and menaced St. Louis couple the McCloskeys in July? What of the murders of the black Trump supporter in Milwaukee and the white one more recently in Portland? Who was chasing Kyle Rittenhouse, and why?

And what was New York governor Andrew Cuomo alluding to when he said yesterday that President Trump had “better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York”?

Remember also that these leftists will sometimes chant “White silence equals violence,” sending the clear message that your refusal to join them constitutes an attack — and makes you a fair-game enemy.

Despite this, Lemon responded to Cuomo’s above claim by saying, “Fear sells.” Lemon ought to know:

What’s more fear-inducing than claiming the president may start a (possibly bloody) civil war?

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Lemon has leveled this accusation. He did the same in August 2017 (video below).

But all this just accords with the Lexicon of the Left:

1. A “discussion” (on race, for example) means sitting at the leftist master’s feet, listening quietly, and then parroting his “woke” ideology back to him, as during “diversity training.”

2. “Justice” and “peace” are when you assent completely to leftists’ ever-morphing demands.

And “civil war” is the fault of those refusing to obediently do 1 and 2.

As for fear, not all those inducing it are equal. For you can evoke fear by relating scary lies — or scary but true-and-necessary warnings. So let’s discuss how civil war really starts.

There is a simple, immutable rule of life: Those who cannot talk things out are left to fight them out. How fights begin is simple, too:

People who cannot or will not seek Truth and conform to it (which would leave them united in agreement), begin arguing. This can lead to name-calling, which leads to shouting. Then pushing and shoving can follow unless one side backs down (which the Left demands the Right do as a condition for peace). This can lead to punches thrown, further escalation, and, well, blood can flow.

Here’s how this is avoided:

1. Seek Truth (ditch the relativism) and dispense with lies. Since lies cannot withstand scrutiny, those hopelessly married to them will forestall reasoned debate by using certain tactics, such as….

2. Name-calling: Dealing with honest disagreement by hurling invectives — such as “racist,” “Nazi,” “fascist,” “homophobe,” etc. — is called “escalation.” For what this can lead to, reference “How fights begin” above.

3. Understand that shouting “Silence equals violence” equals throwing down the gauntlet. Making submission to your agenda a prerequisite for peace invites war.

4. Put simply, don’t be unreasonable. People who cannot be reasoned with can only be fought.

Violating the above stokes violence and can, possibly, bring a dark age. Speaking of which, some truth was spoken on Lemon’s show last night. “What an epic battle of light versus dark this election has shaped up to be,” exclaimed Cuomo.

He sure is right, though he does seem like someone who perceives the sun as rising in the West.


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