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Mass Surveillance in China--America Daily

‘Breed Ready’ Chinese Women and Mass Surveillance in China

An open database of 1.8 million ‘breed ready’ Chinese women. Another open database of 2.5 million Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Ethical hacker Victor Gevers, a researcher for the GDI Foundation, accidentally stumbled on a truly mass system of surveillance in China. And you won’t believe how Western tech companies and the Chinese police and state tie into it all.

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Censorship Word Behind The Do Not Signs--America Daily

Why China Wants to Dominate the Internet?

China and the US have two competing visions for the future of the global Internet. Don’t like Internet censorship and mass surveillance? Better hope China doesn’t get its way in the United Nations and Huawei doesn’t build your 5G network. A VPN won’t save you from China’s internet police.

We sit down with Dominique Lazanski to talk in details

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From the team that brought you the satirical TV news show China Uncensored comes a... well... less scripted look at China.

Chris Chappell and his team are off the teleprompter and on the mic to interview China experts, or discuss the issues of the day. And frankly, anything else they feel like discussing.

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