CBS Fires Producer, Former ABC Staffer Who Accessed Video on Network’s Spiking Epstein Story

CBS Fires Producer, Former ABC Staffer Who Accessed Video on Network’s Spiking Epstein Story

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It’s OK to be a whistleblower — as long as you blow the whistle on the right people. A CBS producer found that out the hard way.

The network of Murrow, Cronkite, and Rather booted Ashley Bianco, who used to work at ABC because she accessed the viral video in which an ABC anchorwoman says the network spiked her story about the sexual crimes of deceased Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Project Veritas posted that video at its website on Tuesday.

No proof has surfaced Bianco leaked the footage to Project Veritas, but that didn’t matter. ABC had to punish someone for the embarrassing revelation that it spiked a piece on the Epstein scandal.


Blowing the whistle on President Trump with fake charges of “foreign collusion” is fine; blowing the whistle on media misdeeds is verboten.

In a tweet and in her first post on Instagram, former Fox News talker Megyn Kelly announced that she will post an interview with Bianco later today.

The Video

The video featured ABC anchorwoman Amy Robach in an unguarded conversation with an off-camera colleague.

Discussing Jeffrey Epstein, who was under federal indictment for sex-trafficking girls as young as 14 years old when he was found dead in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, Robach delivered an amazing confession. She had the sex pervert nailed with an interview with former sex slave Virginia Giuffre, but ABC big wigs spiked it.

And Robach was none too happy about it.

“I’ve had this story for three years,” Robach began. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]. We would not put it on the air.

Um, first of all, I was told ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.’”

Giuffre, Robach said, “told me everything. She had pictures, she had everything. She was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out.”

As well:

We convinced her to talk to us. It was unbelievable what we had. Clinton. We had everything.

I tried for three years to get it on to no avail. And now it’s all coming out. And it’s like these new revelations and I freaking had all of it. I, I’m so pissed right now.

Like every day, I get more and more pissed because I’m just like, Oh, my God… What we had was unreal.

Other women backing it up. Hey, yep…

I had it all three years ago.

Robach doesn’t believe Epstein killed himself, which was the verdict on his suspicious death from New York City’s medical examiner. Epstein died, the coroner claimed, by hanging himself. That story doesn’t wash, the sex fiend’s family says, and celebrity pathologist Michael Baden agrees.

Skeptics believe Epstein was murdered because he had compromising information on the many rich and powerful men, including former President Bill Clinton, who flew on his Lolita Express and visited his sex island and posh 22,000-square-foot sex pad in Gotham.

The Firing

The suicide dispute aside, ABC looked ridiculous. But like The Godfather’s Jack Woltz, ABC cannot afford to look ridiculous, and so the network sprang into action. It notified CBS that it had fingered the culprit.

“Two sources familiar with the matter tell me that CBS News has fired the staffer in question,” left-wing journalist Yashir Ali tweeted yesterday.

This morning, Ali and the Daily Mail divulged Bianco’s identity. “In the past 24 hours she has deleted her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts,” Ali wrote. “Bianco was an associate producer at Good Morning America before leaving for CBS This Morning last month.”

Launching her new efforts on Instagram, Kelly promised a “riveting” interview with Bianco that will divulge the full story about the Robach tape and Bianco’s firing from CBS.

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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