E22. Arthritis Common & Why? TCM on Flu Season
Arthritis caused by????

E22. Arthritis Common & Why? TCM on Flu Season

Today Quentin brings to light the subject of arthritis. Like many modern day maladies, arthritis has become almost common place over the last 2 generations. Has it been made worse in our generation by the horrific toxic influx that we have experienced of the last two generations? Culminating into what we are experiencing today?

E21. Flawed Diet Niches / Meet Meiling Lee
Meiling Lee

E21. Flawed Diet Niches / Meet Meiling Lee

Quentin and I have lived the era of these extreme eating paths. So why have things seemed to go that way? This week we look at the subject from a few directions and come out with a better and more balanced understanding of food and life. Also, let's meet a new member to our team Meiling Lee, a licensed TCM practitioner and mother of 3 from Minnesota.

E11. Facebook Our Hub of Information

Its time to hear from our health vanguard Quentin Vaughan! Every week Q is looking for all the updated, interesting and critical information that we as families need to keep abreast of. In this episode we take a closer look at some of "The Balance In Fitness" Facebook posts. All the information and inspiration needed to abandon processed and mass produced foods and chemicals, and why.

E7. Our Nation’s Health Destroyed by This Man!

In episode 7 we look at a man that not only played roles in bringing down the traditional beliefs and norms that underpinned the strengths of nations, but also played a massive role in getting major industries, such as the food processing industry, to use propaganda, coercion, and all other manner of lies and deceit to make, we the people of the world, do as they want us to do.

E5. The Myth about Protein & my interview with Quentin Vaughn

You know, one of the main things that we've understood in this modern day is that from around about 200 years ago, we really started to go wrong. Our scientists started to look in very odd and awkward directions for their understanding of life, and when that perpetuates for a couple of hundred years, you can bet that by this time things are pretty messy.

E4. Today we talk about the big one GMO’s

We're going to once again look into an area that is a dark stain on our societal growth. When it comes to foods, we're going to look at genetically modified grains and organisms. This is another way to look at how our scientists are being used to go down.

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