Robe of Feathers

Mio Strand is in the Province of Suruga. Its sand is yellow and fine, strewn with rose shells at the ebb tide. Its pine trees are ancient and they lean all one way, which is the way that the wild wind wills. Before Mio rolls the deep sea, and behind Mio rises Fuji, the most sacred, the mountain of mountains. Small marvel that the Strange People should come to Mio.

The Boy Who Was Saved By Thoughts

The story you are about you are about to hear comes to us from the First Nations people of Canada. In the culture of these indigenous peoples, written language was not used to record history.Instead, they relied on strong oral tradition to pass on their histories, which became even more important when over 150 years ago, other nationalities arrived and began to settle in North America, forcibly displacing them from their lands. 

Peach Blossom Shangri-la 

The story today was written in China in 421 CE, during a time of political instability and national disunity. The author, Tao Yuan Ming, was thought to be the greatest poet during the centuries between the Han and Tang dynasties, known as the Six Dynasties period. 

The Banyan Deer

Today’s story is a  re-telling of a 3rd century Jataka Tale. Also known as the “Birth-stories”, the Jatakas form one of the sacred books of the Buddhists, and tell wisdom stories of the Buddha in his many reincarnations. Today's tale is called The Banyan Deer.

The Tale of the Two Falcons

In a far off land long ago, there lived a king who received a gift of two magnificent peregrine falcons. They were the most beautiful birds he had ever seen, and believed to be the fastest birds in the world. Their backs were blue-grey, and under their powerful wings, the feathers of their bodies were barred in black and white. Brilliant, glistening eyes shone out from the smooth, obsidian-colored feathers on their heads.

The Bridge to Forgiveness

Once, somewhere in a beautiful & simple part of the world, there were two brothers, who were born only a few years apart. Their father was a farmer, as his father had been before him, and his father's father, before that. When the boys were young they often took care of each other while he worked the farm, which was quite large.

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