Today’s Top Stories | Celebrating Chinese New Year!

The Chinese lunar calendar is, despite its name, a lunisolar calendar. It counts the length of time it takes for the moon to go around the Earth as a month, while still counting the time it takes for the Earth to go around the Sun as one year. The outcome is the Chinese lunar calendar having a variable amount of days every year, sometimes even including an extra month!  Today we talk about Chinese New Year!

Today’s Top Stories | Tasty Turkey Burgers, it’s what’s for dinner!

The very talented and delightful Denise Rapp is back with us again for another easy and clean eating Take Me Home meal! And it is just in time too! Here is a clean, and easy meal that the kids can help make. Denise tells Matt and Laura how to make homemade Turkey Burgers, with a side of Broccoli Salad.

Today’s Top Stories | Christmas Stories from History!

There are so many stories to share at Christmas, and there have been plenty of amazing events nationally and around the world on Christmas Day. After all, it is a day of sharing and thanksgiving But some seem as if they were a cosmic Christmas Miracle....

Today’s Top Stories December 14th, 2018

Today’s Top Stories December 14th, 2018

Are our Christmas traditions at home anything like the Royals in the UK? Find out here in this episode on which can make more happy family memories: presents under the tree vs being present.

The Thanksgiving Episode

Veteran's Day was last week so we wanted to thank all those that served our country over the years. This ties into our episode in this week which is Thanksgiving…

This is Halloween! Take Me Home Podcast

As the season of life meets the season of death, Halloween’s origin gives a grim tale of how our ancestors dealt with the end of harvest. This week we delve into the origins of Halloween and learn where our customs for this holiday came from. We will also explore what other cultures do around the end of October to honor their loved ones who passed on.

Underaged Drug Crisis. Take Me Home Podcast

It’s not new that drugs can ruin lives but many parents aren’t sure how to talk to their kids about drug prevention. Substance abuse is becoming a common problem for younger and younger kids. This week we look at how to talk to your kids about this problem and even the warning signs that they may be using drugs.

Bonding, Past and Present. Take Me Home Podcast, Season 2 Episode 3
Photo by Georgeann. Shubael Little Pioneer Village in Cannelton, IN

Bonding, Past and Present. Take Me Home Podcast, Season 2 Episode 3

This week we want to take a look at the essence of our show and what we really want to bring to the table for you. That is to help understand how to raise a healthy family. We started with the importance of family bonding. Laura spent a day in Schubael Pioneer Village in Cannelton, Indiana to talk to some healthy families and their ties to these vintage cabins.

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