Confucius Classrooms Being Banned in Australia

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has decided to remove Confucius Classroom programs from its public schools. The decision comes on the heels of worries that the Chinese Communist Party is using these programs to influence children with a pro-communist perspective.

Sound Money The Bedrock of Liberty

Sound Money The Bedrock of Liberty Written by  Luis Miguel On July 22, President Trump announced a deal with Democrats that will suspend the debt limit until the end of July…

Holding China accountable for it’s Human Rights violations

Sino-US trade war, Hong Kong "anti -extradition bill" march, the judgment of the Independent People's Court on Falun Gong, the United States strictly examining visa applications for human rights and religious persecution violators from China coming to the US,  & the CCP's high-level "wreck plan", 2019 is indeed an unusual year

O’Donnell Retracts Loan Claim on Trump, Admits He Didn’t Bother to Verify It

MSNBC talker Lawrence O’Donnell has retracted his claim that “Russian oligarchs” guaranteed loans for President Donald Trump. O’Donnell based his claim on a single source he did not name, and he confessed that he did not attempt to verify the source’s claims, a mortal sin for a journalist, particularly one of O’Donnell’s repute and fame. The left-wing host confessed his negligence in a tweet and on his program last night.

Taiwan Ready: Military Unveils ‘Suicide Drones’

After Taiwan sent Beijing into a frenzy by inking a mega defense deal with the U.S., the island nation has once again rattled the Chinese government by revealing its domestic built “suicide drones.” Named Jian Hsiang, translated as the “Flying Sword,” it was one among the 80-plus locally manufactured pieces of military equipment displayed by Taiwan at the Taipei Aerospace and Defence Technology Exhibition.

Boris Johnson Plays Queen Card: Monarch Agrees to Shut Down Parliament Ahead of Brexit

Queen Elizabeth II has granted a request by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament ahead of the October 31 date for Great Britain to leave the European Union. The highly controversial move will allow far less time for parliamentary debate ahead of the new deadline and increases the odds of a no-deal Brexit, which some claim would be disastrous for Great Britain’s economy.

Awkward Neighbors: Why Chinese Don’t Migrate to India

In July, the government of India released its census data of 2001-2011. Though the fact that the information was released eight years after data collection surprised many people, what made the statistics interesting are the numbers on Chinese migrants. During the 10-year period, the number of overall Chinese migrants fell from 23,712 to 14.951.

Hong Kong Police: Uncontrolled Use of Tear Gas

Hong Kong police argue that they are compelled to use tear gas because protestors have turned more violent. However, a review of multiple video footage by The New York Times showed that in most cases where police fired tear gas, the protestors were largely non-violent and non-provoking.

Hong Kong Reveals a Fake Mulan

As mainland Chinese are showing off their wealth more than ever⁠ — enjoying extravagant holidays, buying up international real estate, and sending their children abroad to flood top universities⁠ — the upcoming movie promised to be a good investment for Disney. The timing was perfect… but then there was Hong Kong.

Chinese-style “Social Credit Rating” in America?

Among China’s totalitarian policies, perhaps one of the most egregious — besides, of course, a limit on how many children a couple may have — is the invasive “Social Credit System.” If you are unfamiliar, yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. Since 2014, citizens are given a rating (similar to a credit score) on how well they behave. Their “Social Credit Rating” covers things such as whether a citizen jaywalks, buys products made in China, smokes in a non-smoking area, and what they post and share online.

Trump Weekly Report: Fake News, Trade Deals, & Greenland,

The last week has been very busy for President Trump from signing proclamations, Press conferences, to the G7 summit. Here is a short look into what the President has been doing and tweeting. This is one truly hard-working President!

NYT Editor Tweeted Dislike of Jews, Indians

NYT Editor Tweeted Dislike of Jews, Indians The New York Times is under fire again because of an editor’s tweets. This time, the culprit is Tom Wright-Piersanti, a senior staff editor who…

Milky Way’s Black Hole Grew 75 Times Brighter for a Few Hours
A computer-simulated image of the hydrogen gas cloud G2 encountering Sgr. A* and being stretched out. The encounter could have disrupted the usually sedate in-flow of material into the black hole and caused the variability and flaring observed in May 2019. (Image: M. Schartmann and L. Calcada / European Southern Observatory and Max-Planck-Institut fur Extraterrestrische Physik)

Milky Way’s Black Hole Grew 75 Times Brighter for a Few Hours

Milky Way’s Black Hole Grew 75 Times Brighter for a Few Hours TROY OAKES Even though the black hole at the center of the Milky Way is a monster, it’s…

Top Leaders: Parents Must Get Children Out of Public School

Citing indoctrination and sexualization of children in government schools, along with other concerns, a number of top conservative and Christian voices across America have urged parents to remove their kids from public schools in recent days.

Trump Preparing Executive Order to Let States Refuse Refugees

The White House is preparing an executive order that would allow state and local jurisdictions to deny entry to refugees even if they have been approved for settlement by the federal government, according to a draft of the policy obtained by NBC News. The draft features language stating that “the federal government will resettle refugees only where both the relevant state and local governments have consented to participate.”

Airbender: Eastern Influences Behind One of America’s Biggest Animated Shows

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most successful animated TV shows to ever come from the United States. The series started airing in February 2005 and wrapped up in 2008. Viewers got instantly hooked into an epic story of how inequality and greed for power can trigger social changes of catastrophic proportions. While the story of the show is praiseworthy, what makes it distinct is how heavily Avatar borrows from Eastern culture, from the spiritual concepts to martial arts.

Police in China Arrest the ‘Spiritually Japanese’

Several people have been recently jailed by the Chinese authorities for being “spiritually Japanese,” including a young woman who drew more than 300 cartoons deemed to have “humiliated China.”  Zhang Dongning, a 22-year-old college student from Huainan in eastern China’s Anhui Province, was reported to be an enthusiast of Japanese culture and was arrested upon returning from a trip to Japan. In her comics, Ms. Zhang drew all Chinese people as anthropomorphized pigs, or “ pigple.”

Green Machine: Child Climate Activist a Tool of Al Gore-esque Corporate Con

It used to be that Fagin types would merely recruit poor kids such as Oliver Twist to pickpockets, but today’s exploiters of innocence operate on a grander scale. The best current example may be 16-year-old Swedish “climate activist” Greta Thunberg (shown), who, it’s reported, is being financed by green corporate energy companies looking to turn a profit.

Economy Doing Great; Trump Wants It Greater

Just two days after Walmart posted its blowout numbers for the second quarter and predicted that sales would continue to grow “to the upper end of the 2.5% to 3.0% range” next year, the president tweeted his approval: “Our Economy is very strong.” But then he added that he wants it even stronger, and the main obstacle is the Fed!

How to Stay Productive in School!

Since school is starting soon for many people, I wanted to share some tips on how to stay productive and study better! For all those freshmen out there, be sure not to procrastinate because high school is way different from middle school. Remember that your first year in high school is one of the most important, as it can affect your GPA badly throughout your high school career. 

Who’s Going to Stop Artificial Intelligence When the Time Comes?

As companies and militaries pour billions of dollars into developing AI, the need for regulation is said to be critical. Imagine an advanced AI getting access to nuclear codes and deciding to launch weapons. While it might sound like sci-fi, the truth is that such a situation won’t be so ludicrous a few years from now. Some politicians say that they can regulate AI with strict laws. But this seems to be a fool’s dream in the long run.

‘Be Water’: Hong Kong Demonstrators Adopt Wise Strategy

Shouldn’t we worry about the mainland sending troops to Hong Kong, as Hongkongers? If the army is needed to resolve the situation in Hong Kong, I believe its citizens and protesters will “be water”; we know how to behave. If all was well, we’d go home and sleep,” said a representative of the demonstrators.

Big Tech Under Fire

The global empire of Googledom is under attack. Over the past year, the tech behemoth (and its parent company, Alphabet Inc.) has sustained some serious body blows. And more appear to be coming. Most recently, billionaire tech titan Peter Thiel (PayPal, Palantir Technologies, Clarium Capital, Founders Fund) grabbed headlines and shook markets by calling for an investigation by the FBI and CIA of Google for having “engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military.”

Left-wing Antifa Terrorist Violence Erupts in Portland; “Proud Boys” Score P.R. Win

Dozens of media outlets warned of possible violence in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as the Proud Boys, an organization of men that welcomes all races, creeds, and sexual orientations so long as they support Western values rallied in the city. And, boy, were the media right. But none of the violence came from the right on Saturday. No, Saturday’s violence was a product of our favorite left-wing terrorist group Antifa. The Proud Boys group marched briefly and left the area. But as the day wore on, Portland police were forced to declare the ongoing disruption caused by Antifa a “civil disturbance” and order people to disburse. Portland police made at least 13 arrests during Saturday’s protests — none of which appeared to be associated with the Proud Boys.

NYT Signals Change in Trump Editorial Narrative From Collusion to Racism

Following backlash by high-profile Democrats over a New York Times story that headlined President Trump’s call for national unity against racism in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the Times’ executive editor convened a meeting of newsroom staff to address concerns that the “independent” news source was becoming too soft in its coverage of the president and needed to intensify its portrayal of Trump as a racist.

Trump Wants a Weaker Dollar. Is That a Good Thing?

President Trump wants a weaker dollar, for several reasons. First, he is determined to keep two of his primary campaign promises: a stronger U.S. export industry and a smaller trade deficit. Second, he is running for reelection.

The Hidden Meaning of Color in China

Different cultures assign different symbolic meanings to colors. While in the West, wearing black is considered ideal during funerals, in Eastern countries, white clothes are worn on such occasions. The Chinese have their own view of colors. Knowing them will come in handy if you ever visit China or attend Chinese ceremonies.

China: The Middle Kingdom Where Mystical Dragons Dwell

The dragon is an important creature in Chinese mythology. It is seen as a symbol of power and is often used as an embellishment in paintings and sculptures. According to traditional Chinese mythology, there are nine types of dragons, usually believed to be the nine sons of an ancient Chinese dragon king. They are said to have different looks and powers.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: China Found Guilty of Organ Harvesting

China has consistently denied that it harvested organs from Falun Gong practitioners and other groups. About 4,316 people have been confirmed dead (as of Aug 11, 2019) due to this state-sanctioned organ extraction. However, the real number of victims is believed to be far higher, according to independent researchers.

Pompeo Says China’s Blaming US for Hong Kong Protests Is Ludicrous

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has dismissed Beijing’s accusations that the United States is behind the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. Already into the third month, the protests show no sign of slowing down as citizens of the city are worried that the HK government might be working hand in hand with China to bring Hong Kong under communist control.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated With Modern Allopathy

According to TCM, a person’s internal organs and their functions have to be in balance if they are to remain healthy. Any disturbance will damage the health of the person and push them into physical and mental turmoil. Disruption in the flow of chi, considered as the vital energy of the body, makes a person weak. TCM seeks to rectify these issues through a series of treatment methods like acupuncture, herbal medication, qigong exercises, etc., so that the body’s balance is restored to its harmonious state.

Not all Farmers’ Markets are Real!

A farmers’ market is where farmers sell their homegrown produce, live animals and plants, and sometimes prepared food or beverages. By allowing wholesalers into farmers’ markets, it gives more competition to small local farmers in the state. Wholesalers already sell produce and other foods in supermarkets, which isn’t what people who go to their local farmers’ market want.

Hong Kong Defiant: Protesters Wave American Flags Against CCP Interference

As protests against the Hong Kong government continue, many people were surprised to see a few of the demonstrators waving American flags. While some believe that the flags represent a sign of freedom and democracy, pro-China media has used it as a way to insinuate that the U.S. is behind the current tensions in Hong Kong.

The Ugly Legacy of the French Revolution

The Ugly Legacy of the French Revolution Written by  Steve Byas Thirty years ago, France marked the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, celebrated officially as a great event, but remembered…

Beijing ‘Has a Secret Campaign’ to Get Trump Out of the White House

Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui has made it his mission to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Guo fled China in 2015 and began exposing corrupt secrets of high-level Communist Party members — past and present — in 2017. Earlier, he’d made billions through real estate developments in China where he was influential with Party elite before he fled to the U.S., where he also now goes by the name of Miles Kwok.

Toxic Jade Jewelry from China Can Kill

You spent a lot of money on this beautiful piece of precious stone, but did you know that toxins within jade jewelry can kill you? While you wear it, the jade releases poisonous elements, namely radioactive carcinogens, into your skin and body.

‘Finally, the Story Is Getting Out’: Labor Camp Hell in China
The brutal persecution of people who practice Falun Gong in China has been ongoing since 1999. People knowledgeable of China’s human rights situation are aware of this. Regular folk not so much, that’s why this 9-minute long Fox 11 news report above has had such an impact on those who have watched it.

‘Finally, the Story Is Getting Out’: Labor Camp Hell in China

‘Finally, the Story Is Getting Out’: Labor Camp Hell in China The brutal persecution of people who practice Falun Gong in China has been ongoing since 1999. People knowledgeable of…

The Numerous Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Extracted from the peels of sweet oranges, orange essential oil has a fruity aroma that brings about a relaxing feeling in people. In some cases, the oils are also derived from the twigs and leaves of orange plants. Over the centuries, the oil has been used in aromatherapy and is believed to be good for organs like the heart, brain, and stomach.

7 Characteristics to Ensure Good Fortune

Thirty percent destiny, seventy percent hard-work” is the Chinese saying about the factors that determine a person’s fortune. Everyone was born with a different destiny. As for your fortune, it’s partially due to inborn factors, but it is mostly determined by self-cultivation.

Google Is Committing Treason: Peter Thiel

Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel has accused Google of siding with the Chinese military. A Facebook board member, Thiel asked that Google be federally investigated. Known as one of the few Trump supporters in Silicon Valley, Thiel’s accusations have put a spotlight on Google activities in China, some of which are not in America’s

Pros and Cons of Staying at a Sonder* – Summer Vacation Stays

Sonder. It’s a new, hip place to stay while on vacation and it’s changing the hotel industry. Imagine staying in a hotel that feels like a home. It’s the perfect marriage--the feel and amenities of a hotel with the spaciousness of an Airbnb. That’s a Sonder!

My Experience at a Data Science Summer Camp

My experience at Fei Tian College-Middletown was a great, memorable one. This was my first sleepover and my first out of state camp. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in data science or just wants to touch up on their skills and learn from experts. The camp was for high schoolers to college, but it was mostly dominated by those in college

The HUGE Difference: Virtue Signalling vs Cultivation of Virtue

America is facing a serious problem — a lack of virtue. Modernist ideologies that promised to herald a utopian society free from vices have ended up being the harbingers of a virtueless society where morality is not objective, but depends on the whims and fancies of the individual.

‘Heaven is for Real’: A Movie Review

Heaven is for Real is a refreshing take on life beyond death, the struggle of a man with his faith, and the great question that most humans ponder: Is heaven really for real?

Smashing Stereotypes with Tempo and Wow

Smashing Stereotypes with Tempo and Wow The Culture Dish - With Masha Savitz Infinite Flow has all the passion you would expect from a dance company, while pushing the boundaries…

Back to the Future: The New Masters Academy

He was shocked to discover what many art students eventually come to realize, that most of the fundamentals of the craft of drawing, painting, and sculpture were no longer being taught. “Something had happened to art training, and art itself and I struggled to piece together the enormity of this disaster.”

Death in the Blink of an Eye: The Hypersonic Missile Race Has Begun

For much of the past few decades, the global arms race was concentrated on acquiring nuclear weapons, which were seen as ideal deterrents against enemy forces. However, a new arms race is emerging. And this time, countries are frantically trying to develop the fastest hypersonic missiles they can.

Huawei Ban to Be Partially Lifted According to Trump Comment at G20 Summit

Following the recent ban of Huawei resulting in a $30 billion loss for the tech company, U.S. President Trump, at the G20 meeting in Japan, was quoted saying:  “U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it.”

Beijing Communists Cower Under the Steadfast People of Hong Kong

When China came to “own” Hong Kong in 1997, it had a long-term plan for bringing the city under communist control. But the recent protests by Hongkongers have shaken Beijing, making the Chinese government realize that people of the city are not just going to sit on the sidelines while they take control.

HK Protesters Sing Hit Song From ‘Les Misérables,’ Humbling Its Lyricist

The Hong Kong government’s proposed extradition bill caused more than 2 million Hong Kong people to protest in the streets on June 16. Protesters sang Do You Hear the People Sing? while marching to call on the government for freedom and democracy. The scene moved 93-year-old lyricist Herbert Kretzmer, OBE, as he watched the protesters on television from his home in West London. He wrote an article on June 19 for Daily Mail to express his thoughts.

Teen Clothing Trends of Summer 2019

Teen Clothing Trends of Summer 2019 By Sophie Lee Summer is the best season for fashion to get crazy, wild, and fun. Music festivals start up again and the quest…

The Two Biggest State of the Union Takeaways

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On the night of Feb. 5, President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Just under 46.8 million people watched the president’s 82-minute address across 12 networks. The viewership was up by 10 percent compared to 2018.

8 Symptoms People Are Experiencing Across The Globe

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According to an article by David Cohen from NewsFeed, there are things people are being exposed to of a globally that we do not even realize. Our bodies are being exposed to toxins, electromagnetic waves and who knows what we breathe in every day.

Texas Uncovers 95,000 Non-Citizens On It’s Voter Rolls

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The state of Texas has recently uncovered 95,000 non-citizens on its voter rolls and more alarmingly, 58,000 have voted in elections going back to 1996. This new discovery does now raise concerns about widespread voter fraud in the state.

A Couple In California Warned of Nuclear Attack By NEST Security Camera

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On Sunday the Lyons family in Orinda, Ca. were startled by a loud voice blaring from their living room. “There are ballistic missiles headed to three American cities and President Trump has been moved to a secure facility.” Upon hearing this they grabbed and comforted their son and immediately tried to find some media confirmation.

While Visiting The Border Jim Acosta Inadvertently Helps Prove Border Walls Work

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Jim Acosta from CNN was mocked across social media Thursday after he posted a video while he was walking along the steel border wall in McAllen, Texas. He had flown in just a day before President Trump’s visit to the area to show that Trump was wrong about the border crisis. He said in his video tweet;” I found some steel slats down on the border, but I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation.”

Chuck Norris Has It Covered – His Solution To Fund The Wall

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He has a plan to find the funding for the border wall once and for all, Leave it to Chuck. Norris’s plan is aligned with a previous proposal made by Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. Their plan is to use the assets of Joaquin Guzman, Mexico’s famous drug lord better known as El Chapo. It is estimated that his net worth is upwards of $14,000 billion. This is more than enough to fund the building of the wall along the country’s southern border.

Socialism Moves in The House: Democrats Take House and Push Massive Government Expansion

Socialist ideas that were always only on the fringes of the Democratic party seem to have now become mainstream ideas. There are now a growing number of Democrats that openly call themselves “Democratic Socialists”. The term was made popular in 2016 when Bernie Sanders ran for President. In a stunning Gallup Poll last summer, polls showed that most Democrats view socialism more favorably than they do capitalism.

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