Military Power: China’s Aircraft Carrier Construction Progressing Steadily

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An analysis of satellite images by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has revealed that China is steadily progressing in its task of constructing its first full-fledged aircraft carrier. Taking into account the expansive infrastructure developed at the site, it is believed that the ship will be the first of several vessels manufactured at the place.

Internet Consuming Over 10 Percent of Global Electricity

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Areport released earlier this year by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden shows that the Internet accounts for more than 10 percent of global electricity use. Back in 2012, the Internet’s share of electric consumption stood at 8 percent.

US Lawmakers Slam Apple’s Decision to Accept Chinese Censorship

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Apple recently removed an app named from its app store that was being used by Hong Kong protesters to identify places where the police were gathered. The removal, which is said to have been made to avoid facing the wrath of Beijing, has been criticized by pro-democracy activists all across the world. Several American lawmakers, including Republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Democrats Ron Wyden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, bashing him for making a pro-China move.

Biden’s New Super PAC Is Fronted by a Registered Foreign Agent

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A registered foreign agent for the government of Azerbaijan is in charge of the money for a new Super PAC which looks to assist Democrat candidate Joe Biden in his bid for the presidency in 2020. In its Statement of Organization, the new committee, called Unite the Country, lists Larry Rasky as the treasurer.

Super PAC to Fund Biden’s Campaign Following Another Biden Flip-flop

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Just when big Democrat donors were about to write off the 2020 presidential campaign, along comes Biden’s pal, Larry Rasky, to pull Joe Biden’s languishing campaign from the brink. On Tuesday Rasky filed the paperwork creating a new Super PAC called “Unite the Country” and brought in some heavy hitters to join him in the rescue effort.

Is Trump Facing a 1960s-Style Revolt?

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Sunday morning, President Trump announced that the world’s worst terrorist, the head of the ISIS caliphate who had raped an American woman, had received justice.

Hong Kong Writer: Being Anti-CCP Is True Patriotism

Hong Kong Writer: Being Anti-CCP Is True Patriotism

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One of the most acclaimed Hong Kong writers, Ni Kuang, was born in Shanghai into an intellectual family from the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, China. In 1951, 16-year-old Ni Kuang was deeply moved by communist propaganda and became determined to pursue the ideal of creating heaven on earth as envisioned by the Communist Party. He received three months of training and was given the title of “public security officer.”

Hong Kong: Why China Is Holding Back From Military Intervention

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Beijing has repeatedly threatened the Hong Kong protestors with “serious consequences” if they do not stop their pro-democracy demonstrations. President Xi Jinping warned that any attempt to split Hong Kong from China will end up in “crushed bodies and shattered bones.” However, despite these grave warnings, Beijing has abstained from actually deploying the military in Hong Kong since such a move would have terrible consequences for China.

God Has Eyes

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Taipei in May and June of 1981 was hot and humid. My four children wanted to go for a walk. We went out and as we were passing Hengyang Road, an old man suddenly ran toward us, insistent on telling me my fortune. I refused his request many times until the situation became uncomfortable. The old man became very upset and sad. He seemed anxious to tell me something.

House Dems to Vote Thursday on Impeachment Procedures, Promise “Transparency”

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After a three-year witch-hunt in the form of one investigation, probe, or inquiry after another, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Monday afternoon that House Democrats will vote Thursday to establish the procedures for their impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. Having conducted all of this with dishonesty from the very beginning, Democrats now promise "transparency" as they move forward.

Effort to Strip Oklahoma Legislature From Congressional Redistricting Begun

Effort to Strip Oklahoma Legislature From Congressional Redistricting Begun

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A group that dubs itself “nonpartisan” has filed an initiative petition in Oklahoma to strip the Oklahoma Legislature of its ability to redraw its congressional district boundaries after next year’s decennial census. Part of a national movement to usurp the power of state legislatures to craft congressional district boundaries, the group wants to amend the state constitution to install what they call a “Citizens’ Independent Redistricting Commission.”

CBP: Border Wall Going Up

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Illegal immigration is going down. And so is crime on the American side of the border with Mexico, officials with Customs and Border Protection say.

Rand Paul Attacks American Socialists AOC, Bernie Sanders, Others — in New Book

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Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) not only denounces socialist tyrants such as Mao, Stalin, and Hitler in his new book, The Case Against Socialism, he targets domestic socialists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, because in Paul’s view, these domestic socialists favor policies that, if adopted, will turn the United States into another socialist country.

UK Baroness Raises China’s Organ Harvesting in House of Lords

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The killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China was raised during a debate in the UK’s House of Lords, adding further awareness to an atrocity that first came to light over a decade ago. During an October 24 debate on the ongoing Hong Kong protests, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff told the House of Lords about reports of organ harvesting in China.

Uyghur Twins Risk Being Deported From Russia

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Two Uyghur brothers, 23-year-old Shahrizat and Shahdiyar Shavkat, who currently live in Russia, are at risk of being deported to China. The twins fear that they might be sent to one of the concentration camps Beijing has set up for their community should they ever go back to their homeland.

Deep State Destroyed Syria, Not Trump-Video

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes how and why the Deep State destroyed Syria. You will learn how the Obama administration and other Deep State powers teamed up with Al Qaeda and other jihadists there, eventually unleashing the Islamic State or ISIS. Then, under the guise of fighting the Islamist threat the Deep State created, the Deep State started arming and training communist terrorist groups seeking to enslave Kurdish people. The audacity of criticizing Trump for withdrawing U.S. forces boggles the mind. Do not be deceived!

Are Young Adults Tiring of In-your-face LGBTQ Activism?

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Most people know what LGBTQ stands for, but might the movement now be “Leading Girls and Boys To Question” — not just their sexuality, but also the movement itself? There are indications that, due its activists’ aggressiveness, this is precisely the case.

Americans Fear “Civil War”

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The “Battleground Poll,” run by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, has found that 67 percent of respondents fear that the United States is on the verge of a “civil war.”

Trump Expedites Deportations in New Pilot Program

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The Trump administration has created a new program to send illegal aliens who claim “asylum” back home within 10 days or less, yet another initiative to secure the border that has met with the usual objections from the usual leftists.

Okla. Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Against Pro-Life Law

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Oklahoma County District Judge Don Andrews issued a temporary injunction against a state abortion law on Wednesday, one that requires abortion facilities to inform women the effects of medication abortion drugs can be reversed if they change their minds after initiating the procedure.

9/11-style Plot Foiled, but France Perhaps 5 Years Away From “Irreversible” Immigration-caused Anarchy

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With France dodging another bullet and intelligence agencies foiling a 9/11-style plot, the nation’s interior minister admits that “60 attacks have been foiled since 2013 and every week people are arrested.” It’s yet another reminder why his predecessor warned that within five years France could face an “irreversible” situation that leads to the country’s break-up.

Fire up the Fat: Study Shows High Cholesterol May Help You Live LONGER

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“You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or ... hot fudge?” asked the Dr. Melik character, incredulously, in the film Sleeper’s future world. “Those were thought to be unhealthy,” replied colleague Dr. Aragon — “precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.”

China’s Official Growth Figures Are Impossible, Says Economist

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The Chinese government on Oct. 18 released its third-quarter GDP growth statistics, claiming that the economy had grown by 6.0 percent, 0.1 percent lower than expected by a Reuters analysis. But according to an academic who gave a lecture on the Chinese economy that made headlines last December, the situation is actually far worse. 

Easy Security Hack: Cracking Firewalls Using Spy Chips

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A cybersecurity expert has revealed a way to secretly implant spy chips in popular hardware products and it’s so cheap that anyone with US$200 can easily do it. Monta Elkins from the security firm Foxguard will be presenting his work at the CS3sthlm security conference this month.

Learning How to Be Grateful

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A woman with excellent academic achievements went to a large company to interview for a senior executive position. She passed the first few interviews and finally the chairman of the board personally interviewed her as he made the final decision. From her resume, the chairman found that her grades were excellent, from high school to graduate school.

The Regret of a Traitor (Part 2)

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Years later, the relationship between the Han Dynasty and Xiongnu improved. Su Wu was allowed to return to China and Li Ling went to see him off. During the farewell, the two good friends feasted and Li Ling sang and danced. It was the same set up as the last time when Li Ling first visited Su in the North Sea where Su was held in captivity by the Xiongnu, but this time, Li Ling was bidding farewell to Su, who would be returning to their homeland.

The Regret of a Traitor (Part 1)

The Regret of a Traitor (Part 1)

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The story of Su Wu (140-60 B.C.), a Chinese diplomat and statesman of the Han Dynasty who survived captivity for 19 years in a foreign territory while maintaining his integrity and loyalty to his homeland, has been an inspiration for generations of Chinese children.

Prominent Zoologist Sacked for Truth-telling About Polar Bears?

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When people ask why more scientists don’t publicly question the so-called science behind anthropogenic climate change, they need only look at the case of Susan Crockford. Formerly an adjunct assistant professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of Victoria in Canada (UVic), Crockford now finds herself without a teaching position. After 15 years on the job, the university rejected her renewal application, with no reason given.

Biden Maintains RCP Lead Over Warren, But She Leads in N.H., Iowa Polls

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Ruling-class Democrats might whisper to each other and even tell the media that Joe Biden can’t defeat President Trump, but it appears that rank-and-file voters don’t agree. Biden’s latest numbers in the Real Clear Politics average of voter polls put him 5.4 points ahead of Elizabeth Warren, a shade less than last week’s six-point lead, but still close to what he polled then.

October 24 UN Day — The Day of Shame

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Today, October 24, is the anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Charter and the founding of the United Nations organization. While some celebrate it as UN Day, many others see it as a threat to the independence of the United States and the liberty of its people.

UN Inciting Youth Rent-a-mobs for Globalism

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How does one go about organizing a worldwide protest involving millions of grade-school, high-school, and college students in hundreds of cities on the same day, such as, say, the recent Global Climate Strike that coincided with the United Nations Youth Climate Summit on September 20? While the central stage for this mass spectacle was New York City, parasympathetic events miraculously materialized in London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Bogota, Budapest, Bucharest, San Salvador, Belgrade, Zagreb, and virtually every other major city.

Latino-owned Businesses Prospering Under Trump Economic Policies

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Several recent news reports have noted that Latino-owned small businesses have been thriving under the economic policies implemented by the Trump administration. The source for these articles was an October 14 report compiled by Biz2Credit, which periodically publishes research studies.

Good News for Farmers: US and China Arrive at Partial Trade Deal

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The United States and China have agreed to a “phase-one” deal that will prove to be highly beneficial to American farmers. As part of the agreement, China will buy around US$40-$50 billion worth of U.S. agricultural products annually over the next few years.

Taxes Here and Taxes There: No Escaping for Americans Living Overseas

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The United States is one of the few countries in the world to practice a taxation system based on citizenship rather than residency. As a consequence, American citizens living abroad will have to pay taxes on their worldwide income even though they are not living and earning money in the U.S. For Europeans with U.S. citizenship, this essentially means that they are potentially liable to pay taxes even though they do not reside or even visit the U.S.

Mystery Solved: Ocean Acidity in the Last Mass Extinction

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A new study led by Yale University confirms a long-held theory about the last great mass extinction event in history and how it affected Earth’s oceans. The findings may also answer questions about how marine life eventually recovered.

Painter Akiane Kramarik on Her Art and Spiritual Journey

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Fearlessly dedicated to expressing her spiritual journey and the worlds in her dreams and visions, artist Akiane Kramarik has insights into humanity that reach for the highest understanding of the universe and flow unrestrained from her mind onto the canvas.

Topsoil: A Major Cause of Lead Exposure in Children

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A study by Tulane University has found that high lead levels in the soil are resulting in increased lead contamination risk among children. Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study analyzed soil samples from New Orleans.

Prayers for the President Continue in Washington and the White House

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From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has encouraged prayers for himself and for the country. The TV evangelist who brought Trump to faith in Jesus Christ, Paula White, played a key role during his inauguration and then again during the president’s reelection rally in Orlando last June.

Getting to the Root of the Problem With Chinese Medicine

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'The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine' places focus on treating the root cause of health problems. A control systems engineer in charge of product design and solutions and the creation of product manuals had an intriguing insight one day after reading The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing), a Chinese medical text that’s generally dated between the late Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.) and the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220). He saw similarities between the ancient classic text and his own product manuals. The ancient theories had been written as if from the perspective of a person who’d designed the human body, with the focus being placed on treating the root cause of problems.

Evil Tech: US Blacklists 8 Chinese Companies

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The U.S. government has added 28 Chinese organizations to its ‘Entity List,’ banning them from procuring parts and components from American companies without getting approval from the administration. The U.S. government has added 28 Chinese organizations to its “Entity List,” essentially banning them from procuring parts and components from American companies without getting approval from the administration. Among the blacklisted entities, 20 are government agencies, while the remaining eight are companies that operate in surveillance and other similar technologies.

A Malawian Kid Who Taught Himself to Generate Electricity

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William Kamkwamba from Malawi built a cheap wind turbine that made him famous all across the world. Some people accept the conditions they are born in and quietly try to eke out their existence. Others use their talents to solve issues plaguing them and their communities. William Kamkwamba from Malawi belongs to the latter class. Born in 1987 to a poor family in a region where energy was expensive, Kamkwamba built a cheap wind turbine that, in turn, made him famous all across the world.

Was Last Week’s Democrat Debate Biden’s Waterloo?

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In June 1815, near the town of Waterloo, just south of Brussels, French General Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by two armies. Considered by many to be the greatest general of his time, and perhaps of all time, because of his stunning victories against overwhelming odds, Napoleon couldn’t overcome the numbers this time. He commanded 73,000 troops, while the Duke of Wellington and Prussian Field Marshall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher together commanded a total of 123,000 troops.

Venezuela Given Seat on UN Human Rights Council — One More Reason to Get US Out!

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Thursday’s vote to give notorious human rights abuser Venezuela a seat on the UN Human Rights Council is indicative of the corrupt nature not only of the Human Rights Council but of the UN itself. One-hundred five members voted to give Maduro’s socialist regime a seat among 46 other members on the Council. This happened despite pressure from Human Rights Watch, which mounted a campaign to keep Venezuela from being given the seat.

Globalist Model to Crush Self-Government | Behind the Deep State- Video

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains how the European Union superstate has stripped the self-government, sovereignty, diversity, and liberties of once-independent European peoples and nations. The scheme is a major threat. The CIA was involved. And it is the model being used by globalists to advance their New World Order, worldwide. With Brexit, Alex says the world is starting to see how difficult it is to regain a nation's freedom and independence.

China: The Main Source of Plastic Bottles in the Atlantic

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A new study on the plastic bottle pollution prevalent in the Atlantic Ocean has found that Chinese merchant ships are the number one source of the problem. The researchers traveled to Inaccessible Island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, and discovered that 73 percent of the plastic bottles that had washed up in the region came from Asia, with most of them manufactured in China.

Trump Campaign Charges CNN With Breaking Federal Law Over Bias

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Outraged over disclosures by Project Veritas that Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, is using his CNN network to attack and bring down the Trump presidency, Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sent a scathing letter to Zucker and his attorney on Wednesday. When it was released to the public on Friday the letter revealed that it charged them and the network with violating the Lanham Act.

TikTok Watching and Learning: Beware of the Chinese Trojan App

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Senator Marco Rubio has asked the U.S. administration to investigate the Chinese social media app TikTok after reports that the company is censoring content worldwide according to Beijing’s policies. Rubio has asked the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which is tasked with overseeing foreign acquisitions that might impact national security, to carry out the investigation.

Chinese City Gives Financial Incentives to Any Who Report on Others

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Guangzhou, a city in southern China, recently introduced a new regulation that rewards citizens with up to US$1,400 for reporting “illegal religious activities.” Some commentators pointed out that this regulation is another specific step taken by the Chinese authorities to suppress religious freedom.

Millennials Hindered From Disconnecting by Fear of Missing Out
Group of millennial friends watching smart mobile phones - Teenagers addiction to new technology trends - Concept of youth, tech, social and friendship - Focus on smartphones

Millennials Hindered From Disconnecting by Fear of Missing Out

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Millennials desperate to digitally disconnect are being hindered by the fear of missing out (FoMo), social influences, and the increasing digitalization of tourism services, new research reveals.

Californian Arrested for Espionage on Behalf of Beijing

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Edward Peng, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was arrested by the police in late September on charges of spying for the Chinese government.  A resident of Hayward, California, Peng has a background in traditional Chinese medicine and mechanical engineering.

LeBron James Sides with Communist China? | Duke’s Take- Video

The hypocrisy of NBA players like Lebron James reached a new high this week. While making millions from the Chinese market, Lebron fails to recognize China for what it is, a communist regime, claiming that others aren't so educated on the social issues as he his. Dr. Duke breaks this down in today's episode of Duke's Take.

North Korea Punishing People for ‘Anti-Socialist’ Clothing

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Imagine a country that gets so scared by the type of clothes you wear that the police arrest you. In North Korea, this is considered normal. The government has classified certain clothes as “anti-socialist,” as they apparently threaten societal harmony.

The Ultimate Preppers: Why China and Russia Stockpile Gold

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Russia and China are furiously building up their gold reserves. Russia has bought 106 tons of gold this year and the People’s Bank of China has similarly accumulated about 100 tons. Russia’s gold reserves currently stand at about 2,200 tons, while Chinese reserves are pegged at 1,950.

Tentacles of Communist Censorship: Hollywood Bows, While South Park Defiant

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South Park is considered one of the most popular adult comedy shows on American television. In one of its latest episodes, the show mocked the way Hollywood is bowing down to Chinese censorship. Unsurprisingly, Beijing went on to remove every episode of the show from the country’s streaming services. In response, the creators tweeted a mock apology, making fun of Chinese censors.

Supercomputer Simulates How Humans Will ‘Brake’ During Mars Landing

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A NASA team uses supercomputing to evaluate a retro propulsion-powered descent to the Martian surface.  The type of vehicle that will carry people to the Red Planet is shaping up to be “like a two-story house you’re trying to land on another planet. The heat shield on the front of the vehicle is just over 16 meters in diameter, and the vehicle itself, during landing, weighs tens of metric tons. It’s huge,” said Ashley Korzun, a research aerospace engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

American YouTuber: First I Loved China, Now I Don’t

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Laowhy86 is an American vlogger married to a Chinese woman and the father of two children. A very popular channel with over 62 million views, the YouTuber posts content about his experiences living in China. Recently, Laowhy86 published a video describing why he changed his opinion that China was better than the U.S.

Sanders Would Spend Nearly $200 Trillion, Employ 85M in Gov’t Over 10 Years

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In 2016 during Bernie Sanders’ first run for president, Investor’s Business Daily called him “the bum who wants your money.” Sanders failed at everything he tried, IBD explained, except yakking about socialism and the crimes of the rich. Now, 29 years after he was elected to Congress, he’s still yakking about socialism but has become one of the rich. In other words, he’s learned nothing about economics in those three decades, likely because he got rich through elected politics, not private enterprise.

NBC News Chief Blasts Ronan Farrow’s “Effort to Defame” Network

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NBC News President Noah Oppenheim hit back at journalist Ronan Farrow in a fiery email to the network’s staff in response to the former employee’s allegations that NBC shut down his reporting on disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein in 2017 as part of a “corporate coverup.”

Violent Flaring Revealed at the Heart of a Black Hole System

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An international team of astronomers, led by the University of Southampton, have used state-of-the-art cameras to create a high frame-rate movie of a growing black hole system at a level of detail never seen before. In the process, they uncovered new clues to understanding the immediate surroundings of these enigmatic objects. The scientists published their work in a new paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Collusion? Deep State CFR Takes HUGE “Donation” From Putin Crony – Video

Perhaps there really has been some Russia collusion. The globalist Deep State organization known as the Council on Foreign Relations is under fire after it was exposed taking a massive “donation” from Soviet-born oligarch Len Blavatnik (shown), a close crony of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and his corrupt minions. The shady billionaire has also been showering money on U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Union to Teachers: Inject Race and Racism Into Every Subject and Every Conversation

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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the radical union that reaches into tens of thousands of classrooms, is pushing saturation indoctrination on race, “racism,” “racial identity,” “bias,” “prejudice,” “discrimination,” “hate,” “white supremacy,” and, of course, “equity,” “tolerance” and “diversity.”

A First: Illegal Border-crossing Terrorist Is on Trial. Not a First: Media Bury Story

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“We have terrorists coming through the southern border,” said President Trump early this year. Days later, the New York Times contradicted this, writing that “counterterrorism officials and experts said there had never been a case of a known terrorist sneaking into the country through open areas of the southwest border.” It was a strange assertion since at that very moment a jihadist, who’d illegally crossed our southern border, was facing terrorism charges up in Canada.

We Can’t Make it on Our Own

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The Blind Girl (1856) is a painting by John Everett Millais. The scene was painted on the road just outside the quaint, medieval town of Winchelsea near the coast of southern England. In 19th century England, John Everett Millais established the Pre-Raphaelite movement in painting which shifted away from the stiff and heroic, neo-classical themes that were the staple of his time. Millais and his fellow Pre-Raphaelite companions explored narratives in their works that brought us into the effeminate world of nurturing care, empathy, and intuition.

Prof. Rectenwald: “Social Justice” Threatens Everything – Video

In this exclusive interview with The New American's Alex Newman, Professor Rectenwald highlights the enormous danger that the so-called “social justice” movement poses to freedom and civilization. This ideology of tyranny is now being taught to American students at school and universities, threatening everything good. Rectenwald also discusses the hidden history of this dangerous movement.

Follow The Money Bags to George Soros | Behind the Deep State- Video

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman follows the Deep State money trail right to George Soros aka Dr. Evil. Alex discusses the different causes and organizations Soros funds, his ties to the Rothschild dynasty, his enormous ego including self-deification, his insider trading, his help for the Nazi regime, and much more.

Trump Tells Bankrupt UN to Find Money Elsewhere – Video

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Facing a massive hole in its budget, the United Nations is implementing “emergency measures” to avoid missing payroll and other obligations before the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, UN bosses are demanding that taxpayers in America and other nations hand over more money now or face global catastrophe. Even UN officials and apologists, though, have blasted the “bloated” organization for squandering massive amounts of money on everything from luxurious air travel and fancy hotels to globalist propaganda promoting its own agenda. Trump reacted to the whining by calling on the UN to go look for money elsewhere.

Left-Wing Criminals Attack Trump Supporters After Minneapolis Rally

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In a sad story that’s become all too familiar in the past three years, left-wing rioters — many of them associated with the domestic terrorist group Antifa — physically attacked several supporters of President Donald Trump after a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday night.

Aging Communist Activist Jane Fonda Arrested for Unlawfully Demonstrating at U.S. Capitol

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Aging actress and long-time communist activist Jane Fonda was arrested on Friday for unlawfully demonstrating in front of the U.S. Capitol. Following her press release, a couple of dozen supporters showed up along with her, 15 of whom were arrested as well. Inspired by the growing movement of young climate strikers, Fonda decided to move to the nation’s capital for four months to take up their baton. The fine for illegally demonstrating is $500 and/or 90 days in jail. If Fonda is jailed, it would end this final curtain call for the aging octogenarian with a whimper.

Trump Condemns Democrat Candidate Calls to Revoke Tax-exempt Status for Churches

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President Trump’s appearance on Saturday before 3,000 people gathered at the Values Voter Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., was the highlight of a meeting that drew representatives from several conservative-leaning organizations. The event was billed as a gathering of those who wish to “preserve the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, the sanctity of life and limited government that make our nation strong.”

Rise in Consumer Sentiment Bodes Well for Trump’s Reelection

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Once again, U.S. consumers have surprised forecasters with their resiliency and positive economic outlook. Polls of economists showed them expecting consumer sentiment, according to the Consumer Sentiment Index published by the University of Michigan every month, to drop to 92 in October from September’s 93.2. Instead, consumers’ positive outlook rose to 96.

To Be Uyghur: Xinjiang Camp Survivor Recounts Terrifying Experience

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The Chinese government is to the Xinjiang Uyghurs what the Nazis were to the Jews. The re-education camps run by Beijing, which it claims are for the benefit of the Uyghur people, have only one goal — to eradicate the cultural heritage of the community. The one difference is that the Nazis were blatant about their contempt, while the Chinese Communist Party tries to hide and disguise it. A survivor of one of these camps, a woman named Zumuret Dawut, recently recounted her experiences to Radio Free Asia.

Police Order Guangxi Residents to Report for DNA Sampling

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The residents of China’s southwestern region of Guangxi are being made to submit DNA samples by the local authorities. The collection drive, which also includes blood tests, is said to have started on September 20 and is expected to continue till December 31.

Many Worlds: The Strange Realities of Quantum Mechanics

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Among the different streams of science, quantum mechanics is arguably the most mysterious. It opens up possibilities of time travel and even multiple worlds, concepts that we, with our current understanding of time and space, haven’t yet grasped fully.

Is There a Global Consciousness?

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In 1998, a parapsychology experiment called the #Global #Consciousness Project (GCP) set out to determine whether global consciousness interacts with physical systems and to identify such interactions if they occur. The ongoing study is funded by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and involves the collaboration of about 100 internationally acclaimed engineers and research scientists.

Mysteries of the Galaxy: Massive Bubbles Discovered in Milky Way

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An international team of scientists has just discovered two massive bubbles at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The bubbles appear to be joined in the shape of an hourglass. It is hypothesized that these are the remnants of a huge cosmic explosion that took place in the galaxy some 7 million years ago. The findings have been published in the journal Nature.

O’Rourke: No Tax Breaks for Catholic, Conservative Protestant Churches That Oppose Same-sex “Marriage”

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When the push for homosexual “marriage” began in the late 1990s, word was, from the “LGBTQ Community,” thatLast night, Beto O’Rourke, the only Democratic candidate known to have published vivid, bloody fantasies about murdering children in an automobile rampage, said that any churches that refuse to perform the fake nuptials must lose their tax exemption. permitting homosexuals to “marry” won’t hurt anyone. The Alphabet People lied. And so did their backers.

Yovanovitch Ordered Monitoring of Reporters Investigating Biden’s Ukraine Dealings

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In the very first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, our Founders guaranteed our freedom of speech and specifically pointed out that the press may not be infringed upon in their role as overseers of our government. But on Wednesday, former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reported on Fox’s Hannity program that he was aware of requests made by the former U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine that certain reporters be “monitored” while they were on the ground in the country.

Islam Threatens the West, Ex-FBI Official Says- Video

In this exclusive interview with The New American's Alex Newman, former FBI agent John Guandolo argues that Islamic extremism is not the threat — Islam itself is. Guandolo, who now runs Understanding the Threat, goes through Islamic scriptures to argue that jihad, sharia, and killing of infidels are inherent to the Muslim religion. Unless and until the Western world is willing to acknowledge this, the threat will continue to grow, he said.

Wally Byam and the Airstream

Born into this boundary between the old and new on July 4, 1896, was a boy who, based on the circumstances of his family, seemed destined for a life of mundane, everyday labor. This was Wally Byam. Born to disadvantage, abandoned by his father as a boy, his mother, and stepfather both dying shortly after he finished high school, he was determined, nonetheless, to succeed — at something.

Bernie Sanders’ Hometown Passes Proposal to Let Non-citizens Vote

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In a 10-2 vote this week, members of the Burlington, Vermont, City Council passed a resolution that would allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. Councilor Adam Roof, the resolution’s sponsor, argued that every resident should have the opportunity to vote because all are affected by local government decisions.

White House Lawyer to Democrat Lynch Mob: Trump Won’t Cooperate

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It appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, who think they’re going to overthrow the president with yet another collusion hoax, have run into the same problems they had the last time: the truth and a president who will tell it. Pat Cipollone, the president’s chief counsel, has served legal notice on Pelosi and her lynch party of committee chairmen that the president will not cooperate with an “impeachment inquiry” that is illegal, unconstitutional, and seeks to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Lights Out: Massive Power Shut Down in California Triggers Conspiracy Theories

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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), the largest energy supplier in California, has cut off power to portions of 22 counties in the northern half of the state. Outages are expected to last for up to seven days, potentially longer, as high winds buffet that portion of the state, heightening the risk of wildfires due to downed power lines. California Governor Gavin Newsom put the blame for the outages squarely at the feet of PG&E. “I’m outraged because it didn’t have to happen,” Newsom told reporters in San Diego on Wednesday. “[PG&E is] in bankruptcy due to their terrible management going back decades. They’ve created these conditions, it was unnecessary.”

Biden Campaign to New York Times: Drop the Biden-Burisma Coverage

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The Biden for President campaign intensified its malign effort to silence questions about the Biden-Burisma scandal yesterday by telling the New York Times it must not publish stories or opinions about the former vice president’s role in firing a prosecutor in Ukraine in March 2016.

Are Black Holes Really Made of Dark Energy?

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Are Black Holes Really Made of Dark Energy? TROY OAKES   Two University of Hawai’i at Mānoa researchers have identified and corrected a subtle error that was made when applying…

Australian Leader Slams Globalism … Sort Of

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Globalism is becoming politically toxic. But it is not dead yet. As an informal global coalition of national leaders forms to resist globalism and the engineered destruction of self-government and national sovereignty, Australia's milquetoast prime minister, Scott Morrison (shown on left), added his voice to the growing chorus. But there is more to his half-hearted criticism of globalism than meets the eye.

10 Principles and Dietary Habits for Prevention and Management of Gout

Gout is a painful disease frequently found in developed societies. It is caused by uric acid crystals and is closely related to either dietary habits or issues with the kidneys not filtering enough uric acid out of the bloodstream. To control uric acid and prevent gout, it is suggested that the following 10 principles and dietary habits might help in its prevention and management.

Our Favorite Superheroes and the Lessons We Learn From Them

We live in an age of superheroes. Whether it is through comics, movies, TV shows, or commercials, superheroes have captured our attention and inspired us with their exciting adventures. But more than just amazing us with their powers, these heroes also teach us some valuable life lessons.

Impeachment Threat Driving Record Contributions to Trump and RNC

Two days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that an “inquiry” into possibly impeaching President Donald Trump had begun, the president, through his reelection campaign, sent out this e-mail to 65 million addresses: “It’s time to set something straight once and for all. The Democrats’ constant personal attacks, vicious lies, and now these baseless impeachment attacks, have never had anything to do with me... Their goal has always been to silence YOU. They want to steal YOUR voice and YOUR vote.”

Impeachment Might Backfire if Trump Calls Bidens, Clinton, Top Democrats To Testify

In the rush to impeach President Trump for the phone call with Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee chieftain Adam Schiff might have forgotten something. Two witnesses Trump would likely call for testimony are former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, the two key figures in a major influence-peddling scandal in Ukraine. Then again, if the House votes for impeachment because of “Russian collusion,” that too could backfire because Trump could then question myriad officials from the FBI, the Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign — perhaps Clinton herself.

How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity – Video

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the legions of communist criminals hiding behind diplomatic immunity offered by the United Nations. First on the list is Michelle Bachelet, the UN "High Commissioner for Human Rights," who has now been exposed to receiving bribes from OAS.

Population Replacement: As Migrants Swamp Sweden, Swedes Start Fleeing

One might say something here about the “best laid plans of mice and men,” except that there was nothing well conceived about Europe’s recent years’ admittance of waves of Muslim migrants. Just consider Sweden, which had led the world in absorbing the most migrants per capita (and in value signaling) and now finds that, sometimes, when you lead you bleed. And some Swedish cities — and to an extent the nation itself — are now bleeding native Swedes as they flee migrant-born crime and social ills.

So You Think You Know: Some Nutrition and Health Myths

The Internet today is filled with countless bits of nutritional advice that claim to help you improve your health. Too often, people find it difficult to distinguish between true and false information. This can often end up causing harm when people implement dietary and lifestyle changes based on bad advice. Knowledge about the nutritional myths trending online can help avoid such “unhealthy” mistakes.

Communist China’s 70th Anniversary Might Be Its Last

During the 1950s, the prevailing mood in China could be summed up in a slogan known to virtually all at the time: “The Soviet Union of today is the China of tomorrow!” But just as the Soviet Union was at the end of its lifetime, the Chinese regime is fraught with factional struggle. Thirty years ago, Gorbachev faced opposition from Soviet Communist Party hardliners that led to his house arrest and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today, even as Xi avoids Gorbachev’s route, pressures are building up from other avenues. Beijing is beset with both internal socioeconomic crises — such as unemployment and a looming housing bubble —as well as external pushback from the United States for decades of unfair trade practices.

Scientists Are One Step Closer to a Fully Functioning Quantum Computer
A quantum processor semiconductor chip is seen connected to a circuit board. // Thin aluminum wires are connected from surface of the semiconductor chip to pads on the circuit board, which allows users to perform electrical control and readout of the device by sending and receiving electrical signals during experiments. They fabricate the device by patterning and depositing metal gates on a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure chip. The metal gates are designed to be able to trap individual electrons in the semiconductor. They send electrical signals down to the device and change the voltage on the metal gates to perform various controls of the electrons. They also receive electrical signals from the device to help monitor the electrons' behavior. // Assistant professor of physics John M. Nichol is photographed in his lab in Bausch & Lomb Hall along with PhD students Yadav Kandel and Haifeng Qiao September 10, 2019. The group has a paper that will be published in Nature later this month. Nichol's research brings scientists one step closer to creating a fully functional quantum computer, a type of computer that operates on the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers will be able to perform complex calculations, factor extremely large numbers, and simulate the behaviors of atoms and particles at levels that classical computers (like the laptops and desktop computers we use in our everyday lives) cannot. This could lead to new energy sources, new drug therapies, faster database searches, and code-breaking techniques. One of the challenges to creating an efficient quantum computer is figuring out how to transfer information and correct errors within a quantum system. This is where Nichol's new research comes in. Nichol and his colleagues at Purdue University demonstrated a way to transfer the quantum state of one electron to another, without moving the electrons themselves. This is an important step in showing how information can be transmitted quantum-mechanically.

Scientists Are One Step Closer to a Fully Functioning Quantum Computer

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize technology, medicine, and science by providing faster and more efficient processors, sensors, and communication devices. But transferring information and correcting errors within a quantum system remains a challenge to making effective quantum computers.

A Peek Into China’s Food Culture

Chinese food is popular the world over. Thanks to the country’s long history of empires and trade networks, China has built up a rich food culture where people of varying tastes and preferences are sure to find something they like. It was during the Chou Dynasty (1122-221 B.C.) that cooking started becoming recognized as an art. Over time, the Chinese developed different food preparation techniques and proper eating manners, all the while infusing some of their philosophies into the cooking.  

Biden Warns Fox: Trump Corruption Ad False, Don’t Run It. Facts: Ad Is Accurate

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has warned Fox News not to run President Trump’s campaign ad that fingers the former vice president in the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating an energy company that employed Biden’s son, Hunter. Biden’s campaign told the network the ad peddles spurious claims, although Biden has publicly bragged about his role in firing Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin by threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Strong Jobs Report Quashes Recession Fears

Strong Jobs Report Quashes Recession Fears Written by  Bob Adelmann Friday’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) confirmed Wednesday’s release from ADP: The U.S. economy remains strong and…

Warren, Zuckerberg At Odds Over Threat to Break Up Facebook

In a fight that could prove beneficial to the reelection campaign effort of President Donald Trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren publicly attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday for his private remarks that he was willing to sue the federal government should Warren win the White House and follow through with her plans to break up his company under U.S. anti-trust laws.

Chinese Espionage: Widespread, Ongoing, and Dangerous

John Demers, Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division, has pointed to China as the number one security threat facing the United States. In an interview with NPR, the state official reveals that the scale of China’s espionage efforts in the U.S. is considerably huge.

Fake Twitter Accounts: CCP Spreading Lies About Hong Kong Protests

With the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong gaining international sympathy, Beijing unleashed thousands of Twitter trolls who were tasked with one objective — spread misinformation. Their goal was to discredit the protestors by painting them as violent, anti-China rioters acting on behalf of foreign powers.

A Chinese Tea That Costs More Than Gold

Da Hong Pao, also known as Big Red Robe, is a Chinese tea variety that is regarded as the most expensive in the world. Back in 2002, an individual paid around US$28,000 for just 20 grams of this delicacy.

Healthy Foods: Eating Dates During Pregnancy

Taking the right kinds of food during pregnancy is crucial in ensuring the health of the baby, as well as keeping the mother safe. Dates are an item that women should consider consuming when pregnant, as they offer numerous health benefits.  

Planned Parenthood’s New Secretly-constructed “Mega Clinic” in Illinois Shows That Abortion Is on Its Way Out

In the ongoing War on the Unborn — which continues to claim nearly 2,000 lives per day, totaling more than 46 million since the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court slapped down states’ rights to make laws regulating the murder of the unborn — Planned Parenthood is the undisputed mothership of the anti-birth armada. Now, it is being reported that Planned Parenthood has been secretly constructing a “mega-clinic” abortion facility in southern Illinois to increase the unborn body count.

American Officials Celebrate Slavery and Mass Murder in China

The Christian flag is forbidden. But this past week city and state officials in Boston and Philadelphia celebrated the enslavement of China 70 years ago — and the slaughter of an estimated 100-plus million people since then — by holding a flag-raising ceremony for the Communist Chinese regime at City Hall. Cities in Canada and Australia also bowed down to the regime. And President Donald Trump even sent "congratulations" to the Chinese dictator on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, drawing sharp criticism from Republicans in Congress.

A Falun Gong Practitioner Who Escaped China’s Brutal Persecution Shares Her Story

Imagine being severely tortured multiple times over the course of your life by a government that is hellbent on making you renounce your faith. Angel, a Falun Gong practitioner from China, underwent such horrific treatment in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. In a YouTube video, Angel recounts her experience and reveals how she was even tested for organ harvesting. However, before the evil struck its final blow, she escaped China and now lives safely in Australia.  

“Heartbroken” Pelosi Fast-Tracks Impeachment – By Patrick Buchanan

By late September, Pelosi was under constant fire from the House “resistance” that wanted Trump impeached and whose numbers were slowly growing. What was the speaker to do? Is this how Pelosi came to authorize an impeachment inquiry before she read the transcript of the conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky?

North Korea Sends Missile Into Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone Ahead of Talks With U.S.

Both South Korea’s military and Japan’s coast guard announced on October 2 that North Korea had carried out a missile launch into Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said North Korea fired an unidentified projectile that morning from around Wonsan, in southeast Kangwon province, toward the sea to the east. Japan’s Coast Guard said in a statement North Korea had launched what appeared to be a missile and urged vessels to pay attention to further information and not to approach any debris.

Civilizing Music: A Song Can Change a Life

Music is said to make invisible realms, visible. For humanity, even with the most advanced scientific equipment, we still cannot perceive the order of life and the cosmos. Maybe a musical instrument would take us to a more complete understanding of life than a microscope ever could.  

Our Collective Family Inheritance: An Expert’s Advice for Visiting an Art Museum

Our Collective Family Inheritance: An Expert’s Advice for Visiting an Art Museum

Art museums are a place for the public to appreciate the rich history that we all share, a legacy left for humanity, like a family inheritance that belongs to all of us. Art museums house the best of what humanity has created and served as examples of what we are capable of. Most art museums offer exhibits and cultural activities geared towards all ages and levels of knowledge and interests. AD interviewed The Philadelphia Museums of Art’s Manager Mr. David Pires.

Impeachment…or CIA Coup? By Ron Paul

Democrats, who spent more than two years convinced that “Russiagate” would enable them to remove Trump from office only to have their hopes dashed by the Mueller Report, now believe they have their smoking gun in this phone call. Is this about politics? Yes. But there may be more to it than that.

Using “Climate Change” to Enslave US – Behind The Deep State- Video

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains how globalist Deep State functionaries are fomenting hysteria over "climate change" and "global warming" to steal liberty and money from humanity. Among other issues, Alex discusses the science, the agenda, and the deadly consequences of allowing this fraud to continue.

Scientist: Al Gore and Climate Cabal Are Lying About Global Warming- Video

In this interview with The New American's Alex Newman, geologist Gregory Wrightstone explains that Al Gore and the climate-change establishment are lying about global warming, sea levels, wildfires, extinctions, carbon dioxide, and so much more. He says CO2 is a "miracle molecule" that is incredibly beneficial to humanity and the planet.

Puberty Blocking Drug Used on “Trans” Kids Linked to Thousands of Deaths

Since children were once given radium candy and laudanum, a medication containing opium, that a drug administered to kids could be dangerous is not unprecedented. And now, worry critics, a puberty-blocking medication prescribed for children misidentified as “transgender” may also be imperiling the young.

Schiff Sought Nude Photos of Trump From Foreign Source, Concocted Falsehood About Trump-Zelensky Call

Representative Adam Schiff is loud and clear. President Trump must be impeached for seeking dirt on a political opponent during a phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.  But the California Democrat committed the same misdeed himself in a phone call with two Russian radio pranksters. In January 2018, Schiff asked the two shock jocks, who posed as Ukraine officials, for derogatory information about Trump that included compromising nude photos. Schiff is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

UN “Human Rights” Chief Tied to Communist Network’s Corruption

The top United Nations official dealing with “human rights,” Chilean socialist Michelle Bachelet, is embroiled in a massive Latin American corruption scandal involving a powerful international network of communists and crony tycoons. Among other charges, Bachelet was accused of accepting bribe money from a major company during her successful 2013 presidential campaign.

What Happens When Communist Governments Control the Internet

China pursues a very strict Internet policy where foreign companies are only allowed to operate in the country provided they adhere to Beijing’s censorship norms. As a consequence, Chinese citizens are left with no choice but to keep using local search engines like Baidu that have been criticized for providing substandard services.

Killing of Innocent People for Their Organs in China Must Stop, Lawyer Tells UN

One of the worst mass atrocities of this century is being committed in China and the world needs to act to end it, a senior lawyer has told the UN. London-based lawyer Hamid Sabi told the UN Human Rights Council on September 24 that hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed for their organs in China. An independent tribunal, that Sabi is a member of, found in June that it was proven beyond doubt that large-scale organ harvesting in China was and is occurring.

Chinese Hot Pot: Yummy, Exquisite, and Taking Over the US

Hot pot is one of the most popular food preparations in China. According to a report, Chinese people spent close to 3.5 Trillion Yuan in 2016 dining out on hot pot. People basically sit around a table that has a simmering pot of broth at the center. Various raw items, both meat, and vegetables are placed around the table. People take the raw food of their liking, put it in the broth, cook the food, pull it out, and eat it directly or along with some dipping sauces. Hot pot has basically three components — broth, raw foods, and sauces.

Antibiotic Resistance: How We Can Fight Back Against Superbugs

When antibiotics were first discovered, it seemed as if we had found an easy and extremely effective way to deal with illnesses caused by infectious organisms. However, many organisms are now morphing into superbugs, developing properties that make antibiotics use ineffective. This is a serious health problem. If we do not find a way to fight antibiotic resistance, humans could soon be stricken with infections we are unable to cure.

For the First Time, Scientists Have Detected Tones of a Newborn Black Hole

Einstein predicted that the particular pitch and decay of these gravitational waves should be a direct signature of the newly formed black hole’s mass and spin. Now, physicists from MIT and elsewhere have studied the ringing of an infant black hole and found that the pattern of this ringing does, in fact, predict the black hole’s mass and spin — more evidence that Einstein was right all along.

No-Deal Brexit: UK Releases Worst Case Scenario Report

In August, the British government prepared a report called “Operation Yellowhammer” that outlined the worst-case scenario for the country in case of a no-deal Brexit. The report was never made public. However, after opposition MPs defeated the ruling government in the House of Commons, the report was ordered to be publicized. The predictions therein warn that the UK could revert to a third world country.

Forgotten Collusion Story: DNC, Clinton Campaign Sought Ukraine’s Help to Sink Trump

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For a week now, the leftist media and hate-Trump Democrats have been pushing the fake news narrative that President Trump solicited “foreign interference” in the 2020 election during a phone call with Ukraine President Vlodymyr Zelensky. As John Solomon of The Hill reported in March and May, the Obama White House and Democratic National Committee ran a two-pronged operation to help Hillary Clinton and sink Trump.

Germany: Cum-Ex Tax Fraud Trial Begins Following Massive Losses

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The criminal trials related to the Cum-Ex tax fraud started off in Germany earlier this month. The scheme had cost German treasury around US$36.2 billion in losses. In total, treasuries across Europe are estimated to have suffered losses to the tune of US$63.4 billion.

8 Things to Avoid Searching on Google (Seriously, Don’t Go There)

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Whenever you have an immediate, nagging doubt, Google is an excellent way to get some answers. However, there are some terms that you should avoid searching. Some of these terms make your computer and personal information vulnerable, while others end up showing images that can gross you out and give you nightmares.

Beijing and Hong Kong Brace for October 1

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October 1st is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants a grand country-wide celebration to mark the occasion, ongoing protests in Hong Kong threaten to disrupt their plans.

Incognito: Jewelry Capable of Blocking Facial Recognition Technology

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The introduction of facial recognition technology in the public sphere has triggered several concerns, with many people arguing that its use infringes on the privacy of individuals. Ewa Nowak, a designer from Poland, seems to have found a solution to the problem. Her product, Incognito, is a stylish metal mask that makes an individual wearing it unidentifiable to facial recognition systems. It also doubles as attractive facial jewelry.

Britain’s Struggle to Leave the EU Demonstrates the Tenacity of Globalists

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With the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue — or shut down — Parliament is unlawful, certain things are quite clear. All the talk about “democracy” by the “Remain” forces in Britain is highly hypocritical and the globalists who support Britain remaining in the European Union (EU) are willing to cause all sorts of political discord inside the U.K. to continue their attack upon the sovereignty of independent nations.

Whistleblower’s Anti-Trump Allegations All Hearsay

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The ballyhooed “whistleblower’s” account of President Trump’s phone call of July 25 with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has one big problem. The anonymous accuser, an intelligence agency employee, did not witness the events he described. Everything the whistleblower wrote, apart from his summary of media reports, is hearsay, which is typically inadmissible as evidence in court.

Three Democrats Sought Ukraine Collusion To Bring Down Trump

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In May 2018, three Democrat senators asked Ukraine to help investigate President Trump vis-à-vis Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election. Their goal was proving “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton, a tale the Democrats and the Fake News media manufactured to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

Social Spies: China Using LinkedIn As Espionage Tool

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Propaganda groups supported by the Chinese Communist Party are known to use foreign social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., for disseminating false information, aka fake news. However, very few people are aware that Beijing has its claws deeply embedded in the professional platform LinkedIn. Here, they hire people to act as spies in the U.S. and other nations.

Why Would China Report on the Xinjiang Detention Camps?

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China’s state-run media has always remained silent about the detention camps in Xinjiang, preventing the public from knowing the atrocities committed on the Uyghurs in the region. However, Beijing has adopted a new approach to the subject. It now admits the existence of the detention camps and projects it as necessary for the good of the people.

Was Epstein a Man Who Knew Too Much?

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“I just hope that Epstein will sing like a bird before he will suffer a VERY SUDDEN death,” Twitter user MozInOz wrote on the feed of prominent trial lawyer Robert Barnes. “It’s just a matter of weeks. At most. Wait & see.” “He will suddenly depart this immortal coil soon,” Texas Freedom Fighter added. “Watch ... Secrets are meant to be kept secret right?” Those comments appeared on July 12, 2019, almost a full month before registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Deep State financier and fellow traveler with global elites, was found dead in his cell.

Population Control Is the Ultimate Goal of the Climate-change Cult

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In their war against humanity, global elites have proven that they will support almost any idea — no matter how kooky — that can be said to help save the planet from the “cancer” that is humanity. But taking our meat away and forcing us to eat bugs isn’t the only way in which globalists hope to change our dietary habits. In addition to substituting hot dogs with houseflies, there’s another source of protein that climate hysterics want us to consider: each other.

Health Concerns Prompt Thousands of Swiss to Protest Expansion of 5G Networks

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Thousands of people gathered in front of the Swiss parliament building in Bern on September 21 to protest the expansion of 5G wireless technology across the country, The protestors fear that 5G technology could be harmful to people’s health. The technology’s critics in Switzerland argue that the electromagnetic radiation the new system emits poses health and environmental risks compared to previous generations of mobile technology.

Harper’s Magazine Forum: The Problem Is the Constitution

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In its October 2019 edition, Harper’s Magazine asked the question, “Do We Need the Constitution?” on its cover. In fact, the article, based on a forum at the New York University law school this past spring, concluded that the Constitution is the source of what it sees as most of our modern political problems.

Trump Skips UN Climate-change Summit, Promotes Religious Freedom Instead

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President Trump side-stepped a highly touted global “climate change” summit called by the United Nations secretary-general September 23 in order to host an historic “Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom” at the UN. During his remarks the president announced that the United States would commit $25 million to help protect religious freedom worldwide, and also said that he would be forming a coalition of U.S. businesses dedicated to protecting religious freedom in the workplace.

The Missing Donkeys of Kenya

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Ejiao is a traditional Chinese medicine made from donkey hides. The skyrocketing demand for the medicine in the country has resulted in an increase in donkey imports from Kenya. This has now resulted in a crisis due to the sudden steep decline in the animal population.

Are We Living in a ‘Many Worlds’ Universe?

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Sean Carroll is a physicist at the California Institute of Technology who believes that the key to understanding the universe could lie in a theory known as the “Many Worlds” hypothesis.

Megvii: The Rise of Chinese Facial Recognition and Profiling Tech

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Megvii is an artificial intelligence startup from China popular for providing facial recognition software. Valued at over US$1 billion, the company’s history of supporting the communist government raises concerns of human rights violations not only inside China but also in other countries.

How Blockchain Technology Will Shape the Future

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How Blockchain Technology Will Shape the Future According to Gartner, one of the leading research companies in the world, blockchain technology is poised to create about US$3.1 trillion worth of…

Chinese Economy Faltering on Weak Exports

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The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) long-term economic goal for the country has been to double its GDP in the 2010-2020 decade. This is seen as necessary to make China a “modestly prosperous” country. However, Beijing’s trade war with Washington is apparently spoiling the Party’s expectations, as many analysts predict slower GDP growth for China in 2019 and 2020.

Worried About Global Warming? Consider These Failed Doomsday Forecasts

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In April, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) claimed there were only “12 years” left to “cut emissions” before the world would be doomed to a future of ever-increasing temperatures. Hers, however, is just one of the most recent forecasts of environmental calamity. Since the late 1960s, doomsayers have been making similar predictions, none of which has come true, as the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) documented in a Wednesday blog post.

Survey Demonstrates Political Ignorance of Much of the Public

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the progressive movement rejected the notion that government was something to be feared. Rather, they contended that the government could, simply through the passing of laws, bring improvements to society. In this, they cast aside the fears of the Founding Generation that government was something to be feared — George Washington referred to government as a dangerous servant and a fearful master, while Thomas Jefferson argued that we cannot trust government, but should bind it with the chains of the Constitution.

How Much “Latitude” Do Presidents Have When Dealing With Foreign Leaders?

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Friday that a whistleblower complaint against President Trump involves a “serious or flagrant abuse or violation of law or misappropriation.” The complaint reportedly says that Trump repeatedly tried to persuade the Ukrainian president to investigate the business dealings in that country of Hunter Biden (shown), son of Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.

ANTIFA Calling Child Protective Services On Conservative Families – Video

Heather Hobbs shares with The New American her family's recent run-ins with Child Protective Services. Hobbs shares that numerous fake reports have been called into CPS in order to target her family. Heather also shares that isn't isolated to her family, and that there is an alarming trend that is developing among the radical left.

Yuan As International Currency: A Bleak Future for the Lead Contender

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Beijing is taking all the necessary steps it can to make the yuan the leading international currency in the world. Given the country’s market size and increasing global clout, many experts believe that this might actually become a reality. However, the authoritarian nature of the Chinese government might turn a big challenge to Beijing’s currency plans.

Praying to God for Miracles

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Can Hongkongers call upon a sincere belief in the heavens? In ancient times, people revered the heavens and the presence of the divine has been shown to believers across the ages, time and time again.

Underwater Cities Fit for Humans: Are You Ready?

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Many coastal cities are facing the risk of getting submerged underwater due to changing climatic conditions. The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is sinking so fast that the government has actually planned to build a new capital in Borneo. Authorities in the Maldives are thinking of constructing tall islands in order to overcome rising seas.

Global Pollution: Who’s Really to Blame?

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The West seems to have been successful in reducing its carbon footprint over the past few decades. However, a closer look at the numbers shows that the decrease in pollution is largely due to “exporting” it to other countries, thereby undermining global efforts to reduce pollution. This was not a concerted Western effort to destroy the environment in developing countries. It was mostly a free-market movement of demand and supply that has served to lift millions of people out of poverty. But the end result on climate cannot be denied.

The Rise of Foreign Cyber Security Threats

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The U.S. government, telecommunications providers, and operating system (OS) developers may need to address cybersecurity and privacy threats from adversarial countries such as China and Russia. Threats posed by ZTE and Huawei have been highly publicized in the news during the past two years. In fact, in May, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to bar U.S. communications firms from acquiring technology from foreign companies.

Smart Investing in Jade

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Jade has been a highly prized stone in Chinese culture, even more than diamonds, rubies, or emeralds. After the Qing Dynasty fell in 1911, the country was economically-stressed during much of the last century, thereby dampening the jade market. But the rapid economic growth of past decades has created a strong middle class that is once again fuelling the demand for jade.

4 Food Groups That May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

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Epidemiological studies find that breast cancer is closely related to mental stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits — such as drinking, smoking and staying up late — as well as poor dietary habits. High-risk cancer-inducing foods include those that are fried, pickled, contain high-fat content, and processed food like sausages, ham, and bacon.  Eating less of these products can reduce the risk of having breast cancer.

‘The China Study’: Diet, Genes, and Diseases

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In 2005, T. Colin Campbell, an American biochemist, published a book, The China Study. The book contains results from 20 years of nutrition research Campbell had conducted in China. Unlike other health research reports, The China Study was not published after observing a small group of people. Instead, the study covered 6,500 adults in 65 counties. Almost 367 variables were included.

Getting Into the Fall Spirit

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It’s September, which means it’s time to get into the fall spirit. Soon, the leaves will be turning hundreds of different colors and falling. So to get into the wonderful fall vibes this year, here are the 5 things you can do to enjoy the best season ever!!

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