#62 Coronavirus Hysteria!

President Trump has declared the coronavirus from Wuhan, China, COVID-19 a national emergency, and the World Health Organization has also officially declared it a pandemic. But is the media hype leading to hysteria? Hoard some toilet paper and sit down to enjoy this China Unscripted Podcast!

#60 China’s Psychological Warfare Against the US | Grant Newsham

The Chinese Communist Party has launched a psychological war against the United States, invading America with money and buying off its institutions. From businessmen and Wall Street, to politicians, to Hollywood and the media, Grant Newsham a senior research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies in Tokyo, gives us the breakdown.

#59 Coronavirus: China’s Shocking Crackdown

The deadly coronavirus from Wuhan, China continues to spread around the world and the Chinese Communist Party’s inhuman response boggles the mind. Find out the latest, including the tragic death of whistleblowing Dr. Li Wenliang.

#57 Deadly Chinese Virus Coverup | Dr. June Teufel Dreyer

A deadly coronavirus from the Chinese city Wuhan has spread around the world. And a government coverup made the outbreak only worse. Joining us today is Dr. June Dryer, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami, and a specialist on China, U.S. defense policy, and international relations, to talk about how the structure of the Chinese Communist Party makes coverups like SARS more likely.

#56 Taiwan’s Election A Defeat for China

The 2020 landslide election of Taiwan's incumbent president Tsai Ing-Wen was a major defeat, not only to her rival Han Kuo-Yu of the KMT, but also to Chinese Communist Party ambitions in the island nation. We share our experience witnessing this historic democratic election.

#55 How Communism Destroys a Society | Joshua Philipp

When Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, he did not create an economic system geared toward equality, as some proponents of Communism and Socialism claim. What he created was a prescription for how to destroy the traditional values and morality of society. Joining us again is Joshua Philipp, the award-winning senior investigative reporter at The Epoch Times and host of the new show Crossroads. He tells us about China's Unrestricted Warfare against the United States.

#54 A Look Back at 2019 | China Unscripted

It's been a big year—from massive protests in Hong Kong, to trade war politics, and a growing awareness in the US government that the Chinese Communist Party represents the greatest threat to freedom and democracy in the 21st century. 2019 was a crazy year for China news, and a crazy year for us. Thanks for joining us for the wild ride. 2020 will be extra.

#53 Inside a Chinese Concentration Camp | Olsi Jazexhi

Independent journalist and radical Islam expert Olsi Jazexhi was invited to see first hand a Xinjiang "Vocational Training Camp" for Uighur Muslims in China's Xinjiang regions. What he saw shocked him. This comes as the US Congress debates The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019.

#52 China’s Invasion of Africa | Nasser Weddady

China is colonizing Africa. We do a deep dive into China's role in the African nation of Mauritania, where corruption is leaving the country strip-mined of natural resources while becoming a potential Chinese military base. Plus, is the Richat Structure the remains of the ancient city of Atlantis? Mauritanian activist Nasser Weddady discloses all!

#50 How Bolivia Overthrew Tyranny and Evo Morales | Jhanisse Vaca-Daza

Activists in Bolivia have just forced the "president" to resign and flee the country. And they did it through strategic nonviolence. How can this be applied to other places, like Hong Kong? And what role did China play in this revolution? Protest leader Jhanisse Vaca-Daza joins us a second time. You can also listen to her on our podcast #13 "Bolivia's President Sells Out to China" from October 5, 2018.

#49 Will Blockchain Bring Freedom or Tyranny to China? | Alex Gladstein

China is trying to take control of blockchain technology by creating it's own digital currency, the digital yuan. But while Bitcoin promised a truly democratized currency, the Chinese cryptocurrency could spell the beginning of a new dawn of technological authoritarianism. Chief strategy officer for the Human Rights Foundation and bitcoin expert Alex Gladstein joins us to talk about whether blockchain will bring freedom or tyranny to China.

#47 Why Are Americans Selling Out to China? | China Unscripted

Whether it's the NBA and players like Lebron James or James Harden, Hollywood, Apple, or Activision Blizzard, there are a lot of American companies and people selling out to the Chinese Communist Party. At some point Chinese leader Xi Jinping must have realized that just because you're a communist, that doesn't mean you can't use money to buy people off. But the US House has passed landmark legislation supporting the Hong Kong protesters, so in a weird twist of fate, it's the politicians who ended up showing some backbone.

#44 China After Communism Falls | Yang Jianli

Ever wonder what China will be like after the fall of the Chinese Communist Party? There are people already planning the next government of China. Today we speak with Tiananmen Square Survivor and former Chinese Communist Party official turned democracy activist Yang Jianli. He recently met with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss human rights in China. He also shares the role of Hong Kong protests and President Trump’s US China Trade War.

#42 Hacking China’s Censorship | Firewall Cafe

Thanks to help from Western tech companies, China has one of the world's most advanced and repressive online censorship systems in the world. It's called the Great Firewall of China. Firewall Cafe is art exhibition that gives people a chance to compare a normal Google search to what someone inside China would see searching on the Chinese search engine Baidu.

#39 Hong Kong Protests Wrap Up

We spent three weeks in Hong Kong following the extradition bill protests, Carrie Lam's blundering press conferences, and global attention from the G20. We need sleep. And you need to…

‘Breed Ready’ Chinese Women and Mass Surveillance in China

An open database of 1.8 million 'breed ready' Chinese women. Another open database of 2.5 million Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Ethical hacker Victor Gevers, a researcher for the GDI Foundation, accidentally stumbled on a truly mass system of surveillance in China. And you won't believe how Western tech companies and the Chinese police and state tie into it all.

Why China Wants to Dominate the Internet?

China and the US have two competing visions for the future of the global Internet. Don't like Internet censorship and mass surveillance? Better hope China doesn't get its way in the United Nations and Huawei doesn't build your 5G network. A VPN won't save you from China's internet police.We sit down with Dominique Lazanski to talk in detailshttp://chinaunscripted.libsyn.com/23-china-wants-to-dominant-the-internet-dominique-lazanski

Who’s Behind the Venezuela Crisis? Interview With Juan Ravell

Chinese New Year Celebration and (27min:27 sec) Venezuela is in chaos, as current President Nicolas Maduro tries to maintain his grip on power, in the face of challenger Juan Guaido. Some say it's a failure of socialism. Others say it has to do with collapsing oil prices and the influence of China. And some say its a coup by the United States.

Flying Under the Radar to Save Lives | Reggie Littlejohn

Reggie Littlejohn is helping people in China in the most dangerous way. Her organization helps victims of the Communist Party's forced abortions, One-Child Policy, and lack of a social safety net for the elderly. But her group, Women's Rights Without Frontiers, must fly under the Party's radar, or face problems of its own.

The Medical World Has Covered This Up | Ethan Gutmann

Celebrated investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann discusses forced organ harvesting in China: How it started 20 years ago in Xinjiang, how foreign doctors helped China develop this technology, how much profit is being made by killing people for their organs, and how the Western medical community has tried to cover it all up.

How to Get Better at Persecuting People

China has been upgrading its persecution technology over its entire history! And the techniques it perfected in the anti-Falun Gong campaign are now being used to "identicide" the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. We talk to China researcher and scholar Matthew Robertson.

#12 Cooking with Authority

Can Putin cook? How about Xi Jinping? Shelley comes up with the most brilliant reality TV idea ever! A cook off between the world's most prominent dictators. We call it—Cooking…

#8 Cold War 2 and Chinese Coup

The US government is setting its sights on the Chinese Communist Party. Michael Collins, the deputy assistant director of the CIA's East Asia Mission Center said at the Aspen Security Forum that the US is in another Cold War with China. And the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray says China is the "most challenging, most significant threat," to the United States.

#7 The Invasion of Taiwan feat. Ian Easton

China wants to invade Taiwan, which is practically a guarantee of World War III. We sit down with Ian Easton of the Project 2049 Research Institute to discuss the Chinese Communist Party's ultimate plan for the One China Policy, and how the United States would and should respond.

#2 Weapons in Space

China and the US are planning space weapons and moon bases, the Korean War is ending, and aliens and flat earth theory—our second podcast is out of this world! With…

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