E14: The Porn Trap with author Wendy Maltz

A whopping 25% of all daily Internet search requests and 35% of all downloads are for pornography. There are more than 400 million pages of pornography on the Internet. As one man said, "You no longer have to go looking for porn, porn is looking for you!"

E13: The Hero Within

E13: THE HERO WITHIN with CAROL PEARSON One of my favorite books about archetypes and the Hero’s Journey is Carol Pearson’s The Hero Within.  Carol writes,  "When the heroic journey…

E12 Firestarters for Men: Compassion

Pema Chodron, the great Western Buddhist teacher, writes “Our personal attempts to live humanely in this world are never wasted. Choosing to cultivate love rather than anger just might be what it takes to save the planet from extinction. In today’s episode, we introduce Firestarters for Men, our new short format segment. This will be used from time-to-time as a break from our standard interview format and to offer something to listeners that is short and sweet.

E11: Building Boys: A Conversation with Nicky Wilks

The topic of  boys and how to best set them up for optimal emotional well-being is a topic that is near and dear to me. With a twelve year-old son of my own and what I see as a woefully inept narrative when it comes to the inner lives of our boys, I have more than a passing concern with how we get our sons to healthy adulthood. What can a parent do to make sure our boys have what they REALLY need?

E9: Fatherhood Wide Open with Kyle Bradford

The heartbeat of this episode is AUTHENTICITY and my guest Kyle Bradford certainly embodies this quality. He shoots straight, tells it like it is, and owns his own mistakes and shadow. In short, he exemplifies living “wide open” and Kyle parents in this same style, as you’ll find out in this episode. We talk about gender, traditional values, and difficult discussions with our children.

E8. The Power of Men’s Groups

All around the world, every single day, men are gathering in circles. Known as men’s groups, men’s work, or men’s wisdom circles, these groups provide an essential resource to the men who are open enough to seek them out. One of the great gifts of men’s groups is creating environments where men can set their feet on their best path. Men’s groups act as a "basecamp" for the uncertain Hero’s Journey.

E6. Men: Raise Your Energy……by Slowing Down

As men, we are measured by society’s old narrative by how much we DO. And we have become really good at DOING THINGS but we have not been taught the value of slowing down. The old narrative says if we slow down, we might fall behind. Is this really true? As men with inner power, do we really not have time for ourselves? It‘s an interesting assumption, isn’t it? 

E4. The Secret Lives of Men

What’s the point of growing our emotional intelligence? Well, for starters, it makes us
 smarter. It’s true. That’s why they call it emotional intelligence.

E.01 Building Men: The Importance of Male Initiation

What is Male Initiation? Ancient civilizations know the importance of this rite of passage. What does a society look like that no longer initiates its young men? The difference between a proper initiation and a fraternity or military initiation. Today we answer those questions.

E.02 Men and the Hero’s Journey

Today we talk about the Hero's Journey and what that means to all of us! My guest today is my longtime friend and fellow New Warrior weekend veteran, Mark Jackson. Today Mark shares his own journey with us.

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