Candace Owens: “There Is No Systemic Racism”

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Candace Owens: “There Is No Systemic Racism”

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Conservative political commentator Candace Owens said that a pervasive feeling of “white guilt” is much more damaging to the black community and America as a whole than the non-existent “systemic racism” that Black Lives Matter, every professional sports league, and the Democrat Party are complaining about. Owens made the remarks on the Daily Wire’s The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special this weekend.

The 31-year-old Owens has been a mover and shaker in the conservative movement for the past three years, having founded the Blexit Foundation, which seeks to ignite an exodus of blacks away from the Democrat Party; worked with Turning Point USA; and written the book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From the Democrat Plantation, which is set to be released 12 days from now.

Owens refers to the narrative that police are killing blacks in America, thus driving the rioting and civil unrest we’ve seen across the nation since the killing of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd in May, as “the big lie.”

“If you are truly, sincerely, a white supremacist in America, the best thing you could do is do nothing and let black America tend to itself because what we do to ourselves, right, when left unattended to ourselves is way worse, when you look at the statistics, than allowing any other group to come in and try to do anything to us,” Owens said. “And that’s including, of course, police officers, who are not killing black Americans for no reason.”

Owens also asserted that so-called “white guilt” — the idea that white people living today bear an historical responsibility for slavery and other injustices of the past — is far more of a problem in America today than any alleged “systemic racism.”

Owens claimed that systemic racism “is not at all an obstacle to black Americans today.” She went on to say, “There is no systemic racism. There is no law. There is nothing that says I cannot do something as a black person that you can do, so it’s completely false. What we’re really talking about is the fact that people want to absolve themselves of personal responsibility, and we’re being helped.”

“If there’s anything systemic in America today, it is white guilt. It’s been institutionalized, it’s been politicized, politicians [and] white people feeling bad for themselves and therefore allowing people, you know, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to run around and act like toddlers, right?”

Owens continued, “There is an emotional immaturity that is happening in black America, and it is spawned by the education system, which shapes you from the time you are in kindergarten to believe that because you are black, you can’t in America. When you keep telling a child over and over again they can’t because… They won’t, right? They will begin to believe in their own futility.”

Owens further believes that the black community in America — aided by the mainstream media and the Democrats — picks the wrong people to canonize and make heroes out of. She claimed that the “media depiction” of George Floyd as a “martyr for black America” was such an example since Floyd had a lengthy and violent criminal past.

“We elevate people who should not be elevated and we downgrade people who should be elevated,” Owens said. “So Condoleeza Rice? Uncle Tom. Larry Elder? Coon. Dr. Ben Carson? Stupid. That’s my favorite one, that a literal neurosurgeon is stupid.”

The interview with Shapiro was not the only noteworthy thing that happened with Owens over the weekend. In the interview, Owens touched on the racial puppetry that Democrats often engage in with black celebrities such as rapper Cardi B, who was granted an exclusive interview with Democrat nominee Joe Biden despite knowing next to nothing about politics.

This prompted Owens to tweet:

Owens linked to a clip of the Ben Shapiro show where she calls out Cardi B and Biden’s odd interview with her.

“If black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement for the entire year made an appearance and came out because he was going to do an interview with Cardi B — do we have nothing better to offer?”

Owens correctly called out that the Biden campaign was clearly pandering to fans of Cardi B, who has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

“It’s basically saying, ‘black people, you are stupid.’”

Cardi B then chose to engage Owens in a Twitter feud which, needless to say, didn’t go well for the rapper.

Owens is the ultimate nightmare for Democrats: a strong, intelligent, articulate female black conservative who is actively encouraging blacks to rethink their long-held tradition of blindly voting Democrat instead of truly researching the issues. Instead of laying down when attacked, Owens fights, and more often than not, she wins.

Owens has her battle scars, but believes her message might be beginning to resonate in the black community. “At the height of this racial unrest, there is also racial conversation. I can tell you when I first got started, I had no black fans. It was, ‘You are an Uncle Tom. You’re a coon. You’re a house negro.’ And that has completely transformed. I am inundated with emails from people thanking me.”

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