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Can the US Win the 5G Race Against China?

America Uncovered with Chris Chappell

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5G is the future of wireless communication. It will make possible the Internet of things, self-driving cars and smart cities. But the biggest competitors in the market are from China: Huawei and ZTE. And they’re a national security concern. So now, the US government wants American companies to step up to the plate, with a massive 5G spectrum auction by the FCC and $20 billion for rural development.

The 5G Race

We’re in the midst of a modern day arms race between the United States and China, but instead of nuclear weapons technology, it’s information technology. That includes 5G wireless technology.

Right now, China is winning. A big reason the U.S. and many Western countries have fallen behind is because they don’t have any 5G vendors. The market was left wide open for Chinese companies with questionable links to the Chinese Communist Party, companies like Huawei and ZTE.

The U.S. has banned these companies from government contracts and has encouraged countries around the world to do the same.

The Trump administration has been pushing to make the U.S. a competitive 5G power. The U.S. is now tied with China for 5G readiness, according to CTIA, a wireless communications trade association.

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